Sunday, 8 November 2009

Stuck in Istanbul

It's Sunday night...10.30pm here...and I should have been home two hours ago.

The flight from Heathrow to Istanbul was delayed, so I missed my connecting flight to Bodrum by about 10 did about a dozen other passengers.  There are no more flights to Bodrum tonight so Turkish Airlines have put us up in this hotel in Istanbul.  I've just had dinner with a couple of very interesting men (all the other passengers are men...I'm the only woman).  One of them has a yachting business with boats all over the world, and the other guy is a yacht designer who has come over with him for a week to put the finishing touches to a new yacht moored in Bodrum marina. the other half live!!  Lovely guys...both of them.

Dinner was delicious.  I've just logged on to the internet and will shortly have a long leisurely bath before raiding the mini-bar.  Although I don't think I should overdo it as breakfast is at 4.30am and the bus will collect us at 5.00am for our 7.00am flight.

I was very annoyed at first, because we were told by the ground staff on leaving the plane that the Bodrum plane would wait for us...but it didn't...and we waited around for quite a long time for the bus to the hotel.  But I'm now quite relaxed, and am enjoying my stay in a very nice hotel, courtesy of Turkish Airlines.  I haven't stayed in a decent hotel for years so it's actually a good way of rounding off my trip to England.

OK...the bath and the mini-bar are waiting for me so I'll wish you all a pleasant evening and hope it is as nice as mine.


  1. Enjoy all the luxuries that are offered to you.

    Too bad about the plane and I don't envy you breakfasting at 4.30.
    Bon Voyage.

    Nuts in May

  2. Sometimes an unexpected change can be a gift.

    I'm glad yours was one of the good ones.

  3. Well, Ayak, the way I see it, things could be a damn sight worse! Enjoy the rest of the evening!

  4. A good thing you booked Turkish Airlines!

  5. 'Stuck in Istanbul', I know how you feel! :)

    It may be just as well you had all that trouble with the other airline and went with Turkish Airlines. I can't imagine that they would have dealt with the situation quite so well.

  6. I´m so jealous Ayak! I would love to be stuck in Istanbul!

    I belive it´s your fist time, no?

  7. Being stuck anywhere when you are dying to be home is always a pain, but it sounds like TA took care of the important things- a good meal, and a nice place to sleep. (the good traveling companions were an extra!)

    Anyway, now you're home- Hoşgeldiniz!

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. I made the most of the pleasant surroundings, but I'm glad to be finally home!


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