Monday, 2 November 2009

Less than a week to go

I was hoping by now to have mastered the art of using my digital camera.  I think I have mentioned before that cameras and I really don't see eye to eye.   It's a lovely camera....I can take photos with it, but unfortunately they are either blurred or the image I think I've snapped isn't quite what I thought it would be.

So I'm cheating with this one of Billy was taken a couple of weeks ago by my daughter.  But I am determined to get the hang of it eventually.

The time is flying I thought it would.  In spite of dreadful weather at the weekend, I had a really good time.  My daughter cooked a wonderful meal for me and her in-laws on Saturday evening.  We had a  very enjoyable Sunday afternoon at my brother's daughter, son-in-law and Billy, and my nieces, along with my niece's little boy, Matthew, who was born a month after Billy.

My sister-in-law always produces lots of lovely food, and my brother never allows anyone to have an empty fact he tops you up when your glass is half a merry time was had by all.

My daughter and I took Billy out for a long walk today, and visited the grave of my mum and dad.  Although neither my daughter nor I are religious, we both  feel that my Dad watches over us.  I sometimes feel his presence, I can't really explain it, but I think it's more to do with how much I loved him, and still miss him. Often when I have a problem, I have a conversation with him in my head, and it's almost as if he comes up with a solution.

Billy seems to be getting to know me now, and I am enjoying his company.  He is such a happy little boy...a real joy to be with.

Less than a week to go until I return's going to be so difficult to leave.


  1. Such a gorgeous boy! I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself, and the company of your family.
    Time flies when you're having fun...

  2. Isn't he super!
    The photo picked up my get working on that camera....

  3. Enjoy the rest of your week! Your grandbaby is lovely!

  4. Perhaps a baby is not a good subject when you're trying to get the hang of a new camera. I've given up trying to snap my two, they always look away as I click.

  5. A small child or animal is probably the worst thing to try to photograph. You will be more successful with a lovely scene and then you could work up to children. Is there a special setting on your camera for children?

    Hope your time doesn't run out too quickly for you. Enjoy what you have left. Hope the weather perks up. At least you won't miss our weather when you return! It has taken a turn for the worse!

    Nuts in May

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. xxx


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