Thursday, 15 October 2009

Updates and Stuff

After 31 hours without water, it finally returned at 4pm yesterday.  My neighbour tells me the work is not yet finished so it could be cut off again at any time.  So in record time I managed to have a shower, load up the washing machine, wash the dishes, and fill as many containers as I could find with I'm now prepared.

We had one of the daily powercuts last night...of course it's getting dark much earlier now, and till now the power has gone off in daylight. Last night however it was dark and I couldn't remember where I'd put the spent half an hour searching with light from my mobile phone and a cigarette lighter.  The candles are now dotted about the house in readiness for the next cut.

Milly, the newly rescued pup, is settling in very well.  In fact so well that she is rather over-confident, and runs rings round the other two. It makes no difference that she's so much smaller than doesn't stop her leaping on Beki when she's trying to sleep, jumping all over her and biting her tail.   Beki tolerates her up to a point but then gives her a little nip to encourage her to back-off.  Poppy on the other hand is still quite a fragile little thing. She likes to play with Milly for a few minutes but when it gets a little too boisterous she comes crying to me to pick her up.  Poppy is so tiny..she's not very strong and she doesn't eat very much. I worry about her.  Two or three years of ill treatment before I rescued her has taken its toll.  She stays in the house with me, day and night, and is happiest when she is as close to me as possible.

Mr Ayak is due home within the next few days as his job will be finished.   As I am off to the UK on the 25th I'm really happy to have a few days with him before I set off.  He is intending to build up the wall surrounding the house and garden whilst I'm away, to prevent Poppy from getting out, and other dogs getting in.  As soon as I return on the 9th November, he will be off to Istanbul where there is a promise of a job for the winter.  I miss him so much when he's away, but we have no choice, he has to go wherever there is work.

So it will be a lonely winter but at least I won't spend Christmas alone because my very good friends from Antalya are travelling up to spend it with me.  I don't usually celebrate Christmas here anyway, nor do my friends, because it's just another day here..but we decided we would make it special this year.  My friend used to be a chef and she has already been making christmas puddings and christmas cake, and lots of other it should be very enjoyable.

I continue to talk to Billy on webcam most days and he certainly seems to recognise me now.  His latest "trick" is to blow a raspberry when you say "Hello Billy"...very funny.

I can't wait to see him and smother him (and my lovely daughter) in kisses and cuddles...... 10 more sleeps to go!


  1. So relieved that you have water on the threshold again.I would have filled up every vessel with water too!
    I do understand how you feel about Billy because I used to be in a similar situation when my son and granddaughters lived in Japan. It was all about longing for the next visit, counting the days and then the dreadful Goodbyes, that I didn't cope with very well!
    Your dear little grandson WILL remember you and more so as he gets older. He will look forward to visits too as he gets older. (My grandsons live 200 miles away!)

    Nuts in May

  2. Maggie: Oh don't mention the "goodbyes"'s just so painful isn't it? Time passes fairly slowly usually, but I know for sure that the two weeks in England will just fly by.

  3. I found you through Gaelikka (I think) and have been reading your blog with great interest over the last few days. I've gone back and read a good many of your posts and I'm fascinated by the life you are living. You are so daring and brave.

    I am an American married recently to a Brit and live in Cornwall. I wondered which part of the UK you'll be in while home seeing your family.

    I'm off to America to see my family in about a month and while I don't have grand children yet, I do have a 22 year daughter that I miss very much.

  4. Hi giftsofthejourney...and a warm welcome to my blog.

    I'm not sure about being daring and brave...probably a bit reckless and stupid at times!!

    My family live in Berkshire, about 25 miles from London. How long have you lived in Cornwall? A very beautiful part of the country.

    Oh I bet you do miss your's very hard being so far away isn't it? I'm sure you are really looking forward to your trip to see her next month.

  5. Your Christmas sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. I guess in Muslim countries it is just another day but how nice that you will go all traditional this year.

    I can understand about you missing Mr A so very much when he is away working. I've got all that to come.

  6. FF: I only celebrate Christmas when I happen to be in the UK at that time, except for one Christmas in Goreme, Cappadocia, when a lot of ex-pats got together to celebrate...hmmm I was dragged kicking and screaming into that one! Christmas is special when its spent with family I think, but close friends are the next best thing. No doubt the shops in the UK will be full of Christmassy things when I'm there, so I'll be able to pick up a few things to make it special.

    I would hate it if I was the only one with a husband away working...but it is the norm here for so many Turkish wives. We just learn to make a life for ourselves that doesn't rely on men too much!

  7. Power cuts are a regular fixture here! It is nice that you will get to spend some time with Mr. Ayak before you go!

  8. I bet you will be stocking up Christmas goodies and decorations when you are over Ayak.

    Billy seems like a right character, I am looking forward to reading your updates about him when you are back.

  9. Gael: Yes I thought you might well experience the same problems. It seems Mr Ayak may not be back until Tuesday evening..but I have a friend visiting on Monday and Tuesday so that's OK. I'll still have a few days with him.

  10. Amag: Yes I imagine all the Christmas stuff is in the shops by now.

    And I will have a digital camera at last, so I will probably be boring you all to death with pics of Billy from now on.

  11. Hoorasj for webcams. I bet you can't wait to see him.



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