Thursday, 3 December 2009

Unpredictable weather

In the UK, weather is always a bit unpredictable.  You never know when you get up in the morning quite how it's going to turn out, or whether the clothes you decide to wear will be suitable.

And the forecasters don't always get it right.  Who can forget the great storms of 1987 (was it really that long ago?) when weathermen such as Michael Fish underestimated the severity of what was to come.

It's always possible to predict the day's weather here.  When you look at the sky first thing in the morning, you just know what the day will be like.  I even have a little weather widget on my laptop...and it's always spot on.  Until last evening that is.  

The skies were blue all day and the widget's temperatures were accurate.  It predicted a 40% chance of showers...well that's fine...the garden needs the water.  Apart from a deluge a couple of weeks ago, there's been nothing since.  But it didn't predict storms so it came as a bit of a shock and I wasn't prepared.

Around 5.30pm it started.  The wind suddenly whipped up into a strong gale and with it came crashing thunder, lightening and the kind of rain that drenches you in two seconds flat.

Beki and Milly bid a hasty retreat to their doghouse rooms while I rushed around closing windows and bringing shoes and washing in off the balcony.  Poppy was in the house as usual but decided at this point to cross her legs and look at me, indicating that she needed to go out to the toilet.  I opened the door...she rushed out..and within seconds she rushed back in again looking like a drowned rat...and promptly peed on the carpet...well I can't really blame her..I wouldn't have wanted to squat in the garden in this weather!

The next 10 minutes saw me rushing around the garden in my wellies (and by now it was dark) trying to rescue a garden chair that the wind had whipped off the balcony..followed by the dustbin which had, in spite of being secured by wire to the gatepost, moved about 100 metres, leaving a trail of rubbish in it's wake. The dustbin lid has disappeared sign of it anywhere.  Amazing considering it had been weighed down with a huge rock.

Next came the powercut...I was prepared for this...any sign of a storm and the power goes off.  I did at least have the candles ready this time.  The drowned rat and I snuggled up with a blanket on the sofa, with just enough candlelight for me to read, and waited for the power to return...which it fortunately did in time for me to watch "I'm a Celebrity..." (yes...I'm still hooked).

It's now 7am and it's still raining heavily....and the widget forecasts more to come.  I've just waded out in my wellies and insisted that Poppy squat in the garden, and I've taken food out to Beki and Milly who are quite dry and content in their house.

This is another one of those times that I miss Mr Ayak.  He would have dealt with all this, while I stayed in bed...bless him.  Instead, I've just got drenched again, for the third time since last night, changed into dry pjs and returned to my bed....with the drowned rat snuggled up beside me.

It's made me think again about those poor people in parts of the UK who were so badly affected by floods recently.   I can't imagine how devastated they must be.  In comparison, I consider myself very lucky.


  1. It must be quite a problem trying to calm the dogs down in a storm. At least you can talk to kids, but it must be tough with animals....

  2. The weather there seems pretty volatile, I suppose it will settle down soon. Hope you managed to stay dry and warm afterwards.

    Don´t remind me about the great storm. My brother and I were stuck in the North sea, bouncing up and down on a ship just off the South East coast. I have never seen waves like that.

  3. Gael...strangely enough they are not bothered at all. The two outside girls (and now the boy)trot off to their doghouse, and Poppy is happy in the house and takes no notice at all. It actually worries me more!

    Amag: That must have been terrible!


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