Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Circle of Friends Award

I've just received this lovely award from Fly in the Web at French Leave blog here.  I am to pass it on to five other bloggers and to tell you five things that I enjoy doing. 

I could pass it back to Fly...but that would be a bit silly...because she would then feel like she had to pass it back again to me...and so on...and we could spend days doing this!  What I'm really saying is that I enjoy her blog immensely, and I appreciate her comments,encouragement and thank you!

Five things I like doing:

1. Talking with my daughter and grandson on Skype.  What would we do without the webcam?  It's enabled me to watch him grow and make progress, something I would miss completely if it wasn't for this wonderful invention.

2.Waking up in the morning to the sounds of chickens, sheep, cows, donkeys and goats.  It's much noisier than the sound of traffic...but so much more enjoyable!

3. Spending time with my husband which is rare these days, but appreciated all the more because of it.

4.Reading a good book with a large bar of Cadbury's chocolate...also rare because I can't get Cadbury's chocolate here.

5. Blogging...of course...because it has opened up a whole new world for me.  It has given me the opportunity to share my joy, my anguish, frustrations, sadness..and so many more emotions, with people I have come to think of as friends.  People who accept the bad and the good about me, and are always ready with kind words and encouragement.

Choosing just 5 people to pass on this award to, is quite difficult.  I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my if you're not on my list, please don't be offended... just consider yourself part of my Circle of Friends.

Firstly, Mr H at Subsistence Pattern here.  I'm being a bit naughty here because Mr H doesn't really accept awards. Our first conversation was a little heated because we disagreed about awards, but we thankfully ended up as friends.  Sorry Mr don't have to accept the award but you need to know that I love your blog and your comments on mine.

Secondly, Heiko at Path to Self Sufficiency here.  Another wonderful blog.  Both Heiko and Mr H live lives of self-sufficiency in totally different environments.  So interesting and lots of good advice.

Thirdly, Maggie May at Nuts in May here.  Someone who's courage I admire tremendously, and who still finds time to visit my blog.  You are always in my thoughts Maggie.

My fourth and fifth are are slightly different. Two people who follow my blog, but don't have blogs of their own.  I wish they did have their own blogs, because they have so much that's worth sharing...maybe this award will encourage them to start.

Ann...a blog follower and loyal friend.  We've never physically met, but we have been internet friends for a couple of years and we talk on the telephone sometimes and email each other every day.   Always there for me during the good times and the bad. Always with a kind word or good advice.  Love you lots xxx

Finally, my daughter Stella, who follows my blog, but hasn't worked out how to make comments!  I am immensely proud of her and I love her more than words can say.


  1. Many thanks for thinking of me. I am more *with it* this morning than I thought I would be with chemo 3!
    Hope I get round to passing on to the five people that is the thing I'm not so good at!
    I enjoy your blog because it gives me a flavour of a completely different culture and also you write things as they really are......... and I like that!

    Nuts in May

  2. Well thank you once again Mrs. Ayak. I'm happy and proud to be considered a friend. I too shall try and pass it on.

  3. Maggie I'm so pleased to hear that Chemo 3 hasn't left you as debilitated as rounds 1 and 2...good news!

    Don't worry too much about passing on the award or listing your 5 doesn't matter really. I just enjoyed the opportunity to tell people how much I value their blogs and friendship.

  4.'re very welcome and thankyou xx

  5. A well-deserved award, Ayak.

    How's the back?

  6. p.s. aren't goats noisy. One one of our dog walk circuits is a garden with four goats. When they spot the bichons are watching them these little goats bleat their heads off.

  7. Congrats!! You so very deserve it! Glad to know you have such a great circle of friends

  8. Thank you Ayak, I appreciate the thought...a lot. How about this.:) If I may, here are five things I appreciate/enjoy about you:

    1. Your care of wayward animals. This one thing told me all I ever needed to know about you.

    2. The love and commitment that seems to be shared between you and Mr. Ayak. Something that is severely lacking in these modern times.

    3. All of the very interesting things you discuss regarding life in Turkey, some of which were very surprising to me.

    4. Your house and that tremendous view you appear to have from atop the hill. My wife loves the picture of your house.:)

    5. The fact that you are very brave to be living alone and facing all of these issues and still manage to remain positive even if life does occasionally get you down.

  9. FF: Thankyou. The backs's not much better. I think a trip to the hospital may be due pretty soon.
    Yes goats are noisy!

    Chaitra...Thankyou..and I do of course count you amongst my friends.

    Mr H: Oh what a lovely response..thankyou so much xxx

  10. Hi Mrs.Ayak, I came to you via Heiko, because you sounded interesting! I will now go back on your blog and see what adventures you have to tell. I`m glad to meet you!

  11. I've just found your blog, through Heiko and the Awards, and will be following from now on.

  12. Hi Jan and welcome! And thankyou for joining my list of followers.

  13. And Hi Angela too..a warm welcome to my blog. Good to have you here xxx

  14. OMG, Ayak - I've just read about that young girl of 16 who was buried alive in Turkey for talking to boys. I can't believe a country that wants to try and join the EU could hold with such barbaric imbecilic people living there.

    I hope there is an outcry in the Turkish press. Apparently it is not a one-off either. It wasn't in the scare-mongering Mail either, it was the Telegraph.

    I'm totally shocked.

  15. Oh shucks, and right back at you, love you dearly too.

  16. Well FF...I haven't read the story about the girl....and I'm sure it is NOT a regular occurrence. I do however feel slightly offended by your comment about "barbaric imbecilic people". This is certainly not typical at all of Turkish people. I don't know why it is that the British press will pick up a story like this when there are so many appalling crimes taking place in Britain, which has far worse crime than Turkey.
    Sorry to be blunt FF...but I will always defend the people of this country, who are far more honest and law-abiding than a hell of a lot of British people.

  17. Just as a follow-up to my previous comment FF. I've just read the reports in the Turkish press and of course there is absolute outrage..and rightly so. The punishment for the perpetrators (father and brother) will be very harsh I can guarantee. It's a pity sentences for appalling crimes in Britain aren't as tough. So-called "honour killings" do still occur in parts of the more primitive eastern part of Turkey, but there has been a tremendous effort on the part of the Government recently to put a stop to this.
    Overall though, you just have to look at the statistics for Turkey compared to the UK for example, to see that this country's crime rate is pretty low.

  18. Well said, Ayak!
    At least in Turkey there's no PC nonsense about respecting 'ethnic' customs and thus no interference by police.

  19. Thankyou Fly.

    I'm just curious why FF actually brought the topic to the comments section of this post, which is a post for me to present awards to my fellow bloggers.
    I can't be held responsible for crimes committed in the country I have chosen to live in, and I'm afraid my hackles rise when something is posted that is entirely inappropriate and bears no relation to my post.

    Having said that, of course it is a contentious issue, and worthy of discussion, but if anyone feels strongly about it, then they can surely use their own blogs to discuss it.

    No offence at all intended, just expressing my honest opinion.

  20. I think the horrific crimes that often occur in the UK are featured very heavily in the UK press - and they also are perpertrated by equally horrible people as the family that buried the poor Turkish girl.

    Evil people exist in every country really, more's the pity.

  21. Anyway Ayak - sorry to offend - we can have a bloggy parting of the ways if you like

    I added it to this comment box on this post because this was the current one of yours at the time I saw the horrific article

    bye bye

  22. FF: I wasn't offended FF...just not sure why you brought that particular report to my blog.

    I'm sorry you seem to have taken my comments personally. It would now appear that you have deleted yourself from my list of Followers without giving me chance to I'm not even sure you will read this, so there's little point in me saying anything else.

    (I see you have also deleted me from your Facebook account...ah well)

  23. Ayak...that PC remark was made by me, not there anything I can do to help the situation?
    Two such nice people should not fall out over a misunderstanding.

  24. Fly...It's nice of you to offer, but I think I made an attempt in my last post in saying that I hoped my opinions wouldn't be taken personally.
    Of course there will be occasions when people disagree, but we all have to be prepared to accept criticism from time to time.

    I didn't really have a chance to address FF's last post as she had already...very hastily deleted herself from my Followers...and just as quickly deleted me from her Facebook account.
    This would seem to me to be more of an over-reaction than a misunderstanding.

    But thanks anyway.

  25. Yep, you're both right and my silly ways kept me awake last night.

    Anyway fwiw I am sorry - if it had been an article about Seattle I would have rushed to Bill Stankus's blog, Oregon - it would have been Contemporary Troubadour, etc. You are the only person I know in Turkey, hence it was to you I migrated to rent the proverbial spleen.

    I have over-reacted, been daft, done things without thinking (so what's new?)

    Sorry - will be sending you a renewed friend whatsit on the old FB.

  26. FF; Thanks for your apology and of course I accept it willingly. I probably wouldn't have objected had you not posted about the story on this particular post because it was inappropriate.
    Yes of course it's an important which I may even research a little more and blog about.

    Time to draw a line in the sand (as Jeremy Kyle says!) and move on I think.


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