Thursday, 26 November 2009

Just another one of those days

I should have realised that it would be another one of those days when I dropped and broke a mirror as soon as I got up this morning.  Ooh seven years bad my Mum used to say.  But I don't believe in all that superstitious I?

It's the day before Kurban Bayram and I really didn't want to go out again till after the festival has ended.  However my telephone (landline) isn't working.  It's been on the blink for a few days.  I think it needs two new rechargeable batteries..but I'm not certain.  It could of course have been dropped by Mr Ayak whilst I was away in England.  I am completely used to coming home and finding various objects broken...he's so clumsy...but I have no proof so I won't mention it to him when he next phones.

So I set off very early to catch the bus into Milas to find batteries.  I realised of course when I arrived at the bus stop that it would have been sensible to bring the whole phone with me, just in case it isn't the batteries...but I didn't much feel like walking back up the hill.

It would seem that the entire village had decided to catch the early bus this morning and after a wait of about 10 minutes it was clear that what seemed like about a 100 people would never fit into a 14-seater dolmuş.  So there was much discussion amongst the men...Turkish men do love to take control of difficult situations....and lots of phoning of bus drivers to see if there was more than one dolmuş available.  And we waited...and waited. 

In the meantime I found myself looking at a good many sheep and their owners who had gathered in the centre of the village, ready to be sold to the highest bidder...for slaughter tomorrow.   Oh how I wish I was rich...I would have bought them all up and taken them home to share the garden with the dogs!

Finally not one, but three buses arrived.  You would think it would be easy for us all to just get on the buses and go wouldn't you?  Oh no...the men had better ideas...they divided us up into women, men and schoolchildren and then each of our "groups" got on the three buses.

I searched everywhere for batteries, and finally found some but they were 15 lira.  Not being absolutely sure that it was a battery problem, I made a decision to buy a new phone which only cost me 10 lira more.

I had decided to go to the hairdressers this morning and get my hair cut, but I also wanted to change the go a shade or two darker.  I did hesitate I admit...I kept thinking of the broken mirror...but finally convinced myself that I'm not supertitious.  So I had it done.  The colour isn't quite what I hoped for but it's OK.  The cut is it always is...but my hairdresser knows I don't like it blow-dried and that awful "just come out of the hairdressers" look, so he usually just towel dries and adds some gel and it's fine.  But he was a little over-enthusiastic today and I left the salon with much too much gel on my hair and looking rather like I had just stuck my hand in an electric socket!

The dolmuş home was packed and as usual we made various detours to fill up with petrol, collect fertiliser and drop someone off who didn't live on the bus route.  But what I really wasn't expecting was to have the company of a live sheep on the bus.   Oh yes...some bright spark had decided they could buy a sheep cheaper in Milas than in the village, so the poor animal was shoved on the bus along with everyone and everything else and bleated all the way back to the village.



  1. Look at the bright side: At least you can't see your electric hairdo in that broken mirror and maybe the sheep had just gone for haicut too...

  2. Heiko...I love your sense of always make me laugh and as a result I am indeed looking on the bright side now!

  3. He gave you a hairdo worthy of the holiday! Extra gel!

  4. He certainly did Fly! Haha!

  5. I'm still laughing, sorry but I can't get the picture of a crowded bus and bleating sheep out of my head. It reminds me of the time, as a child, that I had to take a long ride in the back of a truck with a couple baby pigs that my father had just purchased...I do remember not having enjoyed that particular trip very much. What a very interesting village you live in.

  6. Never a dull moment her that's for sure Mr H! I'm afraid very little surprises or fazes me anymore. (You may not have read back far enough on my blog where I mentioned one man getting on a dolmus where I previously lived, with an entire bathroom suite?)

  7. That was such a different post that the ones I normally read and I do appreciate learning about a completely different culture. So thank you for that. Too bad about the sheep.

    Nuts in May

  8. Do you know the thing that gets to me most Maggie, is that no-one bats an eyelid at a sheep getting on the bus..or having to climb over bags of's just....well...normal! I feel I know that sheep personally now and am quite upset at the thought of his fate tomorrow.

  9. I keep seeing your comments on blogs I read - especially French Leave (she's good isn't she) - so I thought I'd pop over.

    I once went on a 12 hour bus ride in Nepal. One of the locals brought along a goat; it was frightened - I'll not go into details, but I rode most of the way on the roof!

    Now I'll look round some other posts here.

  10. Hi Mark and welcome to my blog. 12 hours on a bus with a goat? No wonder you settled for the roof! Yes I agree with you about French Leave..I love her's brilliant.

  11. : ) I can just create the photo of the bus with the sheep and the people. What a beautiful narration you wrote!

    Bayram Mubarak!

  12. Thankyou WeekendFarmer..and a warm welcome to my blog xx

  13. Gaelikaa...and I was glad when Tuesday finally arrived..hate being stuck in the house for too long


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