Tuesday, 3 November 2009

More photos (hope I'm not boring everyone!)

I think there is a problem with the camera.  My daughter tried taking some photos with it today and they are also coming out blurred, like some I had taken yesterday.  There seems to be a delay as this is why the images don't appear to be quite what I think I have taken.  However, as some of my followers have mentioned, children perhaps aren't the best of subjects to practise on when you are as useless with a camera as I am.

The Christmas present I had ordered for Billy arrived today.  Having decided that he will probably be overwhelmed with gifts this year, and bearing in mind I won't see him at Christmas, we decided to give him my present today, so here are a few pics of him enjoying it (taken on my daughter's mobile phone)


  1. Amazing how we always blame ourselves rather than the equipment.
    Lovely pics!

  2. Course you're not boring us. It is good to share your happiness.
    I think it is more likely that the camera is on the wrong setting. Sounds like it is on *delay* If you can get that altered you might stand a chance.
    Have you got an instruction booklet? What kind of camera is it? (Don't blind me with science!)

    Nuts in May

  3. No, not boring at all. Lovely to see Billy enjoying your Christmas gift!

  4. Told you you would bore us all silly when you got a digi he he he!!, kidding dearest, I mean come on, who bores more than me.

    Oh wee Billy, I had tears in my eyes when I read of him having his Christmas present for you, wish you were there at Christmas for him Ayak, still you have your wonderful memories of your beautiful grandson.

    He looks so like his parents now, you can see both of them in Billy, and look at his teeth, oh he is such a beautiful boy.

  5. Glad to see he still has his beautiful face. Store up these moments, Ayak.

  6. Fly: Yes we do..I wonder why?

    Maggie: It's a Samsung. I have the instructions but haven't had time to read them yet!

    Gaelikaa: Thanks xxx

    Ann: He doesn't have any teeth yet..but it looks like he does in the last pic doesn't it? I think its a trick of the light.

    FF: Yes he's still lovely, and the moments are stored, they'll see me through the winter

  7. Amazing picture Ayak, he really does look as if he has two front teeth.

    I wondered about the teeth, a couple of weeks ago when you sent me some pictures he had no teeth ha!.

  8. Ann...It really does look like teeth doesn't it? He's having problems with teething at the moment so it won't be long before I have pics with real teeth.


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