Friday, 12 February 2010

After the storm

It seems that extreme weather conditions are being experienced everywhere, and Turkey is no exception.

Whilst Mr Ayak has been in Ankara this week, we have had the strongest gale force winds that I have ever experienced.  It was particularly frightening on Wednesday night.  The gales started during the afternoon, and shortly after, the power lines went down...and stayed down till yesterday morning.   It was impossible to sleep...or even I sat in candlelight watching through the window as a heavy table and three stacked chairs were lifted and blown over the railings of my balcony.   At some point I needed to take Beki and Poppy out into the garden to go to the toilet.  Beki was in and out like a flash...clearly terrified.  Because Poppy is so tiny I had to put her harness and lead on, for fear she would be blown away.  At the same time I had to hold on to the fence, because I could feel myself being lifted off the ground.

As I have previously mentioned, when we moved here last year, we enclosed the large open balcony with uPvc panels and windows to make another room.  The wind was blowing so ferociously that these started to bend and I was certain they would just break.  Fortunately they didn't, but it's now clear where there are gaps and where windows haven't been fitted tightly, because to say there were draughts is an understatement.

Yesterday, the wind gradually died down...but then came torrential rain.  At the same time power was restored, but the water supply was cut.  This didn't flow again till late last evening.

The damp patch in what was our bedroom, but is now the spare room, has spread around the entire room and the smell is awful.  In our bedroom there was also water running down the wall which appeared to be coming from the electric socket which I use to plug in my electric blanket and laptop.  So I have had to run a long extension lead from another socket until this can be checked.  Water has managed to get in to one corner of the sitting-room and soaked the carpet.  Outside, the windows, balcony, covered with splashes of red mud.

This morning is the calm after the storm.  There are still lots of grey clouds lurking, but no wind or rain, so I have been able open all the doors and windows at last!

Mr Ayak was due back yesterday, but he stayed on the bus and went straight to Bodrum to talk to someone about work for the summer, so he will be back some time today.  He's going to be delighted when he sees how much clearing up there is to do!

Oh and he did pay his father the tax money after all.  I kind of guessed he would...anything to shut the man up!

And joy of joys...Mr A tells me father-in-law is coming to stay with us next week!


  1. Sounds like you are in bad need of a new roof, also by looking at the picture you have up it looks like the house may need a "French trench, or French drain". You could do this yourself a little at a time.

  2. Oh Mr Ayak will be happy no doubt! :)

    I hope the rains stop soon. There is nothing more depressing as felling wet and cold on a rainy night.

  3. @eloh: I think the roof is OK but water is coming through gaps in the walls I think. Although FIL had intended to build a pitch roof, but didn't do so before handing it over to us. As far as drainage is concerned..yes you're absolutely right, and this is something Mr A will do when possible.

  4. CJ: I thought it had stopped..whilst I was writing my post it had. However it's started again nowç

  5. So glad to have stumbled on your interesting blog.

    Bless you, girl! You have been through it, and it sounds like next week might be another "gale" of another kind. Keep us posted...C

  6. Ah, so FIL will be just in time to pay for the repairs to 'his' house....

  7. Stickhorsecowgirls (what an interesting name!)..thank you for visiting my blog and a warm welcome to you.

    Fly: Haha! I can see some pigs flying overhead!

  8. Oh no, not on top of everything else (and I haven't even referred to FIL yet) - I mean the wind and the rain and the mud and the ...

    I'm glad Mr A will be back very soon and with the promise of work on the horizon. As for FIL - well I hope he is in the smelly damp room - and helps sort out the problems.

    We've got very cold temperatures and snow which has actually just begun to thaw.

  9. That all sounds horrendous, but at least Mr A will be back to help with the clean up!

  10. FF: Oh I doubt FIL will help with the problems, although he will probably do a lot of tut-tutting and not much else. And he most definitely will be sleeping in the damp smelly room. I might even be able to find some damp smelly sheets for him!

    Jan: Yes..pretty awful, and there seems to be more to come. Power and water cuts on/off today and the wind is getting stronger again.

  11. We had weather warnings for today of galeforce winds, Siberian cold and snow. In reality we had a balmy, sunny day with a bit of a chill in the air. In future I'll just read my horoscope it might be more acurate! Bet you're looking forward to FIL's visit!

  12. Heiko...don't you just love it when the forecast is so wrong? Oh I am so looking forward to his visit!

  13. Dear Ayak, just a brief comment to let you know that you are never far from my thoughts. Things have been rather "stormy" in Lisbon, but nowhere near what you have been going through! The ALgarve has enjoyed some awful weather this winter, as well. I'm so looking forward to the summer, it hurts.
    I hope that things improve on your side, and that you find the necessary patience to get through the coming weeks.
    Love, S.

  14. Because we live in amongst the trees my least favorite weather is strong wind, makes a person nervous. I'm glad you survived the storm and hope you can weather the one that is coming next week...

    This really does work if your victim has a conscience:)↓


  15. Astro: Hi...good to hear from you! I know how busy you are so thankyou for finding the time to pop in here. I can't wait for summer too! Enough of this awful weather. Thanks for your good wishes.
    Love L xx

    Mr H: Good article...on his last visit I did exactly as it tells you..and had reached the point when I felt I should ignore..but he beat me to we just ignored each other. Next week should be interesting!

  16. It´s a mountainous region, I remember the descent into Milas Airport. With mountains on either side it´s an interesting approach.
    Because you are trapped within that valley, the weather patterns will be volatile. By the sounds like it was a full scale hurricane.

    Mind you it will be nothing compared to the hurricane within your 4 walls once FIL arrives. *Sigh*

    It´s one long endurance test for you Ayak at the moment isn´t it?

    I hope the your back is continuing to improve.


  17. Chris: I don't know if it would be classed as a hurricane..but it certainly felt like it.

    Yes it does feel like I'm being tested at the moment.

    My back is continuing to improve, slowly but surely. Getting out of bed in the morning is the most difficult thing, but once I'm moving about it's fine. xxx

  18. "...And joy of joys...Mr A tells me father-in-law is coming to stay with us next week!"

    Seriously, my very first thought reading that was: No F * * k i n g Way! (sorry)


    I can only send you mental cups of tea and plates of biscuits, I'm afraid, and reiterate what those before me have said already: We are all thinking good thoughts for you and hoping you pull though splendidly!

    I'm so glad to hear your back is better and here's hoping it continues to improve swiftly.

    I can hardly wait for the F-I-L Chronicles, when should I make the popcorn? I know it will be a great read and I want to be prepared!

  19. Kitty: It's now Monday...he's due on Thursday but am not totally certain he will come, for various reasons, which I will blog about in due course. Have the popcorn ready if you must...but I would prefer a very large stiff drink really!

  20. Well??
    Tomorrow is Thursday, do we need to start making that large, stiff, drink, or... has the Tsunami of Terror been averted?
    Please do tell, enquiring minds want to know!

  21. Kitty: I have absolutely no idea whether he will turn up tomorrow or not. Two reasons for this: Firstly, he doesn't speak to me, and since Mr A's visit to Ankara last week, he isn't talking to him either.
    And secondly, it's quite normal for members of Turkish families to just turn up unexpectedly.

    So hold the stiff drink for now....


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