Sunday, 3 January 2010

New year fever

We've had gale force winds here on and off for several weeks, although the temperatures are still good...around 65 to 70 degrees F..remarkable for this time of year.

With the strong winds comes dust. Even if I keep all the windows and doors closed, it still manages to get in somewhere...most likely the same way as the draughts which I noticed over the last few days.  There were minute gaps in the silicone around the window frames. I hadn't noticed them before the fact I believe the wind was so strong it probably moved the frames a little...causing the cracks.

I recall us having spare tubes of silicone. I couldn't find them anywhere in the house, but whilst searching I realised how untidy my cupboards and drawers had become in such a short time.  So I was distracted.  Out came the contents of drawers and cupboards and I proceeded to discard rubbish.  Oh...and at this point I just need to tell you that the Muhtar had our rubbish bin delivered two days long at least I don't have to drag my bags of rubbish into the village anymore!

I was distracted again by the state of the kitchen floor where I had dragged everything out of the cupboards...a mess which had by this time drifted into the sitting I got the vacuum cleaner out...proceeded to vacuum the mess...a bit too enthusiastically...and the plastic brush and the connection to the metal pole just snapped in three places.   I thought we had superglue somewhere...but couldn't find it. Only one thing for it...I would have to venture into the old house in the garden and search.  This building is dark and dingy, part of it at the front has been converted into a house for Milly and Monty, but the  main part acts as a shed for all sorts of things....but it's a nightmare trying to find anything.

I spent almost an hour in there and managed to find two tubes of silicone, some strong adhesive tape, a plastic shelf unit, and my old vacuum cleaner (which is very heavy and the reason why I bought a lightweight one some months ago....for lightweight read flimsy...hence easily breakable).

I tried repairing the new vacuum cleaner with the tape but failed so I had to clean up the old one, which necessitated taking the whole thing apart because it was so dirty...but at least it works.

Being unable to locate the applicator for the tubes of silicone I just had to squeeze it out and apply to the gaps around the windows with my finger...but at least there are no longer any draughts.

I adapted the shelf unit into two sections which fitted perfectly into two of my kitchen cupboards and thus enabled me to put everything back in some sort of order.

Then I vacuumed and cleaned everywhere.  I just managed to hear part of a message on the village public address system that the water would be going off in half an hour, and would be off for 24 hours.   Just time for a shower and to fill containers with enough water to get me through the rest of yesterday and today.

It all started with the dust.  I could have just got the duster out...but I get distracted so easily....I call it New Year fever....from which, thankfully, I have now recovered!

PS...You've probably noticed I've changed my blog background AGAİN.  I have Karen  at Background Fairy here to thank for satisfying my obsession!


  1. I like the new design of your blog! Its antique-ish :). isn't it great you accomplished so much work because of the dust?

  2. Yes I like it too...all Karen's designs are lovely though..makes it difficult to choose.
    For once I'm thankful for the dust for encouraging me to get things done!

  3. Yes background fairy is really cool. I use those designs too sometimes. But you know I'm not up to date with my blogging at all. I don't even get to visit a lot of blogs, neither do a lot of posts, So I decided to do NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) this January, but then you know that my grandfather passed away, but I'm still trying to keep up with it... :)

    If you need more background sites for your blog, this one might help you -

  4. I know what it feels like, you start with one thing and it sort of dominos. I do that all the time.

    You are lucky you have a public announcer telling you your water is going to be off. We've been without water for over 24 hours now and no one knows when it's coming back. Susan's just gone off with a container to the nearest public tap likely to have water, which is 2 miles away and 600 feet below us!

  5. Mel's a difficult time for you and your family...blogging isn't important except for perhaps getting things off your chest...that sometimes helps. Thanks for the link . I'll take a look xxx

    Heiko: Oh good...someone else like me with a "butterfly brain"!
    Well this was the first announcement I've actually heard about a water cut since we moved here..I'm usually unprepared. Poor Susan..that's quite a trek for water. It's a bloody nuisance isn't it?

  6. I'd thought I'd left a comment earlier...disappeared in the fog of my own incompetence, I expect, so if it turns up twice, apologies.
    I just thought it all sounded like 'There's a hole in my bucket....'

    It remined me of Mark....views from the Bike connection with DIY
    Don't Involve Yourself'.

  7. Fly...I'm always doing that...thinking I've left comments when I haven't..don't you recall I did it(or thought I had) three times on your blog the other day! Yes it is a bit like there's a hole in my bucket..and that unfortunately is the way my brain works sometimes...well quite often really!

  8. I know what you mean. Doing a little spring clean before Christmas - windows, kitchen cupboards etc - then on to clearing out bedrooms, painting walls, polishing floors. One thing seem to lead to another. It was exhausting, but nice to get done.

  9. You quite put me to shame - I won't even admit how long it is since I last took everything out from the kitchen shelves and had a clean around. It is on my to do list though for sometime over the next fortnight.

    Well done with what sounds like a good day's work - and lucky you heard the p.a. announcement. How is the fence holding up in these winds?

  10. FF: Yes a very satisfying day. The fence is holding up OK...the posts have been cemented in well. Although the chicken wire won't last forever..will have to replace it with something more substantial at some point.

  11. Monalisa: It is good to get these little jobs done. My windows are badly in need of a clean, due to the gales and rain we've had recently, but as there is more bad weather due I've just cleaned my sitting-room windows for now..the only ones that really bother me at the moment.


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