Saturday, 9 January 2010


"Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out." ~
Anton Chekhov

Mr Ayak: Well.. he was waiting yesterday to hear whether he had secured the job he was interviewed for the day before.  I asked him not to tell me again that he was about to return home unless he was sure it was going to happen.  He didn't get the job, but the boss from the place where he had been working up until now, informed  him that business showed signs of picking up and he would like Mr Ayak to stay on.

So he will continue to work for peanuts until the beginning of March...but peanuts are better than nothing..and March isn't so far away.

My four lovely dogs:   Beki and Poppy have been in season together for the past couple of weeks.  Poppy lives in the house anyway, but Beki has also been inside during this time, as a precaution.  The most difficult time is over now, and the constant visits by various male dogs, attracted by the scent, seems to have subsided.  Beki is itching to get back outside again. Her domain is the balcony and most of the garden, where she is content to bark furiously at any passing cat, dog, sheep, cow, goat or donkey. Poppy just pops out to go to the toilet, and also tries to escape through the bars of the main gate.  Something she can no longer do as it has been covered with chicken wire by my friend L while L & A were here.

Milly and Monty's territory is the fenced-in pen with access to their sleeping quarters...the lovely house made for them by Mr Ayak which is part of the old house in the garden.  (a doghouse so comfortable that my neighbour informed me that it's better than the house she lives in!).  M & M spend their days play-fighting, eating and generating enormous amounts of poo!  Where does it all come from?  They also enjoy dragging pieces of of the carpet remnants from their doghouse out into the pen to sleep on in the sunshine.

Milly is quite obedient.  When it's time for bed, I go into the pen and just say "go in the house" and off she trots...she never has to be told twice.  Monty, however takes a little more persuasion, but eventually they both settle in their house with the door closed, and I hear nothing from them until the following morning.

I'm aware that I need to have Monty neutered at some time.  I'm watching him closely and waiting for his testicles to drop ("collybobbles" as Mr Ayak calls them)...then it will be time for the "snip".  I'm also considering getting Milly speyed as well, as she will continue to live outside, and if I don't get it done, there will be problems with stray dogs.

The fence is still standing and fairly secure....although M & M are getting much bigger and stronger and it's only a matter of time before the chicken wire will prove to be it will need to be replaced with something more substantial at some point.

I continue to have regular contact with Billy on webcam and so enjoyed watching him in his highchair yesterday eating his tea..he's growing and changing so fast.  He's an absolute joy.

The garden is in a terrible state. I can't keep up with the weeds so I've given up.  We have young trees dotted about, and Mr Ayak cleared all the weeds and debris last year before he went away.  At first I did a bit of weeding each day to try to keep on top of it, but as soon as the rain came last month, the weeds just shot up and are now higher than most of the trees!  The arthritis in my back and my hands have made it impossible to deal with the weeds, so I'm afraid they will just have to wait until March when Mr Ayak returns.  He tells me not to worry about it...but I do hate looking at the mess.  We were hoping to grow vegetables this year, but there's a lot of work to be done first.

And goes on.....


  1. So Mr. Ayak's boss realises he needs him after a few days without him!
    Nothing you can do about the garden given your arthritis problem but I do know what you mean about it annoying you, seeing weeds taking over. There are bits of the garden that I get to too late every year...
    So glad Billy is such a joy to need a bit at the moment, don't you?

  2. Fly: Typical greedy Turkish boss I'm afraid..whenever there's a slump in business they lay people off...they hate paying wages when there is no money coming in. They lose a lot of good loyal workers this way.
    Billy is lovely...he's been on webcam again this morning giggling and it's set me up for the day!

  3. Well as you say...... peanuts will keep you going but it does seem as though Mr Ayak is being used.
    Get all the dogs neutered, I would. Sounds like quite a problem keeping them al separate while in season.
    you have infinite patience.
    i have been in contact with my son & granddaughters through the web cams while they've visited japan. It is lovely to see them. Should be arriving back in Heathrow this evening. :-)

    Nuts in May

  4. Of course he's being used are thousands of other Turkish men...oh don't get me started on the lack of employment rights here!
    It would be preferable if they were all neutered. However I don't entirely trust the vets here. I wouldn't put Beki through surgery. She's nearly 8 yrs old now and so precious to me I wouldn't risk it. Poppy is very tiny and fragile, she has problems with catching her breath sometimes, so I suspect a heart again anaesthetic is a risk.
    M & M however are young, strong and healthy so I'm sure they will be OK.

    Oh I do hope your grandaughters flight isn't affected by the weather!

  5. One of the things that get up my nose about Turkey is the boss man.
    I have had to bite my lip on countless occasions when the boss man starts yelling orders at his staff. It´s often at restaurants where they sit on their fat arses all day. Instead of getting up and helping, they just snap their fingers and shout something nasty to the over worked and under paid waiters to do it. It´s slavery pure and simple. I can´t stand it and we tourist´s should take those bastards to task. I always give them filthy looks if I sense that they are giving their staff a hard time.
    It used to be like that here in the West a hundred years ago before unions. We should never take our rights for granted and we should help others who are being exploited. Sorry, rant over.

  6. It's OK Chris...rant away.. it's all true..especially in restaurants. Of course one would think the thing to do would be to boycott the restaurants whose bosses behave in this way, but people do tend to ignore it. In any case if this happened there would be nowhere left to eat would there?

  7. Oh well my dear friend, it is done, he is still working, I had hoped, well you know what I hoped for.

    You and I have had many private discussion about the peanuts he earns in Turkey, and even though I know, it still annoys me.

    Could be worse, you could be living in Britain and Ireland just now, freezing your little tootsies off, instead you have sun, your 4 beloved dogs, your beautiful house, garden, and the gorgeous patio Mr Ayak made for you last year, it will all come good for you one day my friend.

  8. Ann. You know that song we keep singing? "Always look on the bright side of life". Well I do...and there is always a bright side. I'm very lucky.
    Lots of Love xxxx

  9. Ayak... and you have love.
    Which doesn't pay the leccy, but, makes the candlelight that much more wonderful.
    Come on March!

  10. Oh I wish for you that Feb would just skip away! It'll be soon that March will march in.

  11. The boss man treats his workers the same way in Greece. The difference is that it's the poor Albanian's that get treated like crap. Sigh. It's so frustrating. Actually any foreigner who works for Greeks usually -eventually- gets treated pretty much like crap. (are you on facebook? if you'd like, send me a message via my "about me", a contact email address should be there.)

  12. Kitty and CJ...thank you for being so lovely xxx

    Jessica...have sent you a friend request on FB

  13. I love update posts - especially when they are as positive as this. You've ruled a line under all the troubles and from the sound of it moved into a new phase.

    More power to us women whose men are away at the coal face


  14. "Always look on the bright side of life", serves us well Ayak, you are right, there is always a bright side, if you care to look, which we always do.

  15. FF: It's absolutely essential to remain positive, particularly when faced with problems. It's all too easy to wallow in self-pity and when I find myself heading down that route, I just give myself a big shake and get on with it!

    Ann: It has certainly become our theme song hasn't it?


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