Sunday, 4 October 2009


Every so often I have to shuffle all my priorities and come up with a sensible "to-do" list.

The weather is getting a little cooler so it's not so uncomfortable doing work in the garden.  Not to mention tidying up the mess made by three boisterous dogs...and daily  filling in a large tunnel that Beki has enjoyed digging overnight.  I don't think she's trying to escape...if she is, she's digging in the wrong place.  She just loves digging.  And to be honest, she's very good at it...very precise and neat.  If you ever want a hole dug...Beki's your girl.  I also need to take the three of them out for more walks...I could  do with some more's just been far too hot up until now...for me and them.

I have a lot of little jobs to do around the house, which I've also been putting off because of the heat.  I made a start yesterday in a small way by pruning my wardrobe...something I always seem to do at this time of year.

I allow myself a certain amount of time on my laptop each day.  I'm not really one of those people who sits in front of the screen all day long.  I have a Facebook page, but hardly ever use's a good place for getting photos of Billy and my daughter, as I still don't have a camera.  But I otherwise I don't really see the appeal. I do have a chuckle sometimes though at the comments people make.  My brother recently joined and lasted a couple of hours. I asked him why and he replied "Why would I want to read  (so-and-so).... has just scratched their arse... in fact why would (so-and-so) even think anyone would be interested?"  

 There seems to be an obsession with games and quizzes,which I just don't get.  I have on the odd occasion found myself completing one of the quizzes, then asked myself "why am I doing this? There have to be better things to do".  And of course there I switch off the laptop and go and do them.  And as for the games, they leave me cold.  I am not in the least competitive you see.  I've always been the same.  I don't feel the need to win so I have no desire to take part. 

I remember my ex-husband (a county badminton player in his time) once trying to teach me the game.  He couldn't understand why I wouldn't run about from one side of the court to the other to reach the shuttlecock.   But I didn't see the point...if it doesn't come anywhere near your racquet...why exhaust yourself trying to get to it! are not for me...I'd sooner let my opponent win and get it over with.

Anyway I digress....priorities.   I'm assembling my list, and have much to do over the next few weeks, followed by my trip to England on the 25th.  So I won't be blogging as much as I normally do for a while.  I love blogging, and I enjoy reading so many other wonderful blogs.   But whilst my mind is now focussed on real life activities, I find I'm less inspired to write.

I will of course find the time to read other blogs, and if  the mood takes me I'll post a few lines on mine.

So I'm off now to enthusiastically make a start on my list!


  1. Oh I wish I had your determination and logical way of getting on with things.
    There is so much to do around this place too. I need some organisation!
    I don't like games either and could never spend hours in front of a computer playing games and sport doesn't excite me either. I had thought it was just me....Glad it isn't.

  2. Hi Maggie...and there was me thinking I was the exception! Perhaps as my brother said to me, it's a young persons' pastime. They after all are more accustomed to communicating via the internet and text messages, rather than face to face....very sad really isn't it?

  3. Every once in a while I roll up my sleeves and then clean up all the mess. But that once in a while is pain in the a** :).

  4. Recipes: Oh you're so right...but it has to be done!!

  5. Sounds very sensible Ayak. I´m not much into games. I am not a competitive person either and I do find sports and games to be a waste of time. I´d much rather search for information, read a good book etc.
    I remember I always felt a little guilty when I was on that forum playing whatever game which was making the rounds. Guilty because it was stupid way of wasting time. Like the endless "which Sex and the City character are you"...dreadful. The same goes for reading horoscopes.

  6. Oh I gave up on horoscopes ages ago Amag...I don't believe them unless they tell me what I want to hear lol!

  7. Hehehe - we both know I'm one of those people sucked in by Facebook's games and quizzes - they are compulsively awful and I love them. I'm a student again - I need my time away from my books :) (and that's my excuse for loving Mafia Wars)

  8. FF: You said it...hehe! Well I guess enough people have to be sucked in or they'd be out of business!

  9. I admire your ability to get down to it, make the lists, get prepared....I used to be so organised when I was working, but now, with one thing and another, the days have no structure and I am more likely to head for the garden with one thing in mind, get distracted by watching the birds do something else that occurs to me while I'm there and the one thing I had in mind has gone...only to be recalled when I'm cooking supper.
    Still, you are so looking forward to your trip that it's worth organising for!

  10. Fly: Oh believe me, I too get distracted from th task in hand. Too much in fact...which is why I end up in the position I am now where I have to make a list and work my way through it. And yes the trip is getting closer...that's my get most jobs out of the way before I go.

  11. I thought Facebook was something you wrote into, I had no idea there were games on it, am I tempted to join, no thanks, not one for playing games.

    Though remember my dial up Ayak, how long it used to take, I would put the computer on, have a shower, go to bed for 8 hours, and it would be connected, bit of an exaggeration, I used to play Solitaire while waiting for the connection, then waiting for emails coming in, then web pages, and I would play many games of Solitaire while waiting, then in January of this year, I got broadband, everything was instantaneous, and I have never played Solitaire since.

    We have had a bit of heat over in Ireland, heat that I can cope with, so for the past couple of weeks have been cutting down hedges, tree branches, so I understand what you mean, hope you get your lists sorted out.

  12. Oh yes Ann...I certainly remember your dial-up problems...what a relief you don't have to do that anymore. And funny you should mention Solitaire. It's the only game I've ever played on my pc...but I only do it when my network connection disappears and I'm waiting for it to return. I actually really prefer Solitaire with real playing cards though.

    Made a bit of headway today with jobs in the garden...mostly filling holes dug by Beki and a bit of weeding.

  13. Aha! You do play games then - you Solitaire-person you.

  14. Ah yes FF but it's a game for one and I don't have to compete!

  15. I have an FB page and I use it to connect with friends who have moved on in life, but find the games useless. My daughter wastes a lot of time with them. Some of my blogging friends have found my page (it is in my own name) and it's nice to see them there. I don't spend much time on FB - five minutes, three times a week. But I've even chatted to friends on it if they happen to be on at the same time. Your brother's remark made me laugh! He sounds like an Irishman. Yash lived in Ireland for a while, he makes the odd remark like that too!

  16. Gel: Yes I think most people have a FB page these days, and it is indeed useful for daughter usually lets me know when she's posted new pics of Billy, so it's very useful for that...considering I don't yet have a camera. The younger generatio do seem to spend an awful lot of time on it don't they? That's when they aren't clicking away on their mobiles sending texts to people they only saw 5 minutes ago!

    My brother isn't he has that type of humour. He just couldn't see the point of people writing the kinds of comments they do...and I do have to agree with him!


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