Saturday, 13 March 2010


This is really just a follow-up to my post on Psychosomatic Disorder.  This post generated quite a lot of discussion, and I happened to mention in one of my replies that it's useful to know how to deal with stress.

Some years ago, I worked at a private psychiatric clinic and one of my colleagues was a psychologist called Reinhard Kowalski.  He publishes books and I recall him producing relaxation tapes, which I found very effective.

It has just prompted me to search to see if these are still produced.  If anyone is interested, have a look at this about  Reinhard Kowalski...scroll down the page and you will see that relaxation tapes are still available.


  1. Och, never had any trouble relaxing... don't need no tapes. Any more relaxed and I'd float!

  2. Oh Heiko...we could all learn a great deal from you...perhaps you could do some relaxation tapes?

  3. I just decided to have an afternoon singing! I do love to do this every so often and I used to be in a choir.I have lots of tapes of us all singing.
    Feel really good now.

    Nuts in May

  4. I know how to relax, but, in the middle of stress is when I find it most hard to just do what I know how to do.
    The stress keeps mounting and mounting; I get more and more weepy, then I work myself up to the point I can't even think straight enough to deep breathe, do visualisations or even to go lay down for an hour.

    (Like now...)

    Thank you for reminding me that I just need to *stop* and do it.

  5. Maggie...I think singing is a wonderful form of relaxation..if you can sing of course..which I can't! xxx

    Kitty...yes I know how hard it is. You really do have to make yourself stop...stand still...breathe deeply and slowly...before you can even think of relaxing.


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