Friday, 20 November 2009


"Action expresses priorities"
Mahatma Ghandi

It's one of those quotes that sticks in your head.  I remember seeing it somewhere years ago, and on Monday it came rushing back to remind me how true it is.  

"Action speaks louder than words..."
Mark Twain another one.

I have been suffering with flu since I returned from England almost two weeks ago.  Last Sunday evening I was particularly poorly.  I couldn't breathe properly, constant coughing had left my entire body aching and my heart seemed to be beating much too fast, making me feel like I was about to pass out.

Mr Ayak phoned me from Istanbul, as he does each day, and informed me that he would ask his cousin who lives some 50km away from us, to drive up and take me to the hospital.  Not wanting to make an unnecessary fuss (and I hate putting people out), I insisted I would leave it overnight in the hope I would feel better in the morning.

Monday morning came...and so did Mr Ayak.  He caught the 7am flight down from Istanbul, having borrowed the money from his boss (with enough to pay for medical treatment), and by 9.30am we were at the hospital in Milas.

Medical treatment here is fast and efficient, it never fails to amaze me.  Without having an appointment, I was able to see a doctor, who did blood tests, monitored my heart, checked my lungs and blood pressure.  My heart is OK, blood pressure a little high but only to be expected, and my lungs are OK except for congestion caused by a particularly bad bout of flu.  So I now have medication to deal with the problems.  Slowly but surely it's doing the trick.  I'm still feeling weak but I know I'm on the mend.

On leaving the hospital, Mr Ayak collected some shopping from the supermarket, then insisted I have some lunch, as I hadn't been eating much...and then we returned home.

Having made sure I was OK, he then got a lift back to the airport in time to catch a flight back to Istanbul just before 2pm.  I can't imagine achieving all this in any other country in one morning!

I moan about Mr Ayak.  I more often than not take him for granted.  Don't we all do this at times?  But then something like this happens to make me realise why I fell in love with him all those years ago.  He was there for me when I needed him, he proved to me that he can get his priorities right when it counts.

Ghandi and Mark Twain were so right!


  1. He is a wonderful guy Ayak, you know that anyway, and you cannot put a price on somebody being there for you when you need them, can you, and he was there for you.

    You could not get all that done in one morning in Britain, nor Ireland, we would all still be sitting there waiting a day later.

  2. Yes Ann I do know it but I'm glad to be reminded from time to time. I wasn't going to write about this on my blog, but woke up this morning feeling so proud of him that I just wanted to share the feeling.

    Oh and yes..we would indeed be still waiting to see a fact we would probably still be waiting this time next week!

  3. Thank goodness for Mr. Ayak! Get well soon (now that you have the medication!) Throw some of the things in the fridge in a big pot of water and make some soup. You have to take care of yourself.

    Get well soonest! [sending you virtual good health) hugs/jessica

  4. Aww! This is a really nice post! Actions do speak louder than words and sometimes they leave you speechless!! :)

  5. Mr.Ayak is a prince in shining armor.

    One of the bonuses is living so close to an airport, like Milas-Bodrum. And the advent of low-cost flights makes life so much easier.

    I have only had positive experiences with turkish doctors so I was feel safe when I´m on holiday there.

    I´m glad you got yourself sorted out Ayak. I had a feeling that all was not well. I had something similar in June. It got to the point where I couldn´t breathe and I was very worried I wouldn´t even be able to manage to call 911. Perhaps it´s the same virus.

    Everyone here is sick with flu and we have just had our first death from swine flu.

    I hope the medication gets you back on your feet soon. In the mean time get your rest, you must be exhausted.

  6. Jessica: The big pot of soup is's the best thing isn't it?
    Thanks for your good wishes xx

    Kaibee: You are so right!

    My dear Amag: You and I are always a little telepathic..we know when something is not quite right don't we? Yes I am taking good care of myself and sending you hugs ((x))...thankyou x

  7. Çok geçmiş olsun. Your hubby sounds like one in a million. Hope you're feeling better soon. As for putting people out, sometimes we need help from others, it's not like you're constantly making demands (I assume). And, you know Turkish people are so willing to help. Sometimes we have to accept graciously.

  8. Çok teşekkür ederim siobhan. Yes I know I should accept help more than I do, but it's difficult to change habits of a lifetime. Turkish families really do put themselves out for each other. I haven't seen Mr Ayak's cousin for several years but he phoned to say that he was happy to drive up whenever I needed help, day or night. Very reassuring.

  9. sounds like a good guy, Ayak!

  10. I'm glad to hear your man came along when you needed him. This bug does seem to go around Europe. My Dad was in hospital in Germany last week for a few days, because of breathjing problems after catching, what sounds like you yours.

    Get well soon and look after yourself.

  11. Mel: Absolutely!

    Heiko: It is indeed a horrible bug and I hope your Dad is recovering. Thankyou for your good wishes xx

  12. Hope you've given up the nicotine whilst you are so poorly. Get better soon.

  13. That cheered me up today, such a sweet man.

  14. FF: Thankyou xx

    Jazzy: Yep..he's not bad! Great to see you again xxx

  15. Mr. Ayak is a true gem...he certainly has his priorities right.
    Here too I see how the Turks care about each other...the wife in a French Turkish couple is very ill and, visiting, I was astonished by the continuous discreet visits, the provision of meals for the non cooking husband, the trips to the chemist to collect medicine....all done as a matter of course.
    When Mr. Fly has been in hospital, his Turkish builder and his team visit every day, Turkish friends keep me informed if they think there are questions I should raise with his doctor...they are wonderful.

  16. Fly...They are indeed a wonderfully caring race, and I feel fortunate to have discovered that.

  17. I hope you feel better soon - and glad you could be seen so quickly :)

  18.'re very kind xx

  19. He's quite a gem, your Mr. Ayak!


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