Sunday, 7 February 2010

Our house or not?

Mr Ayak arrived back from Fethiye yesterday afternoon, with most of his dental work having been completed.  He needs to have it finished in a month's time. There was just too much to be done in such a short time...not because the treatment itself couldn't have been completed, but because his mouth is so sore and he needs a bit of a break from it.  To be honest I never realised his teeth were so bad.  You'd never know...they looked fine.  Hidden problems I guess.

Before he left Fethiye, his father phoned him...having taken 48 hours to respond to Mr Ayak's message.  I know I keep saying it...but it's all about doesn't surprise me that he would make his son sweat over this.

It would now seem that he is not selling our house...and that we can continue to live here.  He didn't actually deny having told Mr Ayak's aunt that he was selling...and I know her well...she doesn't lie.

He's never going to make it easy for us.  I just know that there will be other times like this, when he will attempt to make us grovel and thank him.  And now he informs his son that the property tax is due and we have to pay

I wasn't aware of this tax before, but it appears that property taxes are paid each year on the tax values of land and buildings at rates varying from 0.1% to 0.6%.

I did know that in the case of the sale of property, a 1.5% levy is paid on the sales value by both the buyer and the seller...but I thought that was it.  Oh learn something new every day.

He knows Mr Ayak is out of work, he knows we don't have money and are struggling at the moment, but he is insisting that Mr A travels the long distance to Ankara tomorrow and hands over the money so that he (F-I-L) can go and pay it at the Government offices.  Talk about making it as difficult as possible for us.

I said that surely if we are going to now be liable for all expenditure on this house, on-going renovation and repairs as well as taxes, then the deeds should be in our name.  Mr Ayak will suggest this to his father...but I won't hold my breath that he'll agree.

Just a quick update on my back.  Over the last day or so I've seen an improvement.  I don't think there is any serious damage, and my sister-in-law did say it would take weeks to get back to normal, so I'm not going to rush off to the hospital just yet...which is more expense...but will be patient and wait a little longer.  Mr Ayak is going to give me a massage today...he's very are most of the Turks.  It's almost a cultural thing...something they learn from an early age.  I know this must be progress because a few days ago I wouldn't have let anyone touch my back.

And to end on a brighter note...I had two parcels this week from two friends in the UK. One containing Bisto granules and custard, and the other containing Cadburys chocolate.   Wonderful!

So today it will be gravy with dinner, custard with pudding, followed by chocolate and a massage.  It doesn't take a great deal to make me happy!


  1. How awful to be at your father-in-law's mercy like this, but I'm glad your back seems to be a bit better. Enjoy the chocolate... I miss teacakes, and also Marmite, which is hard to find.

  2. Keep your head down and do whatever needs to be done to make the house your own. Bide your time, it will come.
    Your FIL is indeed an asshole, and I should know.

  3. Hurrah for chocolate and Bisto, a triple hurrah for massages and the biggest BOO of all to f-i-l. Could you talk it through with someone else in the family who perhaps could intercede on your behalf, or is it just a pointless waste of time. Do the others know how he is treating you and Mr A?

    (I feel for him with his poor teeth. When I had a piece of root removed recently and had five injections, as they wore off it was so very painful - and from the sound of it he has had much more invasive stuff done)

  4. So glad your back is improving...with you on the massages. A Turkish friend gave Mr. Fly a massage when his shoulders had just seized up and it put it right in no time.
    FIL is dreadful...playing poor Mr. Ayak like a fish.
    Of course you'll get through it all, but it's no fun, is it?

  5. Jan: I miss Marmite too. I used to miss bacon but it doesn't bother me too much now. Yes I am so enjoying the chocolate, custard and bisto!

    @eloh: You're right...he is...and yes I know you know! xx

    FF: Yes the others know...and yes it is a pointless waste of time discussing it. He's a law unto stands up to him except Mr A when he's pushed...and me of course!

    Fly: Not it isn't much fun at all...but as long as I have chocolate, custard, bisto and massages...I'm happy!

  6. FIL is a SOB by the sounds of things. Imagine demanding that you have to go all the way to Ankara at the drop of a hat. Well at least Mr.Ayak gets to see his country.

    Good news about your back Ayak. I really am crossing my fingers for you. These last few weeks have been so stressful and miserable. I´m sure the stress hasn´t helped the healing process of your poor back.

    It´s also reassuring that you have a dependeble postaci. How long does it take for packages arrive?

    Take Care

  7. You're right Chris...stress probably is a major factor in preventing my back from healing.

    This is the first area we've lived in where I'm actually getting all my post. I decided to take a postbox in Milas as I wasn't sure whether our post would actually reach the village. Packages from the UK take about a week..sometimes a little less. It's very efficient.

    Hugs back at you Chris xxx

  8. When I pick up on your blog it is always a delight to see the Billy photograph...Billy in the box. It always makes me smile.

    I do hope your back improves...Chris is right, stress can't help it at all.

  9. Fly...that photo is lovely isn't it? It makes me smile every time too, as does another one of him that I have as a screensaver on my I can smile every time switch on or switch off.
    The back is feeling quite a bit better I've delayed the hospital visit for now. I'm sure Chris is right about stress. Even though we have lots of problems at the moment, the fact that Mr Ayak is around has reduced my stress levels quite a bit.

  10. Have you had his massage yet? I bet that will be such a relief for those poor clenched muscles

  11. FF: Unfortunately no...yesterday I couldn't actually lie on my stomach as it seemed to pull on my we had to abandon it. He is on his way to Ankara now...a long journey (9 hours I think). Back in a couple of hopefully if my back continues to improve I'll be ready for a massage by then...fingers crossed!

  12. I really feel bad for you, I'm not even sure what to say. It angers me that you are stuck in such a predicament with your house. that said, I am so glad to hear that your husband was able to get the dental work done as there is nothing worse than aching teeth. Hang in there, we are all pulling for you.

  13. Thankyou Mr H...Your kind words are so appreciated xxx


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