Saturday, 20 March 2010

A Year in Blogland

I started this blog a year ago.  I never had any intention of starting a blog.  To be honest, until an on-line friend gave me the link to their blog, I didn't really have any idea what a blog was.  It was suggested that I start my own, but I had reservations.  What on earth would I find to write about?

When I first moved to Turkey almost 12 years ago, I kept a diary.  I continued with it for a couple of years, and accumulated a fair number of exercise books.  I'd often read them, just to remind myself that even though this was a difficult journey, I was making progress.

During one of our many house moves, my diary was lost, and I never started it again.  In a way my blog has just replaced that diary.  And of course it's a lot easier to type and edit than it is to write it all by hand.

So I set up my blog...with great difficulty..I'm not very good on all this technical stuff, but through trial and error I did it.  Then it just sat there...I just didn't know how to start.  I kept logging in to my blog, and staring at it...and that's as far as it got.  Then a few days later I discovered I had two on-line friend and his wife.  I panicked...oh dear, I will really have to write something this was my first ever post:-

"Sunday, March 22, 2009


Two followers of my blog and I haven't written anything yet.

I now feel somewhat under pressure to make a start. I set up the page a few days ago and thought I could just sneak in quietly when no-one was looking and do a kind of test run just for me.

But there you two followers...waiting patiently for me to produce something.

This first post is a test run though, because I need to work out how to use this blog. I am a pc numpty (as one of you already knows) so it may take me a little while to work out the techy side of things.

In the meantime, I am having a good think about the things in my life that I would like to share, so please be patient till I return." that was the start.   A year down the line, I have 44 Followers, and I even have quite a lot of awards (who will ever forget that wonderful feeling when you receive your first one?).  I've  made many friends through blogging, and that gives me a great deal of pleasure.  I'm also very grateful for the support I get from followers when I'm going through difficult times, or feeling a bit low. have no idea how much it means to me.

I thought I would never be able to find enough to write you can't shut me up!

But this post isn't just about me and my blog.  I have a number of followers who don't have blogs of their own.  I also have a fair number of readers amongst friends, who also don't blog, and I'd just like to say to them...give it a go.  Everyone has a story to tell....and I love reading them.  Once you start, you won't regret it.

Go on...start a blog...let me know...and I'll promise to be your first Follower!


  1. Well, as the wife of the online friend who spurred you on with producing this blog, I am so so glad you are out in the blogosphere now. I am proud to be your second follower and look forward to more posts from Turkey, detailing all your activities.

  2. Thankyou FF! And you're still following! Which means you're not bored yet!

  3. I'd love for you to get that camera going!

    You, yes you, are my window to the Middle East.

    But what I really like, is that you tell your life like it is... no sugar coating... That is something I wish people would do more of.

  4. Two things come to mind with this post. I recall when I first started writing my blog, a stuffy type said something to the effect, "Well, at least, you found something that keeps you busy." What a asinine thing to say, I remember thinking. Life is made of finding things to do (or to avoid doing.) There's really nothing else whether it is pointless or empty just depends on how much energy and creativity you put into it. Or how much of yourself you share.

    This was the last post I ever read of this blogger. Sometimes you meet people who blog who just don't get the idea.

    However, I find your blog interesting and I keep coming back because there's a part of you there.

    Congrats on the first year.. as in most things, the first year is the hardest.

  5. Happy blogday! Is it really only been a year? You seem to have been around forever! I can't even remember how I found you in the first place, or was it the other way round? Anyway keep blogging!

  6. Congrats on blog anniversary I love it ... it makes me feel as I am experiencing your lifestyle xx

  7. Congratulations on surviving a year in blog land. I have enjoyed reading about your life in Turkey with all of its ups and downs. I will always remember the first time we met as it started off a bit rough, but we are still talking.:) Say hello to the puppies for me.

  8. I enjoy your blog so is so true to what Turkish friends tell me about their culture and you are so true to yourself.
    Happy first blog birthday.

    You have helped and encouraged me so much that I can only urge followers and readers of your blog to give it a go themselves....the Ayak information resource centre is always willing to give a hand....and blogging gives you contacts far outside your immediate circle of friends and family.
    I've learned and laughed a lot by following other people's blogs, so go ahead and do it...let people learn and laugh with you too.

  9. @eloh: Thanks. Honesty is the best my late Dad used to say. I like your blog for the same reason xx

    Nomad: I'll have a look at that link in a moment or two. No I guess some people don't get it. Thanks for your nice comment.

    Heiko...thankyou! No I can't remember how we first "met" but I'm very glad we did.

    Bomb...thankyou..maybe one day you can experience it for real!

    Mr H: Oh yes...our first "meeting"..I remember it well. Well sometimes the best friendships get off to a rocky start. Glad you're still here!

    Fly: Thank you so much and you are most welcome to any help I've been able to give. "The Ayak information resource centre"..That made me laugh out loud...sounds good though doesn'it ? ;-)

  10. Nomad: I had a look at the link...and you're right.. some people just don't get it do they?

  11. Well done Ayak! And you certainly do have a lot of Followers!

  12. Thanks Jan. I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog too xx

  13. Here here. Give it a go.
    Congratulations on one years blogging. I thought you were much more established than that! I wish you many more happy blogging years.
    Great hobby.

    Nuts in May

  14. Thanks very much Maggie. Yes it is a great hobby...and quite addictive!

  15. Happy blogday to you! It's is strange how this blogging thing gets under your skin... then too, once in a while, there's that love/hate blog thing that happens and you sort of glare at the screen for a while. I think that must mean that we are morphing or growing and changing and that's always difficult.

    I still have a few months to go before MY first blogday/birthday.

    Thank you by the way! You have been an inspiration to me and I really am glad you continue to blog so honestly and true to yourself.


  16. Oh thankyou Jes...what a lovely thing to say. I think we already had a brief conversation about how we have times when we just can't write anything...but it doesn't last long does it?


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