Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I have to laugh sometimes at the excuses the Turks make for not doing something, or not turning up for an appointment when they should.

The usual one is that they are very sick...or mother or father is very sick and they have taken them to the hospital.  OK I don't want to seem unsympathetic here, because of course it's sometimes true.  However I do recall hearing this particular one so many times, that I'm surprised the hospitals aren't over-flowing with patients.

Another one..."he/she is in Istanbul" ...that's expansion on this, as if  being in Istanbul is explanation enough for letting someone down.  Others..."my car/tractor/motorbike/telephone is out of order".

Somehow they just can't tell it as it is.  Another example:  As a nation they really hate to be the bearers of bad news.  They will always try to gloss over something terrible....or delay reporting it.  I have heard several accounts of someone dying and the one who's duty it is to pass on the news, first says they are very ill...then waits a while before actually telling the truth...that they have sadly passed away.

Over a week ago, Mr Ayak got a man from the village to come and measure up an area to erect a fence and gate, to enable me to keep Milly and Monty in one place.  A price was agreed and he said he would do it as soon as he received the money.   The money was paid.   But it's now Wednesday afternoon and no sign of him.  Several phone calls have resulted in him saying "I'll be there this morning/this afternoon/tomorrow/etc".

When Mr Ayak phoned him yesterday he was informed that the man has to work on his land when the weather is dry, so he would build the fence as soon as it starts to rain.  OK...fair enough.  But it rained yesterday afternoon and he didn't arrive.   It's been raining since the crack of dawn today and still he isn't here.   I have just been informed by Mr Ayak that it's raining too much for him to he is waiting for it to rain a little less.  But I have a feeling that it won't rain "a little less" it will just stop...and he will be back on his land again.

You might think it would be better to find someone else to carry out the work?  The problem is the cost.  This man is doing it incredibly cheaply so I will have to be patient and wait until he's ready.  But I just wish he would be honest...stop telling us he will be here when he has no intention of showing...stop making excuses about the rain....and just say "Look you're getting a cheap job...I'll do it when it suits me".  

I can accept that far better than excuses.


  1. I suppose at least they have a sense that they have an obligation...thus the excuses...French artisans have no such notion in their heads, so don't bother making excuses at all. They just don't show up. I've learned that I'm better off with the ones who don't make an appointment. That way I know they're not coming so I don't waste my time hanging about for them.

    Mark you, they get pretty indignant if I'm not in when they deign to turn up totally unannounced.
    'I telephoned.'
    I turn on the answerphone...dead silence.
    'You've erased my message.'

    This is France.It's never their fault.

    Now, an excuse from comments on mine - with hindsight, so useful as always, to be able to extricate the foot from the mouth when it's too late - I expressed myself clumsily and it looks uncomplimentary to you. Not at all how it was meant, so please forgive me. I was aiming at a different target, and, as usual, cocked it up.

  2. Fly: Yes you're right about the sense of obligation..which they definitely have...and of course the job will eventually get done I'm sure. It says more about my frame of mind at the moment in that I'm getting a bit stressed about it.

    Now as far as your last para is concerned...I haven't a clue what you mean...or where you think you have expressed yourself clumsily. I'm sure I would have noticed. But I'm curious of course so please point me in the right direction ;-)

  3. Ayak! you are so funny! Great post!

    Tried to chat with you on the HairNailsBlogs Network but you were offline the next minute, too bad! will try to catch you some other time! x

  4. Well I suppose passing away is being VERY sick indeed.

  5. Does it do any good to pass along these excuses to your neighbor whose garden the boys are digging in.

    You are doing everything in your power to rectify the situation.

    Your life will relax some too when you don't have to worry about your babies getting out. I know from experience that this works heavy on the mind.

    Here's hoping for "light" rain.

  6. Mel: Thanks! Sorry I missed you..will catch up with you soon xx

    Heiko: You always cheer me up xxx

    @eloh: Yes I have told the neighbours but they are probably less concerned than I am. I will indeed relax a bit when its built.
    They spent most of the day shut in the doghouse yesterday but didn't seem too unhappy (the dogs that is..not the neighbours!).

    Yes..light rain would be just perfect!

  7. As in Ireland Ayak, same thing, will arrive on Monday, I know say to them, which Monday would that be, Monday 2009, or Monday 2010, they laugh, they actually laugh because nobody confronts them, people accept, I don't, so why I confront them with the truth, it amazes them, hence the laughter.

    In all walks of life in Ireland, ordered a phone, Meteor, phone shipped next day, took nearly two weeks to get here, GLS, the lies from them, wrong address, wrong phone number, blah, blah, emailed them, told them to stop the nonsense and just let me have my phone sometime before the year is out, got it yesterday, and can you believe, pin number does not tally, oh well, waited two weeks, another day wont make much difference, that would be an Irish day of course.

  8. Ann: It all sounds very familiar. The Turks and the Irish are very similar!


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