Sunday, 17 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother

Is anyone else out there brave enough to admit they are watching it? 

I'm totally hooked and I'm trying to work out why.

It's voyeurism isn't it?

It's a bit like that feeling you get when you are travelling on a bus or train at that time of day just before sunset, when people have switched on the lights in their houses, but haven't yet drawn the curtains.  You somehow can't stop yourself from peering in.

The current series of CBB has been running for a couple of weeks now.  I' ve only heard of a handful of the 12 so-called celebrities taking part.  Vinnie Jones, Stephanie Beacham and Ivana Trump.  They ARE celebrities I guess.  But what about the rest of them?  What constitutes a celebrity these days?  We have a girl who is only known for dating a Rolling Stone, and a man who is only known for dating Jordan.  A woman famous for making millions out of prostitution, a topless model and a handful of  popstar has-beens.  Oh and not forgetting the bible-bashing and less well-known actor who is a brother of  the more successful Baldwin clan.

I've always been a bit of a people watcher...and I do find myself listening in on other peoples' conversations.  I think most of us do this, but maybe we don't admit it.  And naturally CBB gives us the perfect opportunity to indulge in this.

At the start of their time in the Big Brother house, all the "celebs" appeared to get on well and were very polite to each other.  But don't we all do this when we first get to know new people?

However, the more time spent with people, the more the cracks start to appear.  It's human nature to either like, dislike or become indifferent to certain characters, and to form allegiances, and therefore break off into smaller groups...and naturally this has happened in the Big Brother house.

There are always going to be some of them who will "play" to the cameras..but mostly I think that they forget they are being watched, and then we begin to see their real characters.

Now that the first two evictions have taken place, the inmates are showing their true colours.  Things are really hotting up...and I'm enjoying every minute.

I don't know what this says about me really.  I could say that I watch it because I'm bored (which I am).  It could be the novelty factor...because I now have access to UK TV programmes so have  been unable to watch previous series. It may have something to do with the fact that winter means more time indoors and less opportunity to go out and about.   It could be because I'm just plain nosy (probably true).

Whatever the reason...I'll be glued to the screen until the last person leaves the house...the winner.  And I sincerely hope that it will be Vinnie Jones...the most likeable character of them all.


  1. I too love Celebrity Big Brother.

    The trouble is once you start watching 'just to see who's going to be in it' you get hooked.

  2. I've never a watched a complete edition of BB, celebrity or no. I get bored in 10 seconds flat. But Vinnie Jones is on it? Has he punched anyone yet? I met him once when working in the Duty Free shop at Heathrow. He asked how much alcohol he was allowed to take in into the US. My quick witted Irish collegue went: "Officially it's a litre, but I'm sure they are not going to argue with you, Vinnie."

  3. Monalisa: Oh good...another addict!

    Heiko: Vinnie comes across as a really nice genuine guy. Utterly charming but also honest and outspoken. He has also worked hard in the kitchen of the house. He has kind of taken on the role of the Dad of the house. He's lovely!

  4. I dont like watching the reality shows. The reality being the operative word here. How can you believe that what you are seeing is not programmed and rehearsed? It looks all fake to me.

    Do I sound a bit too cynical?

  5. CJ...Not cynical no. I don't think they're rehearsed. But I'm wondering why you think it's all fake? How do you know if you don't watch them? Hmm...I suspect you might be a secret watcher haha!

  6. We used to watch a reality show called survivor, and like Big Broyher found it to be a very interesting study on human nature.

  7. I don't like Big Brother but I am a people watcher & I do love to look through lighted windows and I love to nose into other people's gardens. Nosey sort of person aren't I?

    Nuts in May

  8. I have loved BB from the very first one all those years ago. I have watched the current series every day and I especially love having my lunch at the same time the live hour is on E4. My best year was the year Makosi was in it because then I had it online 24/7 almost and in fact did live updates on a BB forum.

    I wish they hadn't cut the live feed so much - I like to watch unedited footage - the editorial team do chop it about to give certain hms villainous status and it is most unfair.

    I think Sov has had bad edits and when you see her on the Live Streaming she is very funny and sweeet.

    I can't bear Beacham.

    Who do I want to win? Don't know really. Vinny is funny but a bit of a bully.

  9. Mr H: It certainly is an interesting stufy in human nature.

    Maggie...Oh I'm glad you're another one who likes peering in other peoples' windows and gardens. Nosy? Yes..just like me!

    FF: I think I do recall you mentioning before about your addiction to BB. I didn't realise thney had 24/7 live feed on previous series? I'm not sure I could cope with quite that much viewing. In a way I'm quite satisfied with the edited highlights. I have to disagree with you about Steph..I do like her and I think Sov is a brat. But of course it's our different opinions on the characters that make it so interesting isn't it?

  10. Oops..sorry about the typos above..

    stuDy not stuFy
    they not thney

    Blame it on the late nights watching CBB!


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