Thursday, 21 January 2010

Connection problems

I've got used to having power and water cuts.  I don't like them  but I can live them.

However, when I have internet connection problems I get very wound up.

The internet is my link to the outside world.  It has become one of the most important aspects of my life in this isolated village.

I can chat to my daughter and grandson on webcam, and also to my husband in Istanbul, when he has access to a webcam.  It's easy to catch up with friends by email or on Facebook.  And of course it enables me to blog.  Something I was reluctant to do at first, but now enjoy immensely.

Recently it has given me the opportunity to watch UK television via a website, so I can watch the English soaps and Celebrity Big Brother amongst other things.

On Tuesday afternoon I suddenly lost my internet connection. I couldn't access any websites.  I appeared to have a good wireless connection and being somewhat of a pc numpty, I couldn't really understand why I couldn't get access to the internet.

I phoned the TTNet call centre in Istanbul, as I have done previously when I've had problems.  You dial the number, and then after a recorded message in Turkish, you press the 9 key for English.  This is where the problems start.  I don't know what the TTNet criteria is for English-speaking call centre operators is, but I always manage to get someone whose English is minimal.  Don't get me wrong...they do try to be helpful, but even if I speak slowly and concisely, it takes absolutely ages to get to the root of the problem.  So the first call lasted about 45 minutes, while the man tested certain things, and then he said that he would make out a report and an engineer would ring me back within an hour.   OK...this is Turkey...they work on Turkish time so I expected to wait 2 hours.   Nothing. 

So I phoned back 3 hours later.  Another I had to go through the whole process again...even though I tried to explain that I had already done this and was awaiting a call from an engineer.  Another report was filed and another promise of a call by an engineer...which didn't happen.  So I gave up and went to bed.

Yesterday morning I phoned again.  Same story.  An hour later I phoned yet again and was eventually informed that this was not a TTNet problem but that there was obviously a problem with either my modem or my laptop and that I should see a computer engineer.

Well of course we have no engineers locally, so, armed with my laptop and modem I set off to Milas to find one.  After much searching I found a very helpful young man who tested both my modem and laptop, both of which were working perfectly. I returned home, after waiting a long time for a bus, all ready to give TTNet a piece of my mind...if I could make them understand me of course!

When I returned home and plugged everything was working fine.  I was on-line for half an hour...and then we had a power cut.  But that's OK...I'm used to it.  Finally two hours later I was back on-line again and connected to the internet.  

I lost my connection again once last evening and again this fact it disappeared whilst I was half-way through this post and not all was saved...aaargh! surely is a problem with the line?  A TTNet problem?  Those of you who are experts will confirm this?

As I'm typing this, I'm connected.  But for how long?  I have a feeling that I may well be getting very angry with TTNet  today.


  1. Oh dear Ayak,

    I totally know what you mean! I've had some similar problems too, tho not exactly the same.

    Suddenly the speed of my connection will go from 54Mbps to 34Mbps to 18Mbps, and usually when I try to connect to anything I get an error page. Then when I check again the connection speed is fine, but I am not connecting at all (tho it says I am Online)

    The only solution I have found is to turn off the "box" wherein the dsl comes through, leave it off for a minute or two and then turn it back on. (my belief is there's some problem somewhere along the line that makes it stick and the only thing that seems to get it going again is to restart it. (sometimes I may also have to restart my laptop. NO idea why.)

    So there's my non-tech solution to my problem of connection failure. I'm sure you've tried those things too.

    I do remember when I lived in Turkey, we always had problems in the wintertime. At that time tho it was just a telephone connection, not dsl. I complained regularly...

    Just as we were finally leaving (after five years of this!) to move to Denmark, a Turkish family next door to us recently connected to the internet- and lo and behold they too experienced the same problems.

    Almost immediately it was discovered that 'the powers that be' had buried the telephone lines to connect them to the houses. When the ground got damp with the winter rains, it caused the telephone wires to get damp and have a build up on them. (making the connection when it was damp, obviously not the best!)

    The solution turned out to be digging up the lines and wrapping the them in waterproof tape. (duh, but oh well.)

  2. Ayak, it's not YOU, it's them. The problem is: they don't know what is wrong.
    I have the same problem here, occasionally. When I complain, they tell me that it's MY computer. When I point out what the problem actually is with the connection, they then say they can't understand my French.
    (I really hate it when they can't just ADMIT it is on THEIR end, or to just say, "We have no idea, sorry.")

    As truestarr has mentioned above, rebooting your box or modem or computer will normally solve a fair few hiccups.

    Good luck! I share your pain!

  3. Kitty and Jes...Yes I've tried all the unplugging and rebooting stuff...often!

    But you know you have both made me feel a whole lot better about it this morning. I'm always pleased when I have someone confirm that it's not ME that's the problem! xxx

  4. Ayak... just to make you feel MORE better, (it's not proper phrasing, but it will make pretentious people twitch,) I have been having connection problems from home all - day - long.
    Maybe it's the weather, or lack of it, or a Solar flare or the Aurora Borealis or just plain, dumb internetness. (Also not a word, but did you see them twitch again? Ha!)

    I think I need to layer potatoes, smokey lardons of bacon and grilled onions with cheese and crème fraîche and make Tartiflette. It's my new diet strategy: I don't lose weight, I just make the people around me fat and I look slim in comparison.
    /me runs off, laughing maniacally

  5. Goodness, I had no idea that France Telecom was sending its´staff to work in Turkey...

  6. Don't even get me started on Telecom problems. When our line goes down, also a frequent event, you have to ring them. This is free on a landline, but your landline is dead, isn't it. So you have to ring them on a mobile, which doesn't work well in our village and is charged. No English speaking operators here, so you get passed through numerous automatic options until you are finally put on hold for 20 minutes. If you are lucky your connection hasn't cut itself off by then you get to speak to a real person and explain everything. They ask you to try something on your phone / modem or something. You move away from the window and loose the connection for sure, so you have to go through the whole process again! Absolutely infuriating.

    Good luck in getting your problems solved.

  7.'ve just made me laugh out loud! Tartiflette sounds wonderful by the way.Oooh bacon!

    Fly: Oh dear..same for you too then?

    Heiko: Your situation is worse than mine re having to ring them. I can ring them on my mobile for just 2 units( almost nothing) ...the only positive thing I can think of in relation to TTNet.'s been on and off all day but as yet I've been reluctant to contact them again...I need to calm down a little first.

  8. When you finally reckon you are back connected - google Mr Marky- he's a great chap who records the BB footage from the live stream during the night and then does a best of it on his website.

    I had an hour yesterday when my connection ground to a halt - but then it returned. It happens all the time out here - and everywhere I reckon.

    Why don't you get an Astra satellite fitted to watch UK tv with?

  9. FF: Yes I'll google Mr Marky. Although if he uses Youtube it won't be of any use to me as youtube is banned in Turkey.

    As far as the satellite is concerned, there are several systems operating in Turkey at the moment which show UK TV (Astra could be one of them) but from info gleaned from an ex-pat website, not only are they expensive but they are also not very efficient or reliable. So I guess it comes down to cost in the end for me...and the site I watch on my laptop is free.


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