Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Deja vu

Yes...I've been here before...

FIL was due here last month on a specific day..and he didn't show.

He phoned Mr Ayak last week to say he would be here yesterday...and he didn't show.  Didn't even ring Mr Ayak, and his phone was switched off when Mr Ayak tried to ring him.

I aired the spare room as best I could.  The damp walls have virtually dried out but it still smells, but nowhere near as bad as it was.  I made up the bed, and did a thorough clean of the house.  You probably wonder why I would even bother, but it's more to do with a sense of pride on my part, and I don't want to give him any more reasons to criticise.  Mr Ayak spent the day continuing to dig over the garden.  Although he won't admit it, his reasons for trying to make the garden look as good as possible, are the same as mine.  Although he's had a lifetime of criticism from his father, so he ought to be used to it by now.

He's playing games.  Of that I'm sure.  Just keeping us on our toes and waiting to make a grand entrance whenever it suits him.  Mr Ayak is very edgy...snapping at me over the slightest thing. It's stress, pure and simple.  Not only because of his father, but he has an awful lot on his mind concerning his business venture and there's still so much to sort out.

So I've removed the clean bedding from the spare room and packed it away.  It's just too bad if FIL turns up today...he can make up his own bed.  He won't be fed unless he brings his own provisions, because we barely have enough food for two of us.  OK I have a knack of being able to stretch food to accommodate unexpected visitors, but I have no intention of even trying.  I'm sure he won't be happy but what's the worst he can do?  Remind us yet again that this is his house that he kindly gave us to live in?  Tell us to move out?  Well that's fine...we've moved enough times in 12 years, so one more upheaval won't hurt us.   If he decides to do that, he'll have to pay us for all the repairs and improvements we've made since last May before we even consider packing our bags.

Mr Ayak says there is no way FIL will ask us to leave because he will completely lose face.  His family will disown him, and he has already lost a lot of credibility because of the situation with MIL.

Enough about him.  There are more pleasant things to talk about.   Yesterday was sunny and warm but the temperature dropped quite suddenly mid-afternoon, but I've woken up this morning to sunshine and even though it's not quite 8 am, it's warm enough to sit out on the terrace with my coffee.

One of the goats belonging to the woman next door gave birth last week.  Just one beautiful tiny baby goat, and I spent an hour cuddling it yesterday.  What a gorgeous little creature.  If only my camera was working. I really must get it sorted because these wonderful moments pass so quickly and I need to capture them.  The only way I can attempt to take photos at the moment is with the integrated camera on my laptop, which I used for my profile pic, but I can hardly chase goats around the garden with a laptop! outside now to enjoy the sunshine.   Have a good day!


  1. Honestly - I think from the sound of this wretched man it is a wonderful thing that he was not involved with Mr Ayak's upbrinbging. I totally understand about wanting the house and garden to be at its best should he turn up though - I would be the same.

    As for the baby goat - aw, I'd love to see it.

  2. FF: The good thing about blogging is being able to let of I've done it and he's forgotten!
    The baby goat is adorable. If we didn't have the dogs I'd be very tempted to get one. At least they eat the weeds!

  3. Between me and you, I am ready for spring and summer. This winter seems to have gone on forever. This winter,I had a bout with gout (which is better than being a bit of a git, I guess.)

    Gout? I thought that had been eliminated. Something out of Vanity Fair or Jane Austin. but I can reassure without any doubt, that a bout of gout is very painful. It is absolutely true that even a sheet resting on the big toes is misery. Right now, I need summer. I need warm weather and I can't wait to put my foot down on a sun-warmed tile floor again!

    Good luck with your visitor. He sounds like a real charmer! Just remember-no matter how ugly it might get- that you have a crew of invisible well-wishers hovering like spooks around you. :)

  4. I've heard that gout is extremely painful Nomad so you have my sympathy. This winter has been awful and it really drags on. After posting this morning I sat outside and within 10 minutes a gale started to blow which is getting stronger by the minute...and it's cold!
    I love my invisible all lift my spirits!

  5. I kept thinking yesterday, "Beware, Ayak, the Ides of March are upon you!"

    It's nice he was a no-show and it became, instead, the Idylls of March.

    (I'm easily amused, seriously, you should see me with a stick...)

    Spring can't come a moment too soon! I need my therapeutic vitamin D boost!

    Sending warm hugs and quiches and cups of tea (or coffee) from Kitty xo

  6. Ayak dearest, first of all lets hope this goes through, you know I cannot write on blogs for some reason.

    Okay, so he is playing games, let him play them, what does it matter, he is quite a sick individual, unfortunately the sins the parents bestow on us, stay forever, so yes Mr Ayak digging the garden, seeking to please, which he never will, freak man does not want to be pleased, he wants to criticize.

    I will never ever understand why people want to hurt anybody else, is life not difficult enough without carrying an extra burden.

    No you don't leave this beautiful place, no matter what he tries to do, he cannot win Ayak, he cannot.

    Don't forget who loves you.

  7. Oh wow, it went through, so must try another ha!. Yeah baby!!

    Nomad I agree, it has been a very long, long winter, my gardens are appalling, I seem to have lost so many plants, but then again, in the great scheme of things, plants can always be replanted.

    Our grass is brown, not from the heat of the sun, from the terrible frosts.

    It is the palm trees I am finding the hardest to lose, over 30 feet tall, and two of them are not looking so good.

  8. Kitty..I mistakenly thought Spring was's's really cold now. Thankyou for your warm hugs xxx

    Ann: At last! You've solved the problem of posting welcome back!
    He won't win without a fight on our part Ann.
    Yes I know who loves me xxxx

  9. Ann (good to see you!) if it's any help, where I grew up was considered the date capital of the world (Mojave Desert, not Tunisia) and the Date Palm trees, Washingtonian Palms and the like would look quite poorly after a cold snap, heavy winter of frost or even the occasional snow. However, if they were established trees, they very seldom were 'lost', but picked right up with warmer weather.

    I'll be hoping the same for your own palms.

    Warm hugs and quiches, Kitty

  10. What an unpleasant man. Mr Ayak could do without him about while he is trying to get his business off the ground.

    I am smiling at your wonderful image of chasing a baby goat around with a laptop!

  11. Lots of local gardens seem to have pairs of goats - you never see single ones. go on - get a couple

  12. Fly: I am quite proficient with the laptop camera! When Mr A was away I wanted to show him something in the garden while we were on webcam. I'm sure the neighbours thought I was odd wandering about the garden talking to the laptop and turning it round so Mr A could see the garden!

    FF: Yes they do seem to be in twos don't they. My neighbour has two..well three with the baby now, and I have to say I've never noticed one alone. The dogs would go I wouldn't risk it...sadly!

  13. Beautiful pic. Shame about FIL behaviour, perhaps its all about control, sometimes its hard to understand people and why they do what they do. xx

  14. Well lucky he hasn't turned up then and good you managed to let off steam. Sounds like fun chasing a goat with your laptop. The dog we were looking after recently made instant friends with a goat of our neighbours. So maybe you can have both.

  15. Bomb: The pic is another one of our beautiful views. Someone else took it though..I'm not that good!
    And is all about control with FIL.

    Heiko: I am seriously considering it..although we couldn't afford to buy goats at the moment. Maybe I'll borrow next door's goats from time to time and see how the dogs get on with them.

  16. That FIL of yours certainly knows how to try and wind you both up, shame on him! But I'm glad the sun was shining for you today.

  17. Hi Jan. Mr A and I have decided that we will not get wound up by him anymore...what will be will be.
    and the sun's shining even more brightly today :-)

  18. Hello Kitty, I think you have a point, the two tree that look as if they are worse for wear are smaller than the 36 foot ones, they are about 30 feet, and in another garden Mr Ann planted a baby one, 9 years ago, it now looks like a withered tree trunk, without the green foliage on top, that was about 5 foot, could use it as a flag pole, and hang my Scottish Satlire on it.

    I will be surprised if the first two survive, though I still hope, a bit of warm weather would be lovely, for all humans, animals and green stuff in the gardens, and
    fields which are now brown.

    Ayak, yep, don't let him win, that is exactly what he wants, to goad, annoy,ruin, pester from afar, you and Mr Ayak's life, funny how some people are like that, just don't understand what they get out of causing trouble, or being mean hearted

  19. Ann: This might help:

    Good luck and crossed fingers!

  20. Hi Ayak love the new hairdo, I am going to spend some time catching up on your blog tomorrow.

  21. Hi Jazzy! Thanks! Almost missed your comment there. I noticed you haven't been blogging lately? please let me know if and when you start up again...Hope you and the family are well. Lots of Love xxx


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