Saturday, 5 December 2009


When I'm reading favourites...and also some that I come across by chance, I noticed that some bloggers use the google ad facility.

I've never actually clicked on any of the ads and I wonder how many of you do?

I've heard stories about people making huge amounts of money from allowing ads on their blogs, but I'm naturally sceptical and not sure I believe anyone can earn more than a few pence from them.

We all like the opportunity to earn a little extra, particularly those of use who struggle financially, and in theory this seems like a good idea, and one that I have considered.

So I would really appreciate some honest feedback from  those of you who loyally follow my blog. 

Have you monetized your blog?  Do you actually earn anything from it?  And if you do, is it as I suspect, very little and not worth doing?

And those of you who haven't...have you ever considered it?  What are your feelings about the facility? Do you approve/disapprove?  And do you ever click on any of the ads?

Your comments would be very much appreciated.

Have a good weekend all xxx

And a PS on the feeding of the dogs.  Tying them up with leads didn't work.  Both Milly and Monty screamed the place down...they just don't want to be restrained, and I frankly don't blame them. So I just kept them as far apart as possible.  Bit of a it's back to the drawing board on this one!


  1. Ayak, both my daughter and I have monetized our blogs and when we click on the monetize place, we see the amount in dollars and believe me, in the last six months or so since we started doing 'monetize', we've hardly earned the price of a postage stamp. There might be a chance of great earnings for people who get a thousand page views a day, which is about what you need to earn a single cent. As a SAHM, who is always short of cash for what I consider necessities and the spouse considers frivolous luxuries, I can safely say that I will have to do a lot more than this to make my dreams come true. By all means monetize, and maybe in a couple of years it might come in useful, when it has had time to mature into something reasonable. That's been my experience anyway! Cheers :)

  2. Thanks've confirmed my suspicions really. I think blogs would have to be read by thousands of people for there to be any benefit.

    I know the feeling...about always being short of would be nice to find something that would earn us money for a few small luxuries wouldn't it?

  3. Excellent post Ayak, I have been wondering about that.
    On the one hand I have been apprehensive because any income has to be reported to that tax authorities and the system here is complicated. On the other hand I would like to earn something for my efforts.

    I noticed that the administrator on the forum that dare not speak it´s name earns money on the traffic that is generated. It is something that suddenly happened. I guess he had to generate enough traffic to warrant interest for potential advertisers. I also suspect he recieve´s other deals.
    That began to annoy me, especially because I spent so much time and effort there. My thread about a certain movie recieved over 50,000 hits on only 50 post´s. Pretty amazing for that site and yet he was fairly unappreciative and disrespectful to me and other members. Him reading other members private message´s is so wrong and an abuse of trust. He´s basically earning money on the labour of other people, okay I guess when you have to offset of running and maintaining a forum, but I´m still not enthralled by it for a number of reasons.
    But I think you should try it and as Gaelika says it could evolve into something substantial. You´ve only been blogging since spring so it is early days still.

    Sorry to hear about the failure of the feeding plan. Back to the drawing board.

  4. Amag: I see what you're saying but as I understand it the forum you mention was I believe originally set up as just a small part of his website which in turn was part of his business. So I assume he has to pay for the website and that the forum and its advertisers will generate income to offset against his costs. Other forums I have posted on, which have been set up JUST as a forum, also allow ads because it gives a small income which can be used for updates on the forum...which I think is fair enough.

    I don't think I will monetize...I was just curious to see if some of the reports of huge earnings were true. But I don't think it's true. As Gaelikaa says you would have to have 1000s of hits a day to earn even a small amount...and I'm nowhere near being in that league.

  5. I tried was supposed to fit adverts to content, but the reality was very different. Mark you, some of the ads were worth following up in an idle moment.Igave up when I had huge Scientology ads plastered all over the place.

    Yet another capitalist ploy to exploit the working man....or blogger.

  6. Flyinthe web:
    I agree and also the thing about $cientology. I have seen their banners on a number of my favourite blogs and sites. That is definately one of the cons, no control of advertising content.

    Ayak: When I joined it was still in it´s infancy and there were no banners, or special considerations to specific emlak´s/dentist´s/restaurant´s etc. That came 2 years later, the advertising aspect and the other business deals have caused unnecessary tension. I think it turned into a cynical excercise and made a fool of people.

    There were several other sites with forums based on that resort too, but most of them have since gone. The forum might be a tiny aspect of whatever business that is running in the background, but my theory is that it is the forum and more importantly the member contributions that have made it a success. No traffic and clicks no clout with advertisers.

    If we open up to monetizing, will advertisers start policing or even warning us over our content too?
    Do we want over a thousand people a day reading our blogs and will that cause some performance anxiety issue´s spoiling the fun?

    Money is a blessing but it always seems to complicate things.

  7. Fly: Yes I've seen those Scientology ads all over the place. That would definitely deter me from monetizing.

    And Amag: You have a point about whether we would want 1000s of people reading our blogs, and whether we would feel anxiety about content. I don't actually even think about how many people are likely to read mine. First and foremost it's for me.

  8. No I don't monetize my blog. Have never considered it and never clicked on anyone's adverts. Sorry if thats a disappointment to some of you who do.

    The blog is for me really and I don't want to use it for making money. I think that would spoil it.
    If other people's blogs are too heavily laden with adverts and I feel they are pressurising me to buy things then I back off.

    Nuts in May

  9. Of the people I know who make some money from blogs, it's never from personal blogs - always from subject-specific, very specialised ones.

    I don't have ads on my blog, I run ad-blocking software myself, and I typically read through Google Reader so I wouldn't see if someone had ads in their sidebar anyway.

  10. Maggie: Which is why I was curious..because as I said I don't click on them either so I wondered how anyone could possibly make money out of it.

    Rachel: Yes of course...subject specific...In fact I would be a bit concerned about the type of ads that appeared anyway on a blog that WASN'T subject specific. And as FlyintheWeb said..she had lots of Scientology ads appearing when she tried..which would really put me off.

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

  11. You know, funny you should ask...I almost did a blog post on this very thing.

    WHY didn't I.... hum...Google owns our blogs...I thought about printing out all my posts and then writing about it...but decided..not my business.

    The Story:
    I saw an add where this lady was making like 5,000.00 a week or month whatever... had her picture holding her little girl standing on the street, said where she lived and a whole big story about her and her family and earnings.

    Google didn't do their homework. I live about three miles from this lucky lady. She could of course been on vacation with her daughter when the picture was taken...because it damn sure wasn't taken where she "lives". The entire mainstreet consists of a gas stations across from each other and a one room post office. That's it. Oh, and she was black skinned and the entire population in that tiny place is white (possibly all related)...hummm not listed in any phone book around here either.

    In short...she doesn't exist. Next time Google should say they live in a town where it is at least a possibility.

  12. @eloh: A VERY interesting story...thanks for sharing!

  13. On that note, anyone would like to join my cult. It's the one where I'm the leader and you can all donate lots of money to me and listen to my words of wisdom :-)

  14. Heiko...naturally you'll need someone for the branch in count me in!

  15. I reckon we are onto something! My favourite Divinity is Siduri, who in the Epic of Gilgamesh is described as a young woman and the maker of wine. Here is a quote from her:

    “When the gods created man they allotted to him death, but life they retained in their own keeping. As for you, Gilgamesh, fill your belly with good things; day and night, night and day, dance and be merry, feast and rejoice. Let your clothes be fresh, bathe yourself in water, cherish the little child that holds your hand, and make your wife happy in your embrace; for this too is the lot of man"

  16. she had her head screwed on right..sounds good to me!


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