Tuesday, 13 October 2009

How easy it is to be misunderstood

I suppose it was inevitable that I would write a post or make a comment on a blog that was misinterpreted.

It happened to me this morning.  My post on Depression was prompted by the response to a post on another blog.

The blog post I was reading was brilliant...and I completely understood where the blogger was coming from, but I responded to a comment made by another blogger, and I think the blog author thought my comment was aimed at her...rather than someone commenting on her post.

I am mortified to think that because of this misunderstanding, I might have offended anyone.  So I re-read my post and can see how my words could have been misconstrued.

Of course I naturally wanted to put this right.  Sometimes though it's possible to try too hard to correct something.  I went back to my post and I edited it.   Then I returned to it and edited again, giving an explanation as to why it was the same time deleting the comments made on the original post. Then I returned a third time and just edited out the explanation.

And here I am again...trying to put it right.

I think I may well be over-egging the pudding don't you?

But that's my final word on the subject...I'll shut up now!


  1. It is perhaps the over sensitivity of suffers of depression?!

    You are too kind...

  2. FFF...Yes indeed it is...over-sensitivity, paranoia, the list goes on.

    And not "too kind" just the discovery of a kindred spirit.

    Love and hugs xxxxx

  3. I appreciated your post on depression - I found your experience and insights very thoughtfully expressed. It's an important subject so thanks for blogging.

  4. Frankofile...thankyou for your kind words and for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment xxx

  5. Sometimes its easy to get misunderstood when you cant see the face of the person speaking to you :)

  6. I think part of the stigma is also incomprehension. I know I shouldn't, but I just want to tell depressed people to get over it, smile! Surely it couldn't be so bad? This is because I have absolutely no idea what it is like to be really depressed. Sure I'm in a bad mood now and again, but depression? I'll just think of Monty Python's "Always look on the bright side of life".

    I am of course aware that some people really suffer, but simply find it difficult to imagine. Hence incomprehension can be misunderstood too, if you know what I mean.

  7. Heiko...yes I do know what you mean. It's hard to be sympathetic towards someone with an illness that doesn't have a bandage on it..a condition that you can't see. Of course we would always like to look on the bright side of life (I love that film!) but for some it's really hard to do. One of the worst things anyone can say to a depressed person is "pull yourself together"'d be amazed how often you hear it said!

    Thanks for your honest comment xx

  8. Another great post Ayak. So many people suffer from depression without even realising it. The stigma ofcourse doesn´t help. But I have noticed more and more high profiled people are coming out of the woodwork admitting to some sort of mental illness, which is helping to break down the taboo.

    I have got my winter depression lamp close by and I shall start using it soon.

  9. Amag: Yes you're right...many people don't realise they are depressed. There can often by physical symptoms as well as the ones I mentioned, such as back pain, stomach pain, migraine-type headaches etc so the underlying problem can be missed.


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