Friday, 22 January 2010


It's raining.  Oh boy is it raining.  And the gale force winds are causing the rain to hammer against the windows with such ferocity that I'm almost waiting for them to smash.  Unlikely of course because they are double-glazed.

However, I have now discovered that they haven't been sealed properly and there's water pouring in, down the walls and all over the floors and carpets.
A cupboard containing my books is also soaked...and so are the books.

I can't do anything about sealing around the windows because I'll have to wait for them to dry out first...and according to the weather's unlikely it will be any time soon.  So at the moment I have spread out almost all of my towels to try to prevent any more damage.

Yesterday was a bright sunny day.  I was changing my bedding and discovered that the bottom sheet where it tucks into the bed, was wet.  I pulled the bed away from the wall to find an enormous damp patch...which has clearly been slowly creeping up the wall  for some time until it reached my bed.  So I've had to move the heavy double bed to the other side of the room where the wall is dry.  No doubt the rain will help to increase the size of the damp patch.  There is obviously no damp course around this house...something that will have to be rectified pretty soon.

The garden is flooded and an hour ago I waded through it to feed Milly and Monty in their doghouse..which is also leaking, but they don't seem too bothered.  Beki and Poppy naturally have no intention of leaving the house.

The problem is that because we have such a warm climate here, we don't notice all this until it which time it's too late.


UPDATE on the internet problem.  I'm still losing my connection from time to time...but I am not in the mood for another round of pointless telephone conversations with TTNet.   I might just throw the laptop through the leaking windows.

UPDATE on the rubbish bin....which was finally delivered 3 weeks and 2 days ago.   Wonderful I thought.  But they haven't yet been to empty it...great isn't it?

I feel another pyjama day coming on....possible several!


  1. It is raining here, as well, and it's very cold in the house as I only have an oil-filled radiator downstairs I drag from room to room. I have some electric plug-in heaters upstairs for the girls in their rooms, which have to be going constantly to keep it warmish and dryish upstairs. The two cats appreciate that and curl up in the relative warmness, while I freeze down here. (I am dreading the electric bill.)

    We also have double-glazed windows that leak when the rain hits from a certain direction. I've taken to putting a hand towel against the bottom of the frame and a tea towel in front of that with one end hanging down into a bucket which catches (most) of the water. Saying that, it's ever so much better since I rammed my chimney cleaning brush and the 20 feet of flexible screw-on rods up the downspout and cleared the blockage. I feel so Burt from Mary Poppins, just need his dire "Cockney" accent and to grow a foot or two.

    Resist the pyjama day! Cook something instead! Like chutney or jam or maybe marmalade?

    Keep that chin up, March will be here before you know it!

  2. I am sooo sorry. You must feel like poor Job, just waiting for the next biblical plague!

    I think it's time you do something completely different. Time to make friends with your camera!

    That way we can SEE your pain!

  3. Kitty: I know what its like trying to keep warm. This house is so cold..perfect for summer months of course. The only heating I have is the air-con in the sitting room but one of the leaks is quite close to it so I'm not going to use it till the rain stops and I can get it checked out. I have been in bed with the electric blanket for most of the morning just to stay warm, but I have been doing some cooking so it's not a proper pj day.

    Jes: I really need to do something about the camera. I replaced the batteries because it kept cutting out but I still have a problem with it..another thing to get sorted. The list is getting longer!

  4. Oh dear, there is nothing comforting I can think of to say. I'm trying but it is failing me. Do you still have cigarettes? Do you have some chocolate? Good books you haven't yet read?

    I'm surprised at your f-i-l for not making sure the house was 100% habitable before offering it to you both. Or maybe I'm not *that* surprised after what I've learned about him from other things you've said.

    Poor old you.

  5. FF: We actually had to do a fair amount to make the house habitable as soon as we were given it..which is fair enough I guess. Mr Ayak has phoned the people who installed the windows and they will come out to re-seal as soon as the weather changes. If the damp patch in the bedroom gets any bigger I'll just move into the spare room until it can be sorted.

    I have plenty of cigs...but no chocolate unfortunately! I've just eaten a huge bowl of semolina with honey though...comfort food!
    Thanks for your kind thoughts x

  6. Your village and ours should be twinned. Any problems you describe, I think, yep know the problem... If it's any comfort, if our weather is heading east, it should brighten up soon.

  7. Heiko I sometimes feel my blog consists mainly of my moans and groans. I think you would probably agree with me though that in spite of the problems you and I experience, we'd still rather be where we are than anywhere else?

  8. Poor you! You really do have the patience of a saint!
    I think you are right....... living in a warmer climate like Turkey, you don't often have this problem (like we do) so you really don't get to find out the leaky bits until it is most inconvenient.
    Hope you manage to get it fixed when things dry out..

    Nuts in May

  9. Maggie I'm not really a very patient person, but I do find it helps to blog about these things. It puts it all into perspective for me. There are so many awful things going on in the world that my gripes pale into insignificance.

    Just checked the forecast and its changed completely from when I checked this's now supposed to be dry for several days. I don't understand how forecasts can change so quickly??

  10. Ayak: It's like the TTNet call centre; the meteorologists don't have a clue either!

  11. I feel bad for you. I would be very upset if my one treasure, my books, were ruined. I hope they were not damaged too bad. Hang in there.

    "When everything is falling down
    and landing upon me
    The sky is dark the rain pours down
    I hope that i can see...

    That when it is all said and done
    and everything is still
    That i came through another battle
    with an iron will.

    And understand that others may
    go through a storm more rough
    and that i need to be thankful
    for a soul thats tough

    and lend my hands to those in need
    fold them and we'll pray
    that they may find their iron will
    to get through another day."

    - Carolann Volberg

  12. Kitty..I think you're right.

    Mr H: The poem is just perfect...thank you xxx

  13. I think it is good to let your frustrations out here and then you know you have a little corner of the world in which it is safe to rant, moan, whinge and generally let it all out.

    As for Mr Marky - he has changed his website now and when I went there yesterday it wouldn't let me log in with just a yahoo mail box (taking his cue from Digi Spy no doubt - they like people to have proper mail boxes). Such as shame as he was the perfect place to play catch up.

    If you have a 'proper' mail addy then I really recommend him - no, it's not you tube. What he does is set his DVD to pick up the overnight footage and then he compiles a 'best of' the following morning and uploads it


  14. FF: I do's good to have a place to moan!

    I'll check out Mr Marky.


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