Monday, 18 January 2010

Pyjama Days

Do you ever have one of those days when you just can't be bothered to get dressed?  Yesterday was one of those days.

I got out of bed at 6.30am to feed the dogs and let them out as I usually do around this time.  Sometimes I stay up if I have things to do, but often I return to bed for an hour or so with a cup of coffee and my laptop, before showering and getting ready for the day ahead.

But the weather was dreadful.  Storms and torrential rain which saw M & M scurrying back into the shelter of their dog bedroom, and Beki and Poppy back into the house.

So I spent most of the day in bed...just surfacing occasionally to check on the dogs and to get myself food and coffee.

 Up until fairly recently I would have felt guilty about staying in my pyjamas all day.   I might also have been bothered about being seen out in the garden or on the balcony in my pjs but when you live amongst village women who wear shalwar pjs don't really look out of place.  In fact one of the nicest things about living in this environment is that you can really dress down and know that people don't judge you on what you wear.

Pyjama Day is a term I picked up from my daughter.  I have good memories of such days with her when we would slob out in front of the TV and eat chocolate.  I'm pretty certain that now she has Billy in her life, there's little opportunity for her to indulge in a PJ day.

My attitude has changed in recent years.  I no longer have feelings of guilt about doing nothing all day.  I have worked pretty hard all my life, I'm now retired and I can please myself.  I no longer consider such a day to be self-indulgent or lazy.  I don't do it often because then it wouldn't be a treat.

In spite of the awful weather, it was a most enjoyable day in bed with the electric blanket and the laptop. And today I feel rested and relaxed and ready to get dressed.


  1. Good for you! Glad you had a nice "self-indulgent" day.

    You are right about deserving retirement...

    it's just sometimes, that strange wisp of guilt over doing what you want instead of what's expected or what someone else wants creeps in and well....

    I say stomp on it and have a good day!!

  2. Isn't it great to treat ourselves somedays? Have a great pj day! Just veg out!

  3. Jess...oh you are so right! And yes it was a good day xx

    CJ: Yes it is and thankyou xx

  4. On days when it just doesn't get bright there's nothing better than just to slump. Our village is a bit like yours too. When our next door lady works late, she still wonders around in her pjs at 11 o'clock, chasing after her escaped sausage dog, usually to our front door. So no need to feel embarrassed at all.

  5. I've been having a few too many pj days here lately... I do so enjoy them.

  6. Everyone needs a pyjama day from time to time. As for spending a day in bed....... yes, I am relaxing into that way of thinking, though you can be assured that it would turn out to be the day when *posh* friends decided to call unannounced! Enjoyed your post

    Nuts in May

  7. Thanks Maggie. I know what you mean when friends turn up unannounced and because of this I had very few pj days where we've lived previously. However, no risk of "posh" friends turning up here!

  8. My *good* friends know to call me if they wish to pop round, or they know I just won't even answer the doorbell. (For rather extenuating and nefarious reasons, sadly.)
    Yes, a Pyjama Day is a smashing and special treat. When we were in the UK, my older daughter used to pay a pound to a Children's Charity once a term and then was allowed to skip the school uniform and come in pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers, huge fun for the entire primary school since the teachers 'dressed down' as well.

    The only problem I have found is when one day in bed turns into another - followed by a week - then a month - etc. Which happened to me, twice, in the past when I was struck with episodes of depression. So I treat a Pyjama Day with respect and as a special treat and make sure I don't indulge beyond what is appropriate.
    So far so good.

  9. I think everyone deserves a PJ day now and then - although it my case it would be called a nightie day. The thing is that I have to undo my shutters because I've got this niggling worry that if the two lot of neighbours cannot see that I have surfaced, they might be over in a very concerned fashion.

    When we first moved into our Winchester house - my first day off work sick resulted in the lady opposite coming round at lunchtime because she hadn't seen me leave the house that morning. Village life, eh?

  10. a fellow sufferer of episodes of depression I do agree with you about the odd day drifting into weeks and months..and I'm pretty strict with myself in this respect. One day occasionally is a treat and I sometimes have to give myself a bit of a shake the following day.

    FF: Well I know my neighbours won't knock on my door because the dogs are a bit of a deterrent! However if they did and I was pyjama-clad, they wouldn't bat an I'd be dressed in a very similar way to them!


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