Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I have now been without water for 24 hours.   I am in desperate need of a shower.  I have dishes piling up in the kitchen needing to be washed and my laundry basket is overflowing. 

This is a  normal occurrence.  I am pretty used to it after more than 11 years. 

I wouldn't mind so much if I had some kind of warning that this was about to happen...or indeed for how long.

In most areas the water supply is the responsibility of the Belediye (local council) so they do tend to put out a warning announcement over the public address system.  But in some villages, particularly isolated ones such as ours, it's different.  The water for this village comes from a spring somewhere in the mountains through pipes that have probably been neglected over the years.   The responsibility for the water supply is down to the Muhtar who is the "head" or "chief" of the village.  This position is usually handed down from father to some muhtars are better than others..and some are not really up to the job.

For example, the muhtar should also organise refuse collection with the Belediye in Milas.  He has, up to a point.  However, there are only rubbish bins down in the centre of the village, but it's not collected from the houses on the hillside..of which ours is one.  This is because the roads, which are narrow, bumpy and potholed, are not easily negotiable for a large truck.  

The maintenance of the roads is  down to the Muhtar too.  The road from the village out to the main road is about 5km long, and this was recently re-surfaced.   There is talk of re-surfacing the roads up the hillside...but apparently they've been talking about this for years so I won't hold my breath.

When we moved here Mr Ayak spoke to the Muhtar about refuse collection and he promised to send a tractor up to us every Sunday to collect our rubbish.  Well we've been here since May, and in spite of constant reminders, it's never happened.

Back to the water problem.   Late yesterday afternoon, Mr Ayak phoned me and I told him about the problem.   He phoned the Muhtar at about 5pm who told him that pipes were being repaired in the village and the water supply would be switched back on within the hour.   It didn't happen.  Mr Ayak tried phoning the muhtar again late evening but there was no reply.  He also tried a couple of other acquaintances in the village, but was unable to contact them.  So we could only conclude that the workmen had probably decided to finish for the night, without having completed the work.  

I had asked my neighbours earlier if they had any idea when the water would be back, but they just shrugged their shoulders.  They are so laid-back, they just don't worry about it.  Some of them probably remember the days when they had no running water, so they manage somehow.  To be honest, most of them are not too concerned about washing their dishes, their clothes or themselves on a regular they're happy to wait it out.

So at the moment I have no idea when the supply will be switched on again...but one thing is certain...I have learned never again to take water for granted.

Update:  Mr Ayak has just spoken to the Muhtar who tells him that the pipes are still being repaired and they THINK the water will be back on again today!   Oh dear...when they say they "think" something will usually doesn't.


  1. I hope the water supply gets better soon :) Praying for you! x

  2. I do love coming over to your blog because it transports me into a completely different environment from mine.
    We do tend to take our water for granted over here and waste so much.
    Your post made me realise this.
    I really, really hope you get your water supply fixed soon...... today! Yes today.

    Nuts in May

  3. Oh I hope so too Maggie. The village shop has run out of drinking water..not surprisingly..but the old barber sold me 5 small 5ooml bottles...won't last long, but better than nothing!

  4. Hey Ayak,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving those lovely consolidating words!
    I hope things get better for you, do keep dropping by!! :)

  5. You're welcome Kaibee...and thank you ((x))

  6. Couple of years ago when there was a drought in our area there was scarcity of water every where and water was supplied once in 7-10 days. We would wait for the water and then spend next one hour storing it it anything that we could store it in :)

  7. Oh dear, you're far more laid back than me. I'd not be able to stand it. What if you are thirsty? What about the dogs? What about the animals in the fields out there - how on earth do people manage about flushing the toilets?

  8. Recipes: Oh 7-10 days waiting for water must have been a nightmare.

    FF: You have to be point in getting too upset about it...water will come when it comes....which it did an hour ago as it happens! So the toilet wasn't flushed for 30's no big's been flushed now and lots of bleach poured into it. I had enough water for the dogs and me...just. The animals in the fields wait along with everyone else I guess.

    Rumour has it that the water supply is likely to be switched off again at any time because the work isn't finished. This is a temporary reprieve. So I've just rushed around filling every possible container, had a shower and washed my hair, and have done a machine load of washing. So I'm well prepared now for the next cut.

  9. Sorry I have not been around Ayak, so busy with lots of friends over, making lots of dinners, and of course the big oven had to malfunction, okay the oven light fell off, and I stuck it on with superglue, half an hour later I had a look to see how the roast potato's were, and there was the oven light stuck in the middle with the roasters, had to use the smaller oven, managed to feed the six without resorting to loaf's and fishes, anyway, days and days of cooking, have left this non domestic goddess, shell shocked.

    You know our water often goes off as well, though we are fortunate to have a massive tank of water in the loft, so you will have been prepared, as in bottles of water round the place, though you cannot manage a shower with bottled water, amazing how we take these things for granted Ayak.

    I hope most villages have a better Muhtar than the one you have.

  10. That was a terrific post on depression Ayak, I only suffered it once, and that was when dad died, I remember telling my doc friend " this grieving lark is not too bad ", I actually used those very words, jeez, he said it has not hit you yet Ann, it will in a few weeks, oh boy it did, and how, woke up one Monday morning, did not know what had happened, I was in a tunnel and could not get out, as the day went on, I felt worse, doom was all around me, doc friend phoned the day after, and he said I was grieving very badly, it was similar to depression, you could actually see it on my face, I did not look like me, by the time Thursday came, the tunnel had closed in, everything was gloomy, no good thought would come into my head, Friday morning, I woke up and felt a bit better, and as each day went on, I became myself again, I had a walk in those shoes for 5 days, I realised how dreadful depression was.

    Mine was grief, and you need to go through this grief, as bad as it is, to come out of the other side, now and again those feelings would come back, only for the day, I learned to accept, no good fighting,then a year later, my beloved dog Ziggy died, it threw me back for a few days into those dark days, you realise you have to grieve, not fight it, but I swear, oh how I swear, my heart goes to anybody who suffers from depression, it really does.

  11. Ann: You make me laugh out loud at your escapades with superglue! It could have been worse, you could have served up the light along with the roast potatoes.

    And you are right about depression being very similar to grief...although in time people get over grief, but depression lasts much longer...a lifetime for some people. It's perhaps useful for those people who haven't experienced depression, but have suffered grief at some point in their lives, to be able to understand what it's like.

    Thanks as always for your comments on my blog xxx


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