Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day in the UK.

In England, Mother's Day, is celebrated as Mothering Sunday. The date of Mothering Sunday changes every year as it falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent (40 day period leading up to Easter). So Mothering Sunday is celebrated in the month of March or April.

Other countries around the world celebrate Mother's Day on a different day and even different time of the year.  The majority of countries, including the US celebrate Mothers Day on the second Sunday in the month of  May.  This is the date on which it is celebrated in Turkey.
The first sunday in the month of May is Mothers Day for many other countries including Austria, The Netherlands, Portugal and Hong Kong.  Sweden celebrates it on the last Sunday in the month of May.  Then there are some countries who celebrate it on a Saturday.
So even though Mothers Day is on May 9th here in Turkey, the UK Mothers Day is still the one that's important to me.
I'm writing this post whilst waiting for my daughter and grandson to call me on that we can wish each other a Happy Mothers Day.
And for anyone else celebrating the joys of motherhood today....have a lovely day!


  1. Happy Mothering Sunday!
    I get to celebrate three since my girls were born in the UK, my son in the USA and we live here in France!

    But what that means is that I'll just do three roast dinners and make candy three times with my girls... and hopefully speak to my son!

    What are your plans for the day?

  2. Thanks Kitty. 3 celebrations sounds good to me!

    No plans for today, but my daughter skyped me this morning so I could chat to her and Billy. His latest "trick" is clapping and saying "uh oh" which is lovely. She forgot to send my card so she opened it and showed me it on the webcam..then popped it back in the envelope to keep for me!

    Have a lovely day Kitty xxxx

  3. SNAP!

    I was going to write about facebook and then I went outside for a few minutes and got overwhelmed!! What a great day for a great day!

    Happy Mother's Day to you too, dear Ayak.

    (and to you too Kitty! you've got me beat by one holiday... I only get the Irish mother's day and the US one...)

  4. Yes I just noticed Jes...not to can't really have too many posts about Mothers Day.

    And a happy one to you too xxx

  5. Jes, that's because you didn't trail your DNA over three countries, like I did! ;-)

    And, Ayak, I simply couldn't be without Skype as it allows me to keep in touch with the persons I hold most dear. Even if my son is 7 time zones away, it's like he is right here! I do hope you are taking plenty of video shots of Billy on Skype! You need to have a rotating picture gallery on your sidebar!

  6. I agree's a wonderful thing. Oh don't talk to me about doing anything else that's a bit technical..I have enough trouble as it is! I do have a slideshow of all my photos on my laptop screen though which is about all I can manage for now. People keep giving me instructions on how to do things and my eyes just glaze over. I have to work things out for trial and error...with the emphasis on error!

  7. If you like, I can 'walk' you through it and tell you exactly what to do, where to click, what to copy and paste, etc. And it doesn't have to be today or tomorrow, just whenever you are feeling like you'd like a bit of a change!

  8. Well I'll probably take you up on that sometime Kitty....but not today. I have to be in the right frame of sometime soon?

    Thankyou xxxxx

  9. I never realise when U.K. Mothers' Day is on....I found out on Friday!
    Luckily mother is used to this and to getting her card on the French Mothers' Day instead which I can't miss as all the publicity lands in my postbox about two weeks beforehand.

  10. Hope you had a great chat with Billy and your daughter today, Skype is a wonderful invention xx

  11. I am glad that you explained Mothering Sunday far better than I did!

    Nuts in May

  12. Fly..I didn't remember it until my daughter told me a couple of days ago that she had forgotten to post my card!

    Bomb: I certainly made my day!

    Maggie: Well I had to look it up to make sure I got it right!

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed my first mothering Sunday in the UK. And my husband says we're still going to celebrate Mother's Day in June. this works for me. I hope all mums had a wonderful day yesterday!

  14. Hi 'Cross the Pond....welcome to my blog.

    I'm all for celebrating Mothers Day as many times as possible!

  15. Happy Mother Day Ayak! And I wish you the best of luck with your future house guest.:(

  16. Thank you very much Mr H xxx


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