Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I was persuaded by my daughter to use Facebook.  It seemed a good idea at the time.  In fact for those people who use it sensibly, it is a good idea.  It's another means of staying in touch with friends and family, particularly if they are dotted about the globe.

However, it does also bring all the worst elements of society out of the woodwork.  Who can forget the recent case of the nursery school teacher who was charged with abusing the children in her care?  I don't recall her name...probably because I'd rather not.   She linked up with similarly sick and depraved people on Facebook.

In the wake of the murder of 17 year old Ashley Hall, by Peter Chapman, who used Facebook for "grooming" thousands of young girls,  Facebook are refusing to implement the "paedophile button" (shown above) which other networking sites have been happy to install.  Read more about it here.

Now I have just read a report in the Daily Mail  here about a man who has mistakenly been accused by thousands of Facebook members of being Jon Venables.   This man has a wife and 4 small children, and he is living in fear for their lives. The police have even had to install a panic button in his house.

 As long as I live, I'll never understand why people would start these awful rumours.  For a start, Jon Venables is in custody...the man who is the subject of these rumours is not.   How much more stupid can people be?

 There exists a vigilante mentality amongst human beings which I frankly find horrifying.

Facebook has a lot to answer for in my opinion.  Maybe it's time it was closed down.


    You can add this story to your FaceBook infamy list.

    Of course, I am not sure if you can lay all the blame on FB. I mean many child-molesters hang out at playgrounds but nobody would suggest we should close all playgrounds. However, it would not be out of the question to make sure the playgrounds were properly supervised. The same should be applied at FB. Supervision of some kind- don't ask me how. Have you ever seen the comment section of Youtube? Same problems. Any discussion suddenly becomes trash and rudeness.
    Also we have to learn how to respect each other's privacy more. One example. Went out with friends. She had a camera and every time I had my mouth full or one eye closed, she managed to snap a pic. Never asked. That evening she had posted the pics on FB. Is this normal or rude? Is it a generational thing? Is it assumed that everybody wants their ugly mutts on the net?

    I am more concerned about violations to my privacy. I have tried to keep the most important private details of my identity OFF the internet. But when signing up for FB, they especially requested that you use your true name and profile photo. So imagine my surprise, when Bling came into being, I curiously typed my own name and found my FB profile pic for all the world to see. I immediately went back and changed it but I am not sure if it can be undone. That to me is inexcuseable and the default mode should be absolute anonymity.

  2. Hi Nomad. Tha nks for the link. Yes I do recall that story..very sad, and I also think there are a lot of unanswered questions there.

    I'm totally with you on the issue of privacy. It doesn't seem to make a huge difference if you tick all the right boxes in the "settings"...somehow people can still see some of your info and photos. It needs tightening up definitely.

    As far as your "snap-happy" friend is concerned, I do think your permission should have been sought before posting on's surely just good manners.

    I haven't looked at Youtube comments. Well I don't look at it all because of the ban, and I've never felt the need to use a proxy to access it.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Ayak, I would never have touched it with a bargepole - not that I would have been able to anyway, you know my 'abilities' all too well!
    It seemed such a weird way to keep in touch with people.

  4.'re very wise. Actually I'm finding the whole thing very irritating these days, and think I should cancel my membership.

  5. I don't blame Facebook in the least. I blame people setting up their page with lax security settings. You and I are both on there. We know how easy it is to just limit access to our pages to people we know. That is all someone has to do - these kids are computer savvy - they know the score. I don't understand them saying 'oh, I was hit on by someone I didn't know' - so why did they select open acess?

    As to mistaken identity. You don't need Facebook for that - as demonstrated by the poor pediatrician somewhere in the UK who was mistakenly labelled a paedophile by a neighbour.

  6. yeah, what Youtube ban? tee hee

    FYI,Youtube is one of the sites banned in Turkey and only because some rowdies in Greece insulted Ataturk. Explain that to me. I enjoy Youtube a great deal. I just am sick to death of the comments and imbeciles you think their half-baked ideas are worthy of anybody's attention.

  7. I am not the slightest bit interested in Facebook.

    Nuts in May

  8. FF: Have a look at this from the Times dated March 2007:

    Nomad: I'm still waiting for someone to explain it to me!! Crazy!

    Maggie: Another wise one!

  9. FF: I did post a reply to your previous comment but for some reason it hasn't appeared. Anyway my real issue with Facebook is their refusal to use the security button. I know we all have to take individual responsibility for our own security, but FB do have a responsibility too. If the installation of this button will help to prevent paedophiles using the site to groom children, then I'm pretty disgusted that they are refusing, when other network sites have installed it.

  10. Sorry FF...I think that link was cut short so doesn't work. If you google Youtube ban in Turkey the Times is the first article on the page

  11. Goodness, just read the article - how draconian.

  12. I have very recently joined FB, although I can't for the life of me remember why. What worried me most was that within hours of joining I had an e-mail with a list of about 40 names saying did I know any of these people. Amazingly I knew about half of them, but how did they know I knew these people??? All the information I had given them was my name and birthdate I think. It's becoming more and more Big Brother like, where you don't have secrets. I'm not even sure how to use FB yet.

  13. Heiko: I know what you mean. I wasn't even aware of the security settings when I first joined, until my daughter pointed them out. I don't think it's particularly easy to use when you first fact there are still things I don't understand about it.

  14. I have to admit to having a fairly nice time in a group for fans of the TV show Mad Men. In fact, I was in a similar group originally but I grew very frustrated with some of the people there. The unnecessary rudeness and the same comments and questions over and over. So instead of abandoning the whole thing like I first wanted to, I decided to try to do it better. I made a list of guidelines, all members would be by invitation and two-strikes your out policy. It isn't perfect but it was a nice place for like-minded people to come together and share their ideas. None of that sharing and discussion is possible without having some kind of rules and policing. Unfortunately.

  15. Don' trust FB as far as I can throw it and you DO need to really pay attention to your settings or find out that people are oggling your photos and you quite unaware.
    It all changed when they did that update a few months back, now, people can see your pic unless you have specifically blocked that particular person, or tweeked the settings in such a way so it's 'only friends'. It's not at all intuitive.

    However, it can still lend a giggle...
    To wit:

  16. Thanks to you I managed to put up an awards post that actually looks presentable.

    You have a future teaching computer numpties like me...there's a hell of a lot of us...

  17. Nomad: You're right. I have belonged to several forums (or fora?) and they all seem to end up with people being abusive. I now belong to one which is invite only, and we have no problems at all. Shame people can't ccontrol their behaviour isn't it?

    Kitty: I don't really trust it. I always have a niggling doubt that if I send a private message to someone, that I've done it wrong and everyone can see it.

    Fly: Oh well done you! Nooo...I couldn't possibly teach pc numpties because I am one! Although if I did I could,as we've mentioned before, call it "the blind leading the blind"


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