Friday, 18 December 2009

Excuses...Part 2...the fence problem

I'm still waiting for the man to come and erect the fence.

As I mentioned before, he told Mr Ayak he could only do it when it's raining, as when the weather is dry he has to work on his land.   It rained...he didn't turn up.   The last excuse was that it was raining too hard and he would arrive when the rain was lighter.

Yesterday...all day...we had light showers.   He didn't turn up.

Mr Ayak phoned him last night and he said that it was difficult to come at the moment because his mother is sick and he has to take her to the hospital every day.  I actually laughed.  But anyone who read my earlier Excuses post will understand why! (If she really is sick then I will feel ashamed and apologise for laughing...but Mr Ayak also thinks it's just an excuse)

So apparently he says that it will be done by Sunday at the this space!


  1. Any chance you could get your money back? Tell him you've got someone who can do it Saturday...

  2. @eloh: I should have asked of course.

    Monalisa: No chance unfortunately as he has already bought the materials. I should be a little more patient because he is doing it cheaply.

  3. Try try till you succeed to get him do your fence!

  4. Thankyou Fly :-)

    CJ: I won't give up!

  5. It´s strange in a land that is still quite superstitious that they make up stories like that. I mean you don´t joke about illness like that do you.

    I hope he fixes it for you soon. Would be a real pity if the neighborly relations got strained. Perhaps you should call him up and tell him that you had a vision of him in a dream, in which if he didn´t finish the fence soon terrible misfortune would come his way. Like wheelchairs, drip feeds, missing vital organs and endless runs to the hospital. A decade´s worth of grief awaits him if he doesn´t hurry!
    Hell, you could probably get him to fix other odd jobs that way.

  6. Amag: You have too vivid an imagination! You've missed your true should write horror stories! :-))


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