Tuesday, 24 November 2009

An award

I am absolutely delighted to accept A blogger's Best Friend Award from Fly in the Web at French Leave. Do have a look if you haven't already...there's always something interesting to read.

I absolutely love her blog and am honoured that she considers me a friend.


  1. Congratulations Ayak!

    P.s How do you display your awards on the side bar on the right, like you do?

  2. Thanks xx

    I'm not sure how everyone else does it but I go to on Add a gadget on the right hand side. Click on Picture then add the picture. On the first ever award I put something in the titles section and each time I've added another award I go to picture again but leave out the title and just add a caption...does that make sense? I'm not good at explaining. I'm sure there must be an easier way of doing it, but this works for me.

  3. Many congratulations Ayak - I've been out of circulation for a while so I'm visiting you after a while. We were 'out of station' (as they say here!) at a wedding. I was working like crazy packing and getting clothes for the short trip, being on the trip and then recovering from the trip. So I'm now catching up on my pals!

  4. Gaelikaa thankyou. Yes I noticed from your latest blog post that things had been a bit hectic!


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