Thursday, 29 October 2009

Two weeks in England

It's now Thursday.  I arrived on Sunday and much as I expected, the time is just flying by.

I have spent every day so far with Billy and my lovely daughter.  I have to admit to being quite anxious about Billy's first reaction to me.  After all I haven't seen him since he was four weeks old, and of course he couldn't possibly remember me.

But my fears soon disappeared....when I received a lovely smile from him.  He is such a happy little boy and it's a real joy to be in his company....and to give him lots of cuddles.   I feel so much love for him.

I have a busy weekend ahead.  I'm off to the shops on Saturday with my shopping buddy Janet.  We are good at shopping together.  Mostly it's window shopping as she's usually as hard-up as me.  But we like the same shops, and we both know when we should stop for coffee, and when we've had enough and it's time to go home.

My daughter has invited her inlaws and me for dinner on Saturday evening...which I am looking forward to.  They are really nice people...My daughter has married into a lovely family...and because we live apart, I am relieved that she has become part of a  family who care a great deal and watch out for her.

On Sunday my brother has arranged a family get-together, which will be my chance to meet my neice's baby boy who was born a month after Billy.

My brother has given me a digital camera.  I'm very excited about this, but being a technophobe, I'm still trying to digest the I have no pics to share at this point in bear with me whilst I continue to learn how to use it.

More later.............


  1. You seem to be having a lovely time, and I am so happy for you. You seem to have really bonded well with Billy. That's great!

  2. So pleased that you are having such a good time and I am sure (I just know) that Billy will bond with you and look forward to your visits all his life.
    I am pleased that you have a digital camera now & hope that you master it quickly.
    If I can....... (the biggest technophobe of all!) then you will, I am sure.
    Keep on having fun.Enjoy the very mild weather we are having.

    Nuts in May

  3. I am soo glad that you are finally there and having such a wonderful time! You deserve it!! :)

  4. Yay! It's nice to be in a different world sometimes! For sure it's nice to be with your family (and old friends). Good luck to you and enjoy everyone and everything and take lots of pictures- even before you figure out how to use the camera, so that when you do you'll have lots to choose from! Hugs to you...

  5. Have a great time...the cameras are easy...even I can use one, and you know that means that they have to be easy!

  6. Thankyou all of you for your kind comments...yes I'm really enoying my time with Billy.

    Oh I'll master the camera eventually (well if Fly can do it...I must be able to!!)

  7. Wonderful news Ayak, by that I mean I can use the M word now, that would be Marks and Sparks.

    Just back from a trip to England as you know, weather was gorgeous, shops glorious, drink divine, needed to come back and have a rest.

    No doubt you spend much time drooling over Billy, digi cams are easy to use.

    Will be in touch dearest.

  8. Glad to hear you had a good time Ann...and you picked the best days for the weather. It's tipping down today so my shopping trip is going to be a wet one.

    Speak soon xxx

  9. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself - then again, we KNEW that you would! Give Billy an extra hug from your 'online friend', and enjoy a great Sunday!

  10. Weather was lovely Ayak, came back to Ireland, and we have rain ha!!, walked the dogs around our fields, we were sinking in the mud, so much rain must have fallen last night.

    Have a wonderful time today at dinner, kiss the beautiful Billy for me, and Ayak, they all seem to manage perfectly well without us, partners and dogs ha!.

  11. Wonderful news Ayak, it must be a shock to the system though going from solitude to suddenly having people all around you. Remember to take stock and not let it overwhelm you, although I doubt Billy would do that to you.

    I hope you enjoy the remainder of your time there and slobber Billy and your daughter with kisses.

    Looking forward to all your photo´s.


  12. wow! you seem to be having a great time!

  13. Mutual confidence building, Ayak, that's what it is...thanks to you I put the blog awards up on my blog....knowing my level of technical incompetence you are now sure that you can master the digital camera!
    Enjoy yourself.

  14. Astro and Ann: Hugs and kisses duly well as lots of mine!

    Chris...I'm still unable to take pics which aren't blurred so bear with me for a while longer!

    Mel: Yes I am!

    Fly: I will persevere!


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