Wednesday, 11 November 2009


We don't get much rain in this part of Turkey.  As usual it's been a long, hot dry summer.

However when it does sure does rain!  I woke up this morning to the quite frightening sound of rain beating down on the roof.  It sounds like the Charge of the Light Brigade up there.

The garden is completely waterlogged.  I'm just relieved we are living on a hill so I know that it will eventually clear.

In the meantime, at least the dogs are dry.  I mentioned before that Mr Ayak had converted part of the old house in the garden into a house for Milly.  Before he left for Istanbul yesterday, he cleared another part of the house for Beki.  There are a few leaks in the roof but there are also plenty of dry areas so both dogs are fine.   Poppy stays in the house with me.

I donned an old mac of Mr Ayak's and literally waded across the garden half an hour ago with food for Beki and Milly.  By the time I returned to the house I was absolutely drenched....soaked to the skin.  An attempt to get Poppy to go outside to the toilet failed.  She jumped out of the house... and after a couple of seconds, jumped back in again, looking like a drowned rat.

As Mr Ayak was setting off  late yesterday to work in Istanbul for the winter, we went shopping in Milas to stock up with all the heavy items I need, to save me struggling on the bus with them, together with enough food to last me and the dogs for about a week.  I even put extra bread in the freezer in case I didn't feel like trotting down to the village every day.   So I am housebound for the time being...but at least we won't starve.

I'm making the most of this situation.  I've now come back to bed, with my laptop, lots of new DVDs that I brought back from England, a large coffee and some delicious Scottish shortbread (which I also brought back with me...which was to be saved for Christmas but never mind!).  

And, apart from regular dashing out to the doghouse to feed Beki and Milly, here I will remain until the rain stops!


  1. May you and the dogs keep warm and dry in the rainy spell. You must be missing Billy....

  2. Thanks Gael...we'll try. Yes I'm missing much it hurts. He has started saying "Dada" 2 days ago..just in time for his Daddy's birthday today! My daughter told him to say it for me on webcam yesterday...and he did...lovely!

  3. All that rain..... at least we are used to it.

    I don't know how I would have managed without web cams when my granddaughters lived in Japan. it did help with visits though, as we weren't strangers to them.

    Hope the weather improves.

    Nuts in May

  4. It's when you see Noah's Ark floating by near the top of your hill when you want to start worrying...

  5.'s sure Billy at least recognised my voice when I arrived in England, thanks to daily use of webcam...and when I spoke to him yesterday he immediately fidgeted with excitement and gave me a beautiful smile.

    Heiko: Yes I'm keeping an eye out for it!

  6. It's a good job you've stocked up on food! How long does it usually rain for?

  7. Hi Rachel...welcome!

    Yes I'm relieved I have enough food for a while. It's difficult to know how long the rain will varies. It will be on and off until about February...although we have had dry winters too. The heaviest rain seems to be at night. We have had bursts of sunshine today interspersed with showers. There are still heavy black clouds about so there's more to come.


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