Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Well a week has past and no sign of father-in-law, I'm happy to say.

Mr Ayak has been busy this past week, tying up loose ends and organising the start of his business venture which should get off the ground in mid-April.  I'm still holding back with the optimism though, as we have had so many disappointments in the past...but if nothing else it gives him something to focus on at the moment, which is good for his state of mind.

In the meantime, he needs to earn money, and jobs are almost non-existent at this time of year.  Through a friend of a friend, he managed to find some labouring work on a building site yesterday.  He arrived home last night  exhausted and covered in cement, but happy that he was at least earning something.  It's not regular work...there's nothing for him today..but he has been told to turn up tomorrow.

The weather has been quite good this week, so I've managed to catch up on washing large items like curtains and blankets and get them dry.  Mr Ayak has cleaned all the windows, which were caked in mud from the gales and torrential rain we had recently.  Unfortunately more wind and rain is forecast from today onwards, so no doubt it will all have to be done again.

Today Mr A is continuing to dig over the garden which he started at the weekend, ready for planting vegetables.  Although the neighbours who pass by keep telling him it's too soon to be digging.

We are also due a visit today from the people who installed the uPvc extension.  We paid them the balance owed for the work at the beginning of December.  I wasn't happy about this, as I knew there were minor problems that needed to be fixed, and I think we should have held some of the money back until they were resolved.  But Mr Ayak trusts people more than I do, and said not to worry, as they would come and fix things whenever we wanted them to.   So...guess who was right?   We have had promises of visits from the company for weeks now...and still no sign of them!

It's a strange time of year.  It seems to affect my moods.  When the sun is shining it lifts my spirits..when there's wind and rain, I'm pretty miserable.   So I'm very up and down at the moment.  The uncertainty about Mr Ayak's work situation this year, also leaves me feeling quite anxious.

The first little light at the end of a long tunnel is looking forward to my visit to England in April to see my daughter and Billy and help them celebrate Billy's birthday.  We all need things to look forward to, don't we?


  1. Such an uncertain time for you and for Mr. Ayak.
    I do hope everything works out for you with the new venture.
    Pity FIL couldn't give a helping hand, rather than adding to the problems,but it sounds as that is not a possibility for someone of his character.
    Keep your mind on will be here before you know it.

  2. I know the feeling Im like a yo yo, but thinkpositive April will soon be here xx

  3. It must be nice to have Mr. Ayak around and I'm glad to hear that there will be some gardening taking place.:) It sounds like you had an excellent visit with your father-in-law as well.:):)

  4. I'm very glad that you have this visit to give you something fun and lovely to focus on. Well done to Mr A for knowing the right sort of people and as for the weather - we've got torrential rain and very strong winds here. Branches flew by as I was driving along earlier and roads are flooding.

    AS for the money being given over to the window people - I'm in your camp really. How many times have you said those immortal words ' I told you so' ?

  5. Wait for those first seedlings to sprout, it'll lift your spirits no end!

  6. Thankyou all for your lovely comments...they are so appreciated xxxxxx


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