Friday, 26 February 2010

Struck by Lightning

Yesterday morning, with no warning at all, our house was struck by lightning.  I was in the bedroom when there was a flash and a terrific bang..well more like an explosion. 

I ran into the sitting room and it was full of black smoke. My modem had exploded into thousands of pieces and there were three big scorch marks on the carpet.

The telephone cable had been directly hit.  Where it came through the wall, there was a gaping hole and black scorch marks surrounding it.

The power lines were also down at our end of the village, and we had no electricity until about 11pm last night. Until that time I had absolutely no idea how many other electrical appliances had been affected.   We have since discovered that our Digiturk TV box is completely dead, so we think that the satellite dish was probably also hit...but other than that, everything else is working.

Turk Telekom promised to be out to us in the afternoon to repair the cable, but in the meantime we needed to do something about getting a new modem.  Mr Ayak phoned around and the cheapest modem we could find would cost us 150 lira.   Why is there always unexpected expense when you really can't afford it?

I recalled that TTNet had a campaign running recently where if you signed up to their unlimited package, they gave you a free modem.   Mr Ayak telephoned them and asked if we could do this.  Unfortunately I am locked into my present contract for another 15 months, so it wasn't possible.

HOWEVER...there are times when I actually welcome corruption and backhanders.   Mr Ayak spoke to the manager who said that he could change my contract and give me a free exchange for 50 lira for his back pocket!

Actually...I'm not sure if the modem is actually free..even if you sign up legitimately for the package...reading the small print, I think you pay for it in small instalments starting after six months use.  But it has solved the immediate for that I'm grateful.

So we set off for Milas, in torrential on the back of the motorbike.  I would rather not have gone but it is my name on the contract so I had to sign for it.  I was also concerned about how this bumpy ride would affect my back...but touch wood I had no ill effects...apart from being soaked to the skin by the time we returned.

The telephone cable was fixed in the afternoon, so at least the telephone was working.  However as power wasn't restored till late last night, I wasn't able to test my new modem.  Finally, around midnight I was connected to the internet.   Ten minutes later I lost my connection.

Mr Ayak and I were up until 4'o'clock this morning, whilst he was on the phone to the TTNet 24-hour helpline trying to sort out the problem.   Finally we gave up and got some sleep.  I phoned them again at 9.00am...and half an hour later my connection to the internet was restored.  But I'm not holding my breath...I'm typing my blog now, and will answer some emails, as quickly as I can, in case I lose my connection again.

Today, we need to fill in the hole in the sitting room wall, try to clean up the damage to the carpet, and attempt to get a Digiturk engineer out to repair or replace the box.

I'm also willing the sun to come out so that I can deal with all the washing that has piled up over the last few rainy days.

Who says village life is boring?


  1. A lightning strike and burnt out modem prompted me to change supplier both for my phone line and internet connection. Things have improved since. Our lightning strike wasn't as spectacular as yours though. I have learned my lesson though, every time we have a thunder storm I just unplug most electrical appliances, especcially the computer and telphone. We are on our third telephone set in 5 years do to lightning strikes!

  2. Heiko...I know what you mean...and any sign of a storm and I unplug everything. But this was completely out of the blue. It was early morning and we just had rain and grey sign of a storm at all. It was literally the first flash of lightening that did it!

    It could have been worse..if we hadn't been at home for example.. and at least we and the dogs weren't hurt.

  3. Well, despite this latest setback, you do sound quite positive so I guess there was too much to deal with to have time to think about yet another disaster.I'm sure things must get better soon - you are having a bad spell that's for sure but the law of averages says it has to change - everything changes.

    I didn't know you both had a motorbike. It sounds like you need a set of leathers to keep the rain off

  4. FF: Mr A continually changes from car to motor-bike to car again. He really prefers motorbikes. I quite enjoy being on the back in the summer, but at this time of year I'll only go on it if absolutely necessary.

    I don't think I use it enough to justify a set of any case I can't quite imagine me in them!!

  5. Ayak, what a dreadful shock!
    I know what you mean about a storm from a clear sky, it happened at my last house...a sunny day, and then - wallop! Modem grilled, the mother board on the oven and fridge gone for a burton...but no scorchmarks.
    Thank goodness Mr. Ayak was at home and that none of you were hurt.
    I know what you mean about the's always when you're scraping around a bit that a financial blow comes, like the lightning, from a clear sky.
    Glad your back held up.

  6. OMG u r not having much luck lately, hope u manage to sort out the mess left indoors. Glad u and the dogs are ok though xx

  7. How awful, I can't imagine how scary that must have been for you! But at least no-one was hurt.

  8. Fly: Seems like you had more damage than us..It's a relief Mr A was here. The back is still holding up...thankfully

    Bombshellicious..the mess is more or less sorted..and yes I'm glad we're all OK..could have been worse.

    Jan: Yes...we were lucky..things can be replaced..people and dogs can't.


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