Thursday, 15 October 2009

A few more pics of my village and surrounding countryside


  1. You are obviously in a beautiful place. great to see these photos.
    The great views and scenery are well worth being cut off from the water company every now & then.

    Nuts in May

  2. Maggie...that was kind of the reason for posting them this morning...just to remind myself that this beautiful place is worth a few sacrifices.

  3. Such a quaint and beautiful place! I would love to visit there some day.

    How is the water problem now?

  4. Recipes: Yes it is beautiful...if you are ever in this part of Turkey, let me will be more than welcome to pop in.

    Water's still flowing at the moment!!!

  5. I have to agree with Maggie May... what a lovely area.

    Great pictures!

  6. Thankyou! I wish I could say that I took them but I still don't have a camera...these were taken by someone else in the village.

    I intended to buy a digital camera on my next visit to the UK and was discussing it with my brother, asking his advice and to look out for a cheap one, but he said there was no need as he has just updated his and is going to give me his old one...I'm very lucky!

  7. It's good you have the best of both worlds really - Billy trips with all mod cons and then the peace and quiet of your home.

    Glad the water came back on and I can quite understand that every corner must now be full of receptacles of water. Let's hope it stays back on for longer than anticipated

  8. FF: Yes...still on...and keeping fingers crossed it doesn't go off again too soon!

  9. Oh this is quite beautiful Ayak, look at the setting sun, the beautiful fields, and the colour, how wonderful to live there, just wonderful.

    Glad the water is back on, you realise how much you need it.

    Ayak, have you tried Poppy with cat food, they usually cannot resist that food, some dogs are just like that, don't eat much, I know you will find this hard to believe, because you have seen many pictures of him, Tommy used to not eat very much, he would eat what he needed, and that was it, since his testicles were removed, because his bliddy penis would come out and get stuck, yes it was embarrassing for me when I had to run to the vets with Tommy in my arms, and people would ask what was wrong with him, I would take my arms from his bottom end, and show them the penis, shock, and funnily enough, any men about seemed to cross their legs, anyway, I am digressing as per usual, now he eats non stop, my vet refuses to to put Tommy's testicles back.

  10. Ann: You and I must be telepathic because I was just thinking about cat food. When Beki was a pup and went through a period of loss of appetite I gave her the little cat biscuits (complete meal) and it seemed to do the I was thinking just that today. I have to go shopping tomorrow so will have a look...although there won't be much of a selection here of cours, but anythings worth a try.

    And please don't apologise for always makes me smile...and often chuckle. Yes of course I know Tommy's story, and it's not really funny, but the way you tell it always makes me laugh. xxx

  11. Oh...and the water's off again...but I am prepared. I am clean, as are my clothes and my dishes, and I have approx 40 litres of water stored in containers.

  12. You certainly live in a beautiful place. I suppose the water and powercuts are the price you pay. We do sometimes have power and water cuts here in Istanbul. They don't usually last long but are a pain.

    I've recently discovered your blog through Gaelikka.

  13. Love the pictures, I'm still trying to catch up on the depression...water/power outages, husband travel, your trip and the dogs. Have to say these village pictures.

  14. Hi siobhan and a very warm welcome to my blog. How long have you lived in Istanbul? It's so nice to have someone reading my blog who also lives in Turkey...Do pop in again xxx

    @eloh: It's sometimes difficult catching up isn't it? My list of blogs to follow is getting longer by the day, and there are never enough hours to catch up. Thanks for your comment. xxx

  15. The last photo looks like it could be Ireland or green and lush.

    What the readers don´t know is that the air there has such a wonderful scent. In fact as you disembark from the plane at Milas Airport it is such a welcome surprise even though I have been to the region so many times it always brings a smile to my face and relaxes me.

    Wonderful scenery Ayak.

  16. Gael...Thanks xx

    Amag: You know you are absolutely right about the scent in the air. Although living next door to cows, goats and a donkey...I usualy experience quite different smells!


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