Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Spring is here at last

I love Spring.  It's my favourite time of the year.  clear blue skies and sunshine, but temperatures that make it very pleasant to be outside.  I always make the most of this, before summer arrives when it is so hot that I am forced back into the house again.

And the house needs this weather too.  At last I can open all the doors and windows and try to dry out the many damp patches..and get rid of the awful smell that accompanies them.

Maybe the millipedes will make their way outside too.  We haven't been over-run with them, but I keep finding them on the ceilings and walls.  Disgusting little creatures.  They don't do any harm...but I hate them and having to dispose of them.  Within a few days it won't be damp enough to encourage them into the house...I hope.

January and February have been so stressful and depressing.  With the lack of money, we are struggling to survive.   Mr Ayak has done his absolute best to find local work, without success...apart from one day on a building site which he hoped would turn into weeks, but it wasn't to be.  And he still hasn't been paid for that day's work which was almost two weeks ago...nothing new there!

He continues to meet up with his partner to make plans and prepare for their business venture, which will hopefully get off the ground in April, but I guess it will be some time before we see money rolling in.  When we do, he has vowed to pay off my enormous credit card debt, which has risen sharply over the winter,  and without which, we'd have starved.

Even though father-in-law didn't show up last month as he said he would, I know it's only a matter of time before he lands on us for another visit, with his constant criticism and desire to control our lives.  But no matter...I'm ready for him!

The start of Spring not only lifts my spirits, but it gives me confidence to deal with whatever is thrown at me.  It's a feeling of anticipation too...the promise of better things to come.  I'm optimistic today.  It can only get better from now on.

PS.   I've stopped moderating comments.  It's just one more hassle.  If any spammers turn up...fine...go'll just be deleted anyway!


  1. The rest of Europe seems to be getting pretty awful weather. We were lucky though, while Milan had snow and the south landslides not to mention storms over France, spring arrived with us too. You are absolutely right there's nothing that can lift your spirits more thanthe arrival of spring!

  2. The weather does cheer us up. We in Ireland had a taste of Spring on Monday, the temperature got up to 11 C. People were going around the town in t-shirts and smiling...

  3. Well, Winter and F-I-L would be one thing, but Spring and him, yes, easier to deal with, I'm certain!
    Here, in central Brittany, today is cool, yes, and we had a bit of frost this morning but now we have bright blue between the little fluffy bits of cirrocumulus cloudlets; what my Mother referred to as a 'Buttermilk Sky' and sounds so much more real to me than the scientific term. (Although she would always use that as well.)
    I hope we aren't too far behind you with the warming of the season. Heh! I DID see daffodils greens yesterday and this morning I noticed my window box has fresh chives sprouting! It's just a matter of patience, isn't it?

    Extremely good wishes and crossed fingers for Mr. A's project, I'm sending all the positivity I have your way!

    Warm hugs and quiches from Kitty xo

  4. Now you are just one month (in name) away from a trip to see your gorgeous daughter and handsome grandson. That must make your heart sing as well.

    Good luck to Mr A with his project - and if FIL does descend, well I reckon miniscule rations all round. Let him put his hand in his pocket and help his son out.

  5. We had spring yesterday but it's gone today, back to grey. But a local farmer has a fruit tree in blossom in his courtyard so it must be on the way. Lifts my heart. And some of my seeds have come up!

    All best wishes

  6. Spring does always seem to bring with it a fresh outlook on life. I'm glad to hear that you finally have some nice weather that will dry your rooms out. We don't have millipedes but mealy bugs that like our damp corners. HAPPY SPRING!!!

  7. Starve FIL out. Though I wouldn´t put it past him to go off and eat alone in a cafe....

    When i was first in france there was only about one month or six weeks when it was too cold to be out in the, for several years , the winter has been long and miserable..then, with hardly any spring, it turns into summer and heats up alarmingly.

    We love being in the garden so, I think, it´s time to move....trouble is, how to sell the house?

    I'm glad spring is with you and that you feel so much more positive. Of course Mr. Ayak will pay off your card as soon as there is anything coming in...i do wish it were easier for you both.

  8. Everything is easier to deal with when the weather's good! Our spring doesn't last nearly long enough, before it gets so hot I have to do everything before 11 o'clock in the morning!

  9. I wish Mr. Ayak's business will bloom like beautiful flowering trees in the spring and give you fruit in abundance. Glad you can enjoy spring no matter what!

  10. Heiko: Sometimes you'd think you and I were talking about the same village. So many similarities..including the weather.

    Monalisa: People are smiling here too, although they haven't resorted to t-shirts yet...still keeping their coats on!

    Kitty: I like "buttermilk sky". Thankyou for your good wishes xx

    FF: Yes I am looking forward to the trip. As for FIL putting his hand in his pocket..more chance of pigs flying!

    Rosie: The blossom is always a good sign and wonderful to see isn't it? Thanks for your good wishes xx

    Mr H: Thankyou. Ooh I don't like the sound of mealy bugs.

    Fly: Yes the seasons are definitely different. I've noticed it here too.

    I imagine it's pretty difficult trying to sell property at the moment?

    I wish things were easier for us too...but life isn't always easy.

    Jan: I'm the same. All my chores have to be done early, particularly when the temps start to rise...or nothing would get done.

    Hi Fida! Lovely words...thankyou xx

  11. Spring seems to bring fresh hope, doesn't it? For all the things that we are longing for.
    All those millipedes and the mouldy damp sounds horrible and your home will benefit by being opened up to a hot summer.
    I do hope Mr Ayak gets some regular work and I also hope that your FIL will makes that visit soon so that you can get it over & done with. Don't want things hanging over you for months on end.

    Nuts in May

  12. I love spring too! Just as you mentioned above in the post... clear blue skies... blah..blah... blah.. it was fabulous! Found you on MelRoXx's blog. Hi! I'm her friend! Nice to meet you!

  13. Ah.. Sue ... Nice to see you here. Thanks for mentioning me :D

    Ayak, I like spring. It isn't the dry cold winters (as it is here) or roasting, hot or even steaming summers....

    Comment moderation can be a pain at time, I know.

    Blogger should work on it to make it more systematic and easy.

    Mom has Comment moderation because of a rude person who makes it a point to leave antisocial and rude comments on her comment forum.

    But at times she ended up losing her comments because of some moderation problem...

  14. Hi Maggie. Yes Spring fills you with hope. Oh I agree about FIL. I'd rather he hurry up and get the visit out of the way..the waiting is worse.

    SuE: Hi and welcome to my blog. Nice to meet you too xx

  15. Mel: Well I've given up on the moderation as you can see. I'm not even using word veri now, because I want commenting to be as simple as possible.

    We'll see how it goes. If I had the same problems as your mum, I'd have to re-think it.

    Thanks for introducing SuE, sweetie xx


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