Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day

I've never been too bothered about celebrating Valentines Day.  As far as I'm concerned it's just another over-commercialised event.  Another opportunity for retailers to grab your money.

Mr Ayak almost always remembers.  He usually gives me a single red rose, which he's probably paid way over the odds for, and which wilts and dies within a day or so.

I suppose the day gives lots of people the opportunity to make romantic gestures that they perhaps wouldn't do normally.  But we shouldn't have to feel that we are supposed to do this.  We should be romantic because we want to...any day of the year..not just on 14th February.

Mr Ayak will sometimes come home with a few wild flowers that he's picked for me. Occasionally he'll pick flowers from someone's garden (perfectly acceptable in Turkey..really!) or he'll bring me a bar of chocolate, and these gestures, out of the blue, mean much more to me than the red rose on Valentines Day. 

At the moment Mr Ayak (and I) have so many other things on our minds, that I doubt very much that he will remember it's 14th February....and I wouldn't dream of reminding him.   We both try to make a point of expressing our feelings for each other every day of the year, even (or especially) when we're apart...and that's what really counts. 

However...I don't want to appear too cynical.  If this is a special day for any of you ..then I do hope it's a really happy and enjoyable one.


  1. Merhaba

    Kapitalist tüketim uygarlığı için her “özel gün” ya da bizzat kapitalist uygarlık tarafından ısmarlama olarak yaratılmış özel günler (sevgililer günü, anneler günü, babalar günü vb.) büyük vurgun günleridir ve bu günler, kapitalizm için hayati öneme sahiptir.

    Yıl, bir zaman birimidir, tıpkı sanat, gün, hafta ve ay gibi.
    Yeni dönemin tüketim kültürüne adapte edilmesi gerekiyordu.
    Büyük metropollerin merkezlerine milyonlarca insan toplanıyor, koca kitleler bir arada duruyorlar ama kimse kimseyle bir şey paylaşmıyor, ama yine de bir arada duruyorlar. Sahneden birisi düğmeye basıyor ve hep birlikte on, dokuz, sekiz diye geriye saymaya başlıyorlar ve sıfır anonsu yapıldığında hep bir ağızdan bağırarak ellerindeki patlayıcıları ateşliyor ve hareketleniyorlar. Ne oldu şimdi? Diye soracak olsanız kimsenin verebilecek bir cevabı yoktur, Ya da yaygın cevap, yeni bir yıla girdik olacaktır

    Binlerce yıldır Mısırlılar Güneş takvimini kullanıyordu ve Mayalarda kullanıyordu.
    Batı Uygarlığı, isim değiştirerek çalma işlemini gerçekleştirdi. Önce miladi takvim, ve Jülyen takvimi dana sonra da Gregorien Takvimi isimlerini verdi.

  2. Aykut: Merhaba. Hoş geldiniz.

    I'm assuming you understand English, because your reply indicates that you understood my post. Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment.

    I am embarrassed to admit that my Turkish is not as good as it should be, and the majority of my followers are English-speaking. I am able to understand the gist of what you are saying, but it is a little difficult.

    If you do visit my blog again I would very much appreciate it if you could write in English, so that we can all understand what you have to say.

    Thankyou. İyi günler.

  3. I think you are right. It is what you are like with each other all the time.... not just a sloppy card.

    I am amazed at the flower picking in a neighbour's garden. That might lead to a court case over here!!!!!!!

    Nuts in May

  4. I agree with your sentiments Ayak, it´s another marketing excercise. I feel the same with Halloween and Christmas, you are almost forced into it. I don´t think you are cynical at all.

    Your attitude is the right one, it´s the day to day stuff that matters. I prefer little surprises here and there.

  5. It's a very special day for me and my husband John. It's the day we met. Even so we celebrate simply, breakfast in bed, a sweet card, and a walk back to the path we first walked together.

    I hope things are improving in your world. :)

  6. Call me corny, call me schmaltzy - (okay then, we will) but I love the fact I get a bouquet sent to me on Valentine's Day. I know it's commercial stuff perpetuated by the flower industry but I still love it.

    Hope the house is drying out

  7. I leave Mr.Fly a note under his pillow. He finds it about a week later.
    He'd blow a fuse and so would I at buying something specifically for the day, but I do understand people who's their way of doing things, that's all and if it is appreciated by the recipient that's what counts for them.

    I'm trying to translate Aykut's post..but I'll have to get Pig Ziya to help me.

  8. Maggie: I was shocked when realised it was OK to take things from peoples' gardens. It's normally best to ask first, but no-one ever refuses. When we lived in Goreme we had a large mulberry tree in our front yard and it was always full of children picking the fruit!

    Chris...Little surprises are lovely!

    Giftsofthejourney: Well of course it's a special day for you...and quite worthy of celebration. Have a lovely day!

    FF:'re corny and schmaltzy...but whatever makes people happy is good isn't it?
    The house is drying out a little as we've had a bit of dry weather. More rain to come though.

    Fly: I love the idea of a note under the pillow...simple gestures are lovely.

    I was going to get Mr Ayak to translate Aykut's post but he's so busy doing stuff in the garden today, while it's dry, that I don't want to distract him. I think the post is quite political..from what I can see!

  9. I love the idea of notes under a pillow too - we write each other corny poems from time to time - at least we did when we were both still in the same house!

  10. I do flower deliveries for a local shop and Valentines Day is the busiest day for them.
    It is the demand for red roses that makes them more expensive than other times of the year.
    I find that ladies are just as happy with one single rose as a whole bunch costing €75. It's the thought that counts

  11. Hi Monalisa...I'm with you on it being the thought that counts, whatever it may be.

    I had a large bunch of bluebells yesterday..and they smell delicious! A long distance was apparently covered on foot to find them, so they are very much appreciated.

  12. Valentine's Day, to me, is a day I like to forget: it's the day I married the first husband. Very bad marriage, which ended badly so, that day has always meant to me sadness, failure and bitterness.
    (Add to that I prefer a potted plant over flowers, really, unless they are wild flowers. A superstition I got from my Mother.)
    So as I get further away from that wedding day in 1986 (or was it 87? 85?), I have mellowed a bit and now do send things to those near and dear: cards and candy, home-made cakes, little bottles of digestifs or aperitifs, but always things I have made myself. (I have great recipes for home-made Kahlua, Limoncello and Baileys. And Thyme Eau de Vie! Wow! Sadly I was too late with my digestif the French here call 'Chocolat Quarante-Quatre' or Chocolate 44. But it will keep for a special, future, day.)

    But... I never send flowers, nor do I really like to receive them, because flowers die.

    As far as I am concerned... it's the day-to-day things that are done for you, the kindnesses that are shown that add up to mean so much more than just one day in Mid-February.

    (Saying all that, I still had a super day, regardless!)

  13. Hi Kitty: I feel the same about flowers...and yes would prefer a plant because its still alive. I would never buy a "cut" Christmas tree when I lived in England for the same reason.
    I can well understand 14th February not being a particularly good day for you. It's difficult to get away from bad memories on certain days isn't it?


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