Saturday, 28 November 2009


Have you been watching it?  Why are so many people obsessed with it?  Do we have too many talent shows and reality programmes these days? 

I have to admit to being a little obsessed with X-Factor and also  "I'm a Celebrity get me out of here" at the moment.

I don't usually enjoy this type of programme.  I think it's more to do with my downloading a website which enables me to watch UK television, so it's all rather a novelty to me.  I've only managed to catch the odd glimpse of X-Factor on my visits to England, so this is the first time I've been able to watch a whole series.   And let's face it...the alternatives...BBC Prime's constant repeats and Turkish TV..leave a lot to be desired.

So...who do you think will win?  Do you really care?  Will we still have heard of them a year down the line?

Let me know what you think.

In the meantime, being two hours ahead of the UK, I'm having to prop my eyes open with matchsticks  to stay awake long enough to watch X-Factor and I'm a Celebrity...but I am enjoying it immensely!


  1. I am now watching a bit of UK TV with that link you gave me, Thank you very much. However I use it sparingly. I don't even know what X-Factor is about and definitely don't watch the so-called celebrities.

    Back in London I used to supply an AIDS charity with wine for their various dues. In turn I was always invited as a VIP guest and was introduced to lots of so-called celebrities. I just kept looking at them in a puzzled way, asking them who they were.

    For a while I worked at Heathrow Airport, where I met many famous people, whom I often wouldn't recognise like Madonna (I just noticed her big black body guard and thought he must be a heavy weight boxer) and Ayrton Senna (I still feel responsible for his death after selling him a packet of travel sweets just before the fateful race that killed him. I reckon he choked on one of those sweets at the time).

  2. Heiko: X-Factor is a talent competition an d I'm a Celebrity... is a group of Z-list celebs thrown into the jungle and given all sorts of horrible tasks to do. They're both competitions and that's what I enjoy about them. Like you, I'm not impressed with celebrities. I guess my enjoyment comes from the novelty of being able to watch UK TV..Glad you managed to download it by the way.

    Im sure you are NOT responsible for Senna's death!

  3. How about ex-labour leader John Smith then? I sold him a bottle of Jameson's Whiskey shortly before he died of a heart attack. I'm jinxed! My real claim to fame though is Madonna surviving her encounter with me and going to shoot an advertising spot with My daughter Julie: She is the one with the short black hair rolling her eyes.

  4. When I get a chance a like to watch. But I don't get much of a chance, that's the problem!

  5. Heiko...I'm sure it's all coincidence! I can't get the link to work unfortunately. I'm sure your daughter was impressed though..or did she just take it all in her stride?

    Gaelikaa: Yes I'd be surprised if you actually had any free time at the moment! It's the I'm a Celeb final tonight...and the X-Factor tomorrow. What on earth will I do when they're finished?


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