Saturday, 19 December 2009

I can't help being pessimistic

OK...I'm still talking about the fence. I know it's boring, but I need to write about it because it reduces my stress levels somewhat.    Mr Ayak informed me last night that the man would be here today to erect the fence.  My friends were also due to arrive from Antalya late afternoon so I was rather hoping that the fence would be done by the time they arrived, thus enabling me to keep the dogs under control.

As I was unsure what time the man would arrive I decided to shut M & M (Milly and Monty) in the doghouse for what I hoped would be just a few hours, Beki on the balcony and Poppy in the house.  Because Turks aren't keen on dogs, it was best for the fence man if I kept  them out of his way.  Then I waited...and waited...and M & M, being unhappy at being confined, decided to start howling. 

Finally the man and his son arrived at around 3pm with his tractor and trailer loaded up with everything necessary to build the fence.   Half an hour later my friends phoned to say that they had just turned off the main road that leads to the village so I set off down the hill to meet them. 

As we were coming up the hill in my friends' car we passed the fence man coming back down the hill.  He stopped briefly to say he would be back again tomorrow.   What could he possibly have achieved in half an hour?  Not very much as it happens.  He's managed to dig four holes and left a heap of dry cement just in front of the entrance to the doghouse.

Naturally I couldn't keep M & M shut up any longer, so I let them out, and much as I attempted to control them, they immediately leapt into the pile of cement, scattering it everywhere.  Not that it makes much difference...there's a storm overhead and the rain will wash it away.   No doubt the rain will be too heavy for the work to be done tomorrow...or someone else in the fence man's family will be sick and need to go to the hospital...or the tractor will break down...or some other excuse.  He may actually turn up though...but I won't hold my breath.

On a happier note, my friends are here for two weeks, and it's lovely to see them.  They managed to get me an exceptionally good deal in Antalya on 30 kg of dog biscuits.  This so helpful.  It's difficult to find them  in Milas, and when I do discover the odd 3kg bag it's always over-priced.

They also brought their toolbox and tomorrow I will have an electric shower more cold showers for me this winter!

But best of all, they brought themselves.  They are two of my very best friends and an absolute joy to be with.  The next two weeks will, I'm sure,  go far too quickly.


  1. So pleased that you have your good friends to help balance the frustrations on the fencing problem.
    Jolly well hope they will turn up and get on with the job and I wouldn't give him ANY money until it is completed to your satisfaction.

    Nuts in May

  2. So glad your fiends have arrived...and that the shower problem is solved.
    I know people who say how nice it must be to have a cold shower in hot cilmates...makes you wonder if they've ever tried.

    Have a good time.

  3. So glad your friends are with you. Its the best way to de-stress yourself. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Maggie: Mmmmm...he was paid up front!

    Fly: Cold showers are no fun at all..especially in winter.

    CJ: Thanks...have a good weekend too. xx

  5. Your friends will take your mind off things for a while Ayak.

    I hope you have a lovely time together.

  6. At least the fence man has made a start. Enjoy your electric shower and your friends.

  7. So pleased your friends have arrived safely. Now it will all be much funnier :-)Happy Christmas

  8. You talk about the fence problem as much as you want, Ayak. This is your blog and you can treat it (and us) as your letting off steam place to come to.

    Boo to the fence man though. Hurrah to good friends being there and bringing you things you need - friendship, laughter, chatter and hugs.

    xx Julie

  9. Enjoy Christmas with your friends, hope the fence gets fixed.

  10. good friends are really important. Where would we be without them!

  11. Amag, Monalisa, Rosie, FF, Jazzy and Mel:

    Thank you all for your lovely comments. Much love and hugs ((x))


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