Tuesday, 9 March 2010

An interesting day

It's market day in Milas on Tuesday, so I set off  for the 11.00am dolmuş.  When I arrived at the village bus stop I found a gaggle of schoolboys, around 13 or 14 years of age, waiting to get on the bus.

They all said good morning to me English.  I was briefly reminded of how I would have felt in England getting on a bus with about eight schoolboys of this age.  I hate to generalise, but English schoolboys, en masse, can be somewhat unruly, and often downright rude and bad mannered.  Not these young boys...when the bus arrived, they all stepped aside to allow me to get on first.  One of them asked the driver if he could put one of his music tapes in the player, so they could listen to it on the way to school in Milas.  He said of course (can you imagine an English bus driver being so accommodating?), but the young boy turned round to me and asked if I minded if he played his music.  Naturally I didn't mind at all, and it was really quite pleasant listening to Turkish pop music on the journey.

On the way to the market, I passed my hairdresser's salon and Atilla, my hairdresser, waved and asked if I'd like to come in and drink tea, which I did.  On the spur of the moment, I not only decided to have my hair cut much shorter, but also to change the colour.  A couple of months ago, I was blonde, but I was a bit fed up with the roots growing through, so I changed it to mid-brown.   Today I decided on something completely different.  My hair is now short and spiky and bright red!  I love's really cheered me up!  I'm not sure what Mr Ayak will think..he's away for a couple of days...although as is typical with many men..he probably won't notice!

I came out of the salon just in time to see a procession of beautifully adorned camels...10 of them...walking gracefully through the town, accompanied by men playing flutes and a drum.   I'm not sure why this procession was taking place, but as the camels all had advertising posters fixed to their sides, I think it was to promote the opening of a new car showroom.  Anyway it was a beautiful sight, and the music was wonderful.  This type of basic Turkish music always moves me.  It gives me goose bumps!

I popped into the supermarket to pick up a few things, then caught the bus home.  It wasn't until I was half-way back to the village that I realised I had  been so distracted by my new hairdo and the camels, that I'd completely forgotten to go to market!  Ah well...there's always another Tuesday.


  1. You needed a good day, didn't you, and that sounds really great!
    Camels advertising a car showroom is just so Turkish...
    Bet Mr. Ayak doesn't notice a thing until someone else tells you in his presence how great your new hairstyle looks.

    Billy the menace and Billy in the box still make me smile when I scroll down.

  2. Yes was a day of distractions..just what I needed!

    Those pics make me smile too. I've just managed to put a widget on my laptop sidebar which is a slideshow of all my Billy pics. Now don't ask me how I did it because it was an absolute fluke. If I accidentally delete it I know I'll never get it back!

  3. Fly: Haha! No I don't dare!

  4. Now my bet is Mr. Ayak will notice straight away. And, do we get to see pictures? I mean, red spiky hair? How utterly fun!

    I'm glad you had a good day surrounded by kind and polite people with fun things to look at, I agree with the Fly in the Web, you certainly needed that fun and somewhat funky emotional boost!

    Warm hugs and quiches from Kitty xo

  5. Oh it sounds like it was just what you needed - there is nothing like a new look to make one feel grand.

    Everything you have said about your Turkish schoolboy encounter makes me think of the local youths around here. I often see quite a few of them in the evenings when I walk the dogs (I have five different circuits I do). The one I do around our streets means that boys around 14/15 come and make a fuss of the bichons and 'bonsoir' me.

    Can you imagine English schoolboys of that age wanting to pick up fluffy white dogs and cuddling them? Let alone make silly noises to them -IN FRONT OF THEIR FRIENDS!

    Yes, give us a photo of the hair - you can always crop your face out if you are shy.

  6. FF: It seems like French boys are well-mannered too. I love the children in this country...they're a real joy.

    I would happily put up a photo if I could...I'm not shy! I can't get the camera my brother gave me to work. It did at first and then I couldn't upload anything on to my laptop. Now the bloody thing doesn't work at all. I'll get it sorted on my trip next month.

  7. That's one thing I notice here. Kids are so polite, saying hello to you, even if it's a gaggle of teenage boys. When there's a village festa, they all chip in, feeling not in the least bit embarrassed to work along their grannies or to be seen to talk sensibly with adults.

    Well I'm a world champion in not noticing new hair dos, but bright red and spiky... I think even I might notice that...

  8. Hi Heiko. Yes its the same with kids here...they are quite uninhibited. I think it's because they are taught respect for their elders at a very early age. I guess it's the same where you are? They also have strong discipline in makes a hell of a difference.

  9. Would love to see a pic of your hair bet it looks absolutely fab,Mr Ayak will love it, mine has always been short but I have grown the one side longer ... well am still growing it .... but this morning I woke up with the need for a change too.
    The behaviour of the turkish boys is lovely ... our country on the whole has gone downhill but I did go and get a chinese takeway last night in a rough area of my town and a young boy came in I thought ey up hes gonna be rude to everyone but he was the most polite boy ever. I suppose it shows as always we should never judge a book by its cover!! xx

  10. Hi Bomb (hope you don't mind me shortening your name...I keep spelling it wrong and having to correct it :-))
    Oh I love changing my hairstyles and really makes me feel good.

    I shouldn't generalise really about British kids...of course there are many exceptions.

  11. T@here's nothing like having your hair done to make you feel on top of the world!

  12. Oh! Ayak I L O V E your hair! It looks really funky and fun and that photo shows you love it as well!

  13. Thanks Kitty. Do you know I took it at 6.30 this morning...just out of bed and hadn't done a thing to I'm so pleased that the "just got out of bed" look is OK!

  14. Hey no I dont mind what u call me Ayak as long as its not rude hahahahahaha. Love your hair xx

  15. Thankyou Bomb. And I most certainly would NEVER call you rude! xxx


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