Friday, 29 January 2010

When it rains it pours

I didn't realise until I had a text message on Monday  from my friend in Antalya, that my landline was out of order.  On reflection I think it happened on Saturday night when there was a terrific storm right overhead.  At one point I heard a loud bang, as if something electrical had exploded.  When I checked the trip switches, everything was in order.  I checked the kettle, the TV, the washing machine, the oven, and everything else electrical, but I didn't check the telephone.

I reported it to the call centre, but having recently experienced Turk Telekom's inadequate service with my internet connection, decided to go into the TT office in Milas on Tuesday morning to report it again.

Returning home from Milas on Tuesday I decided to tackle the leaks around the windows.  It was a dry day and as more rain is forecast, it seemed a good idea to get it sorted out.  Armed with the silicone, and standing on a stool,  I set to work, and managed most of it.  Then I lost my footing, slipped off the stool and fell, landing very heavily on my bottom. So hard was the landing that the pain shot up my back and caused me to briefly pass out.  It took me some time to get up, and each slight movement caused me to groan in agony. 

When Mr Ayak phoned me a little later and I told him what had happened, he was all for getting the next flight down from Istanbul, but I'm not one to make a fuss, and it almost feels like emotional blackmail to expect him to come running back every time I have an accident.  So I told him to stay put, and I'd just wait and see.  After all I assumed nothing was broken or I wouldn't be able to walk about.

I can walk about, with difficulty.  I can't sleep because I can't find a comfortable position.  My entire bottom is bruised, but strangely that doesn't hurt anymore.  The pain started around the area of my kidneys and has continued to move up my back since Tuesday.  The only comfort I can find is in sitting upright on the sofa with a hotwater bottle placed between my back and two cushions. 

Psychologically I'm telling myself it's getting better, but realistically I know it's getting worse, so I may have to give in and let Mr Ayak come back. 

Oh...and the telephone.  An engineer turned up on Wednesday, plugged his phone into the ADSL splitter box and it apparently there's nothing wrong with the line.  But he said I probably needed a new ADSL box and connection wire to the phone.   I managed to find a spare one of each in the shed, but the phone still doesn't work, so I clearly need a new phone.  This particular phone had a problem some time ago and I bought a new one.  The new one worked for a while then gave up.  I bought new re-chargeable batteries for the old phone, and that worked for a while, then gave up.  So now I'm confused.  Do I have two useless phones or is it a problem with the line? 

Oh...and the rubbish bin.  It's now four weeks and two days since it was delivered. It is full to overflowing and in spite of phone calls to the Muhtar, it still hasn't been emptied.

Oh...and the damp patch in the bedroom.   It's getting bigger.

Oh...and the now like a jungle.

I really think it's time for Mr Ayak to come home.


  1. I think you need a nice cuppa, a bickkie and a hug.

    ...and, I'm sorry to confirm what you already know, an x-ray done.

    Take care of you, there's only one!

    Plus, I agree on Mr. Ayak coming home. It's time.

  2. poor bum! poor you! dratted phone, dratted windows, dratted bin.

    Mr Ayak will make it all better...

  3. Ayak dearest, we have already spoken on the phone of this, and you know I believe you need to go to the hospital, you cannot function properly when you are in pain, and you need to find out what is going on, the world will seem very dark and dismal for you just now, and it will be until you go to the hospital, and find out what is going on.

    So many things need sorting out, and Kaya is such a wonderful guy, you know if you need him he is always there for you, so yes, he needs to come home, he needs to sort things out, to heck with the money, you and your health are far more important, and I know you are far too important to Kaya, plus it will be so lovely to see him again.

    Always here if you need me, you know that.

  4. Kitty..Have had a cuppa and several bickies and doggy hugs from Beki and Poppy. And you're right I do need an x-ray. Mr Ayak is trying to get a flight down this afternoon so we'll be off to the hospital.

    Jes: Yes drat everything. Mr Ayak won't be able to stay more than a few days but better than nothing!

    Ann: Thankyou. As always I value your friendship..but you already know that. Lots of Love xxx

  5. You are doing so well. Seems you get hit back all the time. I would get your back seen to ....... seems you must have jarred it when you fell.
    The bins, the damp patches............ a bit like home. I hope it all gets fixed soon.

    Nuts in May

  6. Thanks Maggie. I do feel like a bit of a moaner at the moment. I keep trying to find positive things to blog about but it's not always easy.

    Just had a phone call from MR Ayak who was unable to get on a flight this afternoon but has his ticket for tomorrow so should be here around midday. I thought it may be difficult. Fridays are always busy for domestic flights.

  7. Don't know what else to say... Hope it all sorts itself out. It's good your man is on his way.

  8. You are in the wars!
    So glad to hear that Mr. Ayak can get back and that you are getting your back checked out...he'll solve a lot of the other things that are getting you down as well.
    Do take care of yourself...if not for yourself, you're not a moaner... then for Mr. Ayak and the dogs.

  9. Heiko...thanks x

    Fly: Thanks for saying I'm not a moaner.

    And thankyou all my blogger friends for just being so nice xxx

  10. Ayak, you are NOT moaning, you are venting, there's a big difference, and I recognise it!

    Now for MY fall-on-bum incident: I was working at NECI (culinary school), I had gone into the bakery's dairy walk-in to get some plastic gallon containers of milk, and while in there decided to get some more cream cakes to replenish the refrigerated cake counter. Loaded down with four cakes on a sheet tray and two gallons of milk in each hand, I pushed open the door latch with my hip and stepped out... onto a soapy, wet floor. It was a spectacular fall (I was told,) both legs went up, my right hand went down to break the fall, and the two gallons of milk I was holding in that hand exploded while I (somehow) managed to land on my bum, clutching the other two plastic containers of milk in such a way that the cream cakes on the sheet tray ended up on my tummy and chest, and were (mostly) unharmed.

    (The student who was mopping got a severe telling off for failing to check the two walk-ins before starting cleaning.)

    I broke my coccyx and did incredible harm to the lumbar region. I was given heavy pain killers, I ended having to be off work for quite awhile plus I had to have daily chiropractic for weeks (and still was having treatments right up to leaving Vermont.)

    I also only ever wear no-slip shoes when I work, regardless of how ugly they are.

    (I hope YOUR tailbone is only bruised!)

  11. Oh dear! I hope your back heals well and fast! Glad to know Mr. Ayak is on his way back. Do rest up!

    Get well soon


  12. So sorry you hurt yourself and I agree with Ann in that you should see a doctor. Stay strong and get well.

  13. that was some fall! Yes I will definitely get an x-ray tomorrow and hopefully very stong painkillers.

    Chaitra and Mr H:

    Thankyou both of you for your good wishes xxx

  14. I don't know how you can even mention the fact that you might be moaning. This is not moaning - this is outlining the bloody awful time you seem to be having lately.

    Everything is manageable except pain- been there etc etc. I do hope nothing major has happened - I also know that things are always more painful two days after they happen - I've proven it and since mentioning it to other they have noticed it too. Fingers crossed nothing is severely damaged but only an MRI will diagnose that really.

    Let's hope Mr A can sort out the other things whilst he is back.

    thinking of you and do post as soon as you are able to stop us all worrying further


  15. FF: Yes..someone else mentioned to me today that the pain increases a couple of days later and this has certainly been the case.

    To be honest I find the whole thing a bloody nuisance. I hate being incapacitated in any way. I'm pretty independent and like to just get on with things.

    Anyway hopefully things will get sorted tomorrow...I'll keep you posted.

    And thank you xx

  16. just checking back to see if there were any results yet, You poor thing - hope you don't have to sneeze -agony, eh?

  17. Ayak: Just an 'aside'.

    Up your water intake and... eat lots and lots of All-Bran.

    (You'll just need to trust me on this one, seriously.)

  18. FF: Yes sneezing and coughing...absolute agony!

    Kitty: yes I realised that yesterday...I know exactly what you mean.

  19. Fingers crossed for you Ayak, hope the fall hasn´t left you with some serious injury or another other than your poor bruised bottom and ego.

    Take care.

  20. Fly: I will be I'm sure...given time.

    Chris: Thanks xxx


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