Thursday, 15 October 2009

Passing on an Award

I received this Award last month details here and I duly passed it on to two other very enjoyable blogs.

At the time I was browsing and adding other blogs to my reading list and knew that I would be back to pass it on to others.

So I have pleasure in presenting it to the following blogs, recently discovered by me, that really add sunshine to my day.  If you haven't already discovered them for yourselves, do have a look:

The first one is Prospero's Cellphone here

and the second is Path to Self Sufficiency here


  1. Dear Ayak,

    What a sweetheart you are (and your wallpaper is nice too!)

    Thank you so much for the award. I really do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    I remember reading your post when you got the award and I though you were so deserving.

    Again, many thank yous sent winging your way!

  2. You're very welcome truestarr...well deserved...and thankyou for your lovely comments xx

  3. Ahem, I'm going all pink with embarassment... What do I do with it now? I don't even have a trophy cabinet yet. Thanks so much...

  4. You're very welcome Heiko..well deserved. Copy the pic of the Award and put on your blog in the column on the right, as I have on mine. At the same time do a post accepting the award from me (with a link to my blog if you wish). Then if there are blogs that you wish to give the award to, then pass it on.


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