Saturday, 20 March 2010

Third time UNlucky

After two "no-shows" in the last couple of weeks, FIL has finally arrived.

He turned up early afternoon, and Mr Ayak had popped out...bad timing Mr A!!

He walked through the gate, as I came out of the house and just stood there.  Someone had to break the ice, and I just knew it would have to be me.   So I said welcome, and how are you.  He answered that he was fine and asked me the same....all in Turkish and very polite.  I explained that Mr A had popped out but would be back soon.  He put his bag down and proceeded to wander around the garden examining the trees and shrubs, secateurs in hand, snipping at trees and standing back to admire his handiwork.

He had been on the phone to Mr A last night for quite some time, after which Mr A informed me that as it would seem that a divorce between FIL and MIL is definitely on the cards, FIL had decided to sign over the house to Mr A.   So I had already accepted that I would have to be as pleasant as possible during this visit to avoid rocking the boat.

So, after asking FIL if I could get him anything...tea or coffee...which he declined, I thought I would just follow him around the garden and try to engage him in friendly conversation.  He lit up a cigarette which was odd because he doesn't smoke, so I mentioned it and he said he had started because of stress.  I nodded in what I hope came across as being sympathetic (but you know, I'm not very good at this..putting on an act..but he didn't seem to notice).  We discussed the garden, the weather, the house, the dogs.  Well more to the point, I actually did most of the talking...too much in fact, which I tend to do when  I'm nervous, until I reach a point where I know I sound like a mad woman..then I force myself to stop.   He made the odd that's not quite right..he made the odd criticism.  And then Mr A arrived, so I was off the hook for a while.

I cooked a very simple meal...but he didn't want any.   He and Mr A have been chatting ever since, so I was able to politely excuse myself and take myself off to the bedroom with my laptop.

Of course I have no idea how long he will be staying, but the worst bit is least I hope it is.

PS...I'm quietly seething.  I have been through an entire winter without switching on the air-con heating unit, because electricity is expensive and we can't afford it.   FIL has decided he is cold and has had it switched on all evening.....aaaargh!


  1. Oh...... he does seem a difficult man!
    Give yourself a pat on the back for your continued patience.

    Nuts in May

  2. Totally thoughtless, isn't he.
    Well done keeping your cool.

  3. I am so curious how all this "goes down" in Turkey.

    As in... will MIL retain the family home? Do women have any rights in these matters?

    Tell me there is no chance that FIL will take us residence with you... please...

  4. Maggie and Fly: It's sooo difficult!

    @eloh: I'll talk about it in my next post.

  5. I've gone back to see what I missed to make sense of today's post - if you see what I mean.

    So, the old bugger is finally with you - good luck with the old keeping cool and calm

  6. It's difficult but so far so good FF.


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