Saturday, 2 January 2010

Billy's First

Billy making a huge attempt to enter into the spirit of Christmas, in spite of being poorly:

And I'm pleased to say that he is feeling very much better now.


  1. Billy is photogenic and I hope that he feels completely better by now.
    Great pictures.
    Nuts in May

  2. Thankyou Maggie. Yes he's getting better each day.

  3. He's so sweet... little red cheeks and all!

    I"m glad he's getting better.

    It seems like children everywhere are battered with nasty germs this winter! All my friends with little ones have battled one nasty thing or another.

    Happiest new year. (I think it's a good thing you decided about the dogs... ;))

  4. Yes it's that time of year for bugs daughter tells me he was in fact a little star over Christmas and New Year. Even though he was obviously suffering he seemed to make such an effort to smile at everyone..bless him.

    (Yes...the dogs.. four are quite enough!)

  5. He does look sweet and it's so good to hear he is getting better. He obviously has a sunny temperament, to respond the way he did.

  6. He'll make a good Santa when he grows up with those rosy cheeks!

  7. He is adorable and lucky to have such a wonderful grandmother. I hope you get to see him soon.

  8. Fly: Thanks...yes he's a very happy and contented little boy.

    Heiko: He certainly will!

    Mr H: Thankyou. I'll see him on 18th April...can't wait!

  9. Aww! Happy first Christmas Billy

  10. Look at him! awww.... how cute!

  11. Absolutely adorable as always and those photo´s look so cosy.

    I am so happy that he is getting better, poor little thing.

    Ayak - Easy Jet are now launching flights from Stansted as well. It should lower the prices which means more visit´s to Billyland.


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