Saturday, 6 February 2010


Mr Ayak has been away for a few days, staying with his cousin in Fethiye.  His cousin is a dentist and he has been carrying out a considerable amount of work on Mr A's teeth....long overdue.  What he's having done would take weeks in the UK but it's all been achieved in a couple of days.  It's very painful...I can tell from the conversations we've had on the phone...he can hardly speak because it's so uncomfortable.  He's due back today with his nifty new gnashers!

There have been other family members staying with his cousin this week, one of them being his cousin's father-in-law's sister.  Mr Ayak phoned yesterday to say that his aunt told him that my father-in-law is going to sell our house...yes that's the right...the house we live in!  You'd think he might have told us first?

I don't know how true this is.  Mr Ayak has sent him a message asking him what's going on, but as yet has received no reply.  Perhaps it's a misunderstanding on the part of his aunt?  My first reaction was to burst into tears...but I recognise now that this was just my responding to all the shitty stuff that's been going on recently, and I somehow had to let it all out.  Mr A tells me not to worry.  He says he will sort it out.  I have to trust him to do this, and having slept on it, I know he will do what he can to make sure we stay here.  And even if we don''s not the end of the world....we've moved so many times, I'm getting used to it.

There are other issues concerning my father-in-law...there are problems within his immediate family in Ankara which are causing a great deal of stress to all those concerned, so I'm taking a step back from all this and waiting for the dust to settle.  I suppose it's quite possible that he made some throw-away comment about selling our house, in the heat of the moment, and it's been picked up and taken out of context.  Wait and watch this space.

I have to own up to putting off a visit to the hospital to deal with my back problem.  I always procrastinate when it comes to seeing doctors.  I just keep trying to convince myself that it's getting better.  Well it isn't really, so I've agreed to go to the hospital on Monday.  It will be two weeks since my accident, and I should have seen some improvement by now.

I've mentioned before how I have this need to keep changing the furniture around.  The damp patch on the wall in our bedroom has increased in size and I'm not happy about continuing to sleep in it at the moment. So Mr Ayak has agreed to move us into the spare bedroom when he returns today.  Of course if I didn't have a problem with my back, I'd have attempted it myself by now, so all I've been able to do is to measure up the space and decide where everything's going to be placed.  It probably sounds a bit silly, but I'm actually quite excited about moving into a different room.  It's sad isn't it?  I really should get out more!

I'm still sad about having to re-home Milly and Monty, but at the same time relieved that I did it sooner rather than later, before I had chance to become so attached to them that I'd never have been able to let them go.

The next task for Mr Ayak is going to be to find a job.  He has work lined up for the summer which will start around the end of April, but needs to find some way of earning money in the meantime.  It's not easy at this time of the year, particularly locally, and I don't hold out much hope.  So it may mean him having to go away again for a couple of months.  It's not ideal...but needs  must.  We'll cope...we always do.


  1. It never rains, but it pours. I'm so sorry for you and can't even think of flippant comment to cheer you up. Let's hope Mr. A can manage to sort it out. Good luck at the hospital.

  2. Get those sunglasses out Ayak! A smile from Mr.Ayak, will from now on light up the room ha ha. He must be feeling pretty chuffed with himself. Reminds me....I´ve got an appointment with my dentist this week....yikes.

    I´m glad that you are heading for a check up at the hospital now Ayak.

    Crossing my fingers for you.

    With regards to the in-laws, well my niece gave me a voodoo doll....
    there must be some pins around here somewhere. It probably was a threat just so he can show who´s boss. Typical but it makes my blood boil.

  3. Hope all goes well at the hospital.
    All that dentistry for Mr Ayak!

    Nuts in May

  4. Oh good grief.
    Look, I know this completely inappropriate to say about your father-in-law, however, I just have to exclaim, "What a tosser!"
    OK... so there may be problems in the family, ok, yes, but why throw this pile of fertiliser in YOUR yard without some kind of warning? I just find it incredibly rude and rather reminds me of people who 'Tom Cat Spray' on objects or other people; yes, we KNOW it's yours, but MUST you constantly advertise the fact? It's not only boring and tedious but it's also unseemly. Plus the way it puts you entirely at his mercy and on your back foot, I can't even consider it, it's just too horrifying.
    (But then, I was once made homeless, so, I guess I'm thinking back to that...)

    Wow... this has made me so mad reading this, I guess I don't understand WHY people have to behave like this. So, I am hoping you hear soon it was all a silly misunderstanding, there are no problems on the horizon (and that we can remove the pins from the groin areas of our dolls.)

    Well done to your husband for facing his fears, and to you as well. I hope your back is just fine and you are feeling top 'o the morning quickly.

  5. Chris...sunglasses at the ready..waiting to be dazzled!

    Maggie: Thanks xx

    Kitty: It's completely appropriate for you to say he's a tosser! I'm not angry yet..I'm waiting till I know for certain...then I will get really really angry and F-I-L will need to be prepared...because there's an awful lot I'm saving up to say when the time is right.

  6. Isn't it a pity that the 'respect' thing keeps people from telling FIL where he gets off when he bahaves outrageously.
    Probably all wind and p... but dreadful for you both.
    Good luck at the hospital.

  7. Fly: I just wonder if he is expecting us to grovel and thank him every day for the rest of our lives for giving us this's all about control in my opinion

  8. Oh dear, I hope it's ok about your house, and good luck at the hispital.

  9. Jan: Thankyou for your good wishes...fingers crossed!

  10. Oh yes, a control they mess up other people's lives.
    Hope all goes well with house and hospital.

  11. I really feel for you having the house sold 'over your head' so to speak. What a pain. You're right to stay cool..glad Mr. Ayak got his teeth fixed.

    You are going through the mill right now. I'm remembering you and praying that all shall be well. Hope your health is not going down..

  12. Thankyou Fly...and also Maria. I really do appreciate everyone's kind thoughts and good wishes.

    I think Mr Ayak may travel up to Ankara on Monday to find out firsthand exactly what's going on.


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