Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Home Sweet Home

I left the hotel in Istanbul at 5.00am, having had breakfast at 4.30am, and after another flight delay of just half an hour, arrived in Bodrum/Milas at 8.30am...relieved to find my luggage already waiting for me.  I have a feeling it managed to be loaded on to the flight I missed the night before...what a pity we can't just jump on the luggage trucks and go straight to the plane!

I arrived home to an enthusiastic welcome from the dogs and MrAyak...and also to an empty fridge, a pile of Mr Ayak's ironing, a water cut followed an hour later by a power cut.  I unpacked and sniffed the bacon and brie that I'd packed in my suitcase on Sunday night, and am pretty certain it hasn't gone off.  Although I have risked eating it already with no ill effects....there's no way I will throw bacon in the bin!

The power and water finally came back in the evening so I set about catching up with my washing.  The sun is shining today, it's a little chillier, but it's only 9.20am and I was still able to sit outside for my early morning coffee.

I'm always happy to be home, but I feel a little unsettled this time.  I miss Billy and my daughter so much it hurts.  If only there was some way I could split myself in two and be in both places.  I bought lottery tickets when I was in England in the hope that I would win and be able to buy myself a private jet that could whisk me off to England whenever I feel like it.....but it's just a dream of course.

For the time being I'll have to settle for the webcam and look forward to my next visit in April, which will be Billy's first birthday.


  1. Welcome back Ayak. I can understand you wanting to split yourself in two. Let's hope those lottery numbers come up. At least you've got a lively Christmas to look forward to.

  2. I know the feeling of wishing you could split yourself in two - it's awful, isn't it? Don't throw out the bacon. I remember the way my mother used to cook it - and to think I turned vegetarian....

  3. Yes indeed Gael...a dreadfl feeling. Is your visit to Ireland imminent?

    Oh the bacon is fine..I've eaten some of it. Actually even if it had been a little iffy it wouldn't have bothered me!

  4. I used to bring bacon back all the time! (I'd divide the packages in half and then throw them in the freezer, to space out my enjoyment...I'd also buy one of those tiny danish canned hams for when I just really needed a ham and cheese sandwich!)

    I'm glad you're back, tho I know that horrible pain of missing being in two places at once!!


  5. What is it with bacon? Or the obsession with bringing it back here? All ex-pats do it. I don't know why I do, because when ı'm in England I don't think about it and don't eat a huge amount of it. I've just reminded myself that when Spring arrives I plan to do a day trip to Kos from Bodrum, because they do wonderful pork chops in the butchers there...or so I remember from when I did regular trips about 11 years ago.


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