Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Cut off from the outside world

 We have gale force winds and storms at the moment.   I don't dare step outside the house for fear of being blown away.

I have had no network coverage on my mobile phone for 24 hours.  My internet connection is intermittent (I'm not sure the connection at the moment will last long enough for me to post this).  My landline...which was fixed last week..only allows me to make outgoing local calls (so that I can resist the temptation to keep ringing my daughter in England and running up a huge bill).   I did phone Turk Telekom last night to see if I could change the tariff but they inform me that I will have to go into the Milas office with my contract to do this...which is impossible to do today in this weather.

And we keep getting power cuts ...which means absolutely no contact with anyone anywhere.

In the early hours of the morning...whilst the power was still on and I was fast asleep, I heard my landline ringing.You know that strange feeling you have when you think the ringing is in your dreams so it goes on for some time before you realise?  It was Mr Ayak...frantic with worry because he hadn't been able to contact me on my mobile.  The landline is one with rechargeable batteries, so when the power goes off it goes dead. The power had been off since late evening when I went to sleep and clearly Mr Ayak had been ringing me during this time. 

So I reassured him I was OK..but it was 2.00am and I was wide awake.  Beki and Poppy decided they'd like to go outside to the toilet... It took me 15 minutes to get them all settled again.

Still wide awake, and still having power, I decided to pass the time on-line.  Whilst doing so I paid for some credit for phone calls on Skype.  I only use it normally for talking to my daughter on webcam, but I think this could be a useful back-up if my mobile network continues to be unavailable for some time.  But of course it's no good if I don't have power!

It's not surprising that I feel somewhat cut-off from the outside world...but it's made me stop and think about how much we rely on technology to stay in touch.  Most of my neighbours don't have telephones or the internet.  Some have mobile phones, often bought for them  by younger relatives, and which they can't really get to grips with.  But it doesn't seem to bother them one bit.  I wish I could be so relaxed about it.

And this post was as I suspected, interrupted by a power cut....resumed...then interrupted by the loss of my internet connection.

If you don't see me around for a'll know why!


  1. France Telecom isn't the best of service providers so I have experienced similar episodes...I have to remind myself of the days when I thought having a fax machine was the last word in technology!

  2. Fly...Oh yes I had a fax machine when I first moved to Turkey...I'm also old enough to remember getting very excited about telex machines!

    Frankofile: Welcome!

    Yes I'm warm enough when the power is on..electric air conditioning and electric blanket. Otherwise I curl up on the sofa with blankets and hot water bottles!

  3. In the village where we looked after the olives they have a very sophisticated communication system: they lean out of the window and holler the name of the person they need to speak to. If that person lives at the other end of the village, a couple of intermediary shouters will join in. The fun bit begins when they find the other person and then have a hollered conversation via the intermediaries. In the end the whole village gets involved with much laughter and amusement.

  4. Oh dear, don't you ever think about just getting on the first plane back to the UK or does that simply never come into the equation? I know you'd have a problem with the four dogs and as I'm a very doggy person would not even dream of suggesting that you put yourself first - I'd also probably stay and cuddle my canine family but I'd be grumbling a lot.

  5. Heiko...Brilliant...I love it! Maybe I should try to start something similar?

    FF: No...I don't think of returning to the's not an option..for financial reasons, and the job situation there for Mr Ayak, and of course the dogs. Of course there are problems here from time to time, but I love living here in spite of them. Of course if I could just transport my daughter and grandson here whenever I wanted to see would be perfect. But then isn't perfect is it?

  6. Oh! I like Heiko's way of communication, maybe you can try that if nothing else works :)

    Hope everything goes back to normal soon.

  7. CJ. I agree. Heiko's idea is brilliant. Might give it a go!

    Thanks for your good wishes xxx

  8. I reckon you need carrier pigeons to send messages!

    You are so calm about everything. I need to be in the city. I need to be near hospitals, buses and taxis!

    Nuts in May

  9. Oh Maggie...I'm not really calm at all...but trying to convince myself I am!


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