Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I remember the first time I watched television, but I can't remember if it was our television or maybe a neighbour's.  All I do remember is watching the Queen's Coronation in 1953.  I was very very young at the time and I do recall rows of chairs in a sitting room and lots of people gathered to watch the event.  Those who could not squeeze into the room were outside watching through the window.

I can't check it out with anyone...whether it was our television..or our sitting room..because my mum and dad are long gone and one of my brothers would have been a baby at the time, the other not yet born.

But it was very exciting.  A few years later the memory becomes clearer when I can recall such wonderful programmes as Watch wih Mother, Andy Pandy, The Flowerpot Men,  Muffin the Mule, Noddy and Big Ears (when political correctness didn't exist and there was nothing wrong with calling him Big Ears...and a golliwog was a golliwog...just a word with no racist undertone).

We only had one channel of course, the good old  BBC.  Transmission was only at certain times of the day, and it was very much a family past-time, to gather round the box and watch together.

Other channels were introduced over the years, and then satellite and cable TV arrived.  Now we have a vast choice of programmes to watch 24 hours a day.

I'm not good with too much choice...I find it difficult to make decisions at the best of times.  So when I first moved to Turkey I wasn't unhappy at having very little choice of English programmes to watch.  I could only get BBC World...which is very similar to the UK BBC24....just rolling news interspersed with current affairs programmes.   If the wind was blowing in the right direction I could occasionally manage to get a Greek channel, which showed films with English subtitles.  But it was sufficient for me.

Then Digiturk arrived and there was more choice.  We had movie channels, reality TV, Discovery, History, sports channels, etc, where one could change the language with the click of a button on the remote.  And we had BBC Prime.

I guess I've always been loyal to the BBC,  who give us good dramas and documentaries, so I've never bothered with all the other channels on offer.  But the problem is that BBC Prime just appears to have bought up old dramas, documentaries, comedies, etc, for transmission worldwide.  Everything's out of date, nothing is current.  Oh except for Eastenders..if you can count being two weeks behind the UK episodes as being current.

When I arrived back from England last week, I discovered that BBC Prime has now become BBC Entertainment.  Oh...I thought...maybe it's all going to change.  Maybe they've had a bit of a shake-up and we are suddenly going to get some of the same stuff that the UK are getting.  No such's still constant repeats of old programmes.  I just wonder how many times people can be forced to watch repeats of Only Fools and Horses, Cash in the Attic and the Antiques Roadshow, without their eyes glazing over.

Sometimes they introduce a new series (well "new" being about 2 years old)...I watch and enjoy, and eagerly await the next series, only to find that they have no intention of showing subsequent series.  But they will of course repeat the first series endlessly...aaargh!

Recently someone gave me a link to a website which I could download to my laptop which shows all current UK TV programmes.  I haven't used it much, but I have to confess to becoming intrigued by the X-Factor and such daily programmes as Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women...I know, I know...not as intellectually stimulating as a good BBC drama or documentary, but very enjoyable!

The signal isn't always good enough  so it's all a bit hit and miss at the moment, but I realised last night that because this site has more to offer, I haven't switched on my TV since the day I returned from England. 

So I think it may well be time to cancel my monthly Digiturk subscription and get rid of the television altogether.


  1. Oh I do indeed Fly! How could I forget? Haha...those were the days!

  2. I have lived without TV for the last 3 years. I´ll watch it when I´m visiting family, but basically all the stuff I want to see, raging from politics to entertainment I read and watch via the web. I also read those free papers like Metroexpress and I find that I am at least up to date with current affairs as TV viewers are. Probably more.

    I think the reason why BBC Prime/Entertainment broadcast ancient programs is because the BBC ´does export a lot of it´s shows to other stations. They can´t broadcast recently produced show´s because of rights etc. The only reason why the broadcast EE at all is because they haven´t been able to flog it off to anyone. That´s my theory, my mum watches BBC Prime as well.

    What little I have seen of Turkish TV is pretty awful, so I can sympathise with you for watching British TV even re-runs of Only fools and Horses.
    Am I the only one who detests the X factor....I find it very cynical.I don´t like Simon Cowell at all. But then I am not a reality Tv fan. I will watch those awful Extreme Home makeover shows with Ty Pennington, where the decorators are always in floods of tears within 5 minutes of the episode.

    I´d imagine you have been watching quite a bit of TV whilst being down with the dreaded flu Ayak. Hope your poor eyes are not square ha ha!!

  3. What little I have seen of BBC television I have really enjoyed, I was able to watch a series called "The Victorian Kitchen Garden" produced in 1987 and loved it. I think perhaps American television is much different and not for the better.

    I have read through a few of your posts and wanted to thank you for helping those poor little animals, that tells me a lot about you.:) We certainly have that in common.

  4. Amag: You're right about Turkish TV I'm afraid. I have tried to watch help with my language..but it doesn't hold my interest for long enough. As I say, I looked at BBC Prime when I arrived back from England last week and haven't switched on since. I've been watching DVDs and the UK TV website..yes eyes are a bit square now!

    Mr H: I remember The Victorian Kitchen garden first time round. Lovely programme. I don't much like American TV to be honest and don't understand the current obsession in the UK with such American exports as Friends and The Simpsons. I love the BBC and am glad I can view current programmes on my downloaded website now.

    Ah! I just knew we would have something in common, even though we got off to a shaky start! I see you are to cats what I am to dogs? I'm a pushover with stray animals. If money were no object I'd take a lot more in.

  5. We have a satelite dish, but don't pay any subscription to anyone. That means we get 100's of channels, but almost all of them rubbish. We do get BBC World News, but no longer BBC Prime. In adition we get Chinese State Television, both in English and Chinese! Also numerous Arabic language channels, as well as Russian, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, French and German. We could become multi-lingualists.

    This web-site sounds interesting though, you wouldn't reveal what it is?

  6. Heiko...Yes I'll give you the link to the site.
    You need to follow the instructions and download the's all quite straightforward.

  7. Ayak, I watch very little TV, prefer to watch films and football, golf, there are so many channels, and sometimes you look and think there is nothing on the TV.

    Good idea to get rid of your Digiturk, if you can watch things online, then you don't need it.

    How is the weather, raining, wet, windy, raining here, oh and more rain.

  8. Hi Ann: Oh shame abut your awful weather. It's lovely here at the moment..up in the 70s, blue skies and sunshine...although it's quite cool in the house.

  9. Email me if you get a chance...I've got a link which will be fantastic for you, GG


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