Friday, 23 October 2009


Time has a habit of going very slowly when you are looking forward to something...and it goes too fast when that eagerly awaited event arrives.

This last couple of weeks, leading up to my visit to England has been going far too slowly, and I know that the next two weeks will absolutely fly by.

My daughter and I can't wait to see each other on Sunday.  I love and miss her so much that I have a permanent ache in my heart.  I often shed tears just thinking about fact I'm doing so now...even writing about her overwhelms me.  Two weeks with her is just not long enough. If it wasn't for the fact that Mr Ayak will be going away to work again as soon as I arrive home, I would stay in England for the whole winter.  But I have 3 dogs to take care of.  Of course I love my dogs, but I often think about how much  easier life would be if I didn't have them.

Billy is 6 months old today. From .....


in just 6 months...

Where does  the time go?


  1. I don't this the word 'time' does justice to all the meaning it actually holds!! In fact time is the best healer, it can heal you from the worst of sorrows! For good moments it seems short, for bad moments it seems really really prolonged!!!

  2. Roll on the 25th, Ayak....but just try to enjoy both parts of your life. If only Mr. Ayak could find work nearby it would be so much easier for you.

  3. "Time, said Austerlitz in the observation room in Greenwich, was by far the most articial of all our inventions, and in being bound to the planet turning on its own axis was no less arbitrary than would be, say, a calculation based on the growth of trees or the duration required for a piece of limestone to disintegrate, quite apart from the fact that the solar day which we take as our guideline does not provide any precise measurement, so that in order to reckon time we have to devise an imaginary, average sun day which has an invariable speed of movement and does not incline towards the equator in its orbit" Quote from Austerlitz by W.G. Sebald.

    Should you feel inclined to read this novel, time will travel really slowly as the author doesn't believe in chapters or paragraphs and the example above was one of his shorter sentences. The longest sentence I spotted went on over 11 pages!

  4. Kaibee: So very true!

    Fly: Yes it would make life easier.

    Heiko: How interesting! I'm curious now so will try to find a copy!

  5. I know this feeling so well. Hope you have a very happy time with your great little grandson! Bon Voyage!

    Nuts in May

  6. I know how that feels. And Billy looks great. You'll have fun.

  7. I know exactly how you feel. I'm already counting down the days until my trip home for Christmas. Your grandson is a real cutey, you'll be with him soon enough.

  8. OhAyak, missing people is very hard. I do know exactly what you mean about the tie of the dogs - sometimes my life would be very much easier without the two bichons - I could come and go as I please. Still, a house without animals is not relly a home.

    Have a lovely trip.

  9. Have a safe journey Ayak. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family.

  10. Thanks everyone for your good wishes xxx

  11. I used to find it astonishing how they changed so fast!

  12. Gael: Yes it's almost like they change overnight isn't it?


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