Monday, 12 April 2010

An Award

I'm very happy to accept this award from Fly in the Web at French Leave.   I absolutely love her blog and if any of you haven't yet visited it, please give it a try.  She has a totally different "eyes wide open without rose-tinted specs" slant on living in France.

I did receive this particular award previously from Heiko and Prospero's Cellphone, so I don't want to repeat the task I had to perform, which is to list 10 things that make me happy, but they are listed here on another post if you want to have a look.

I don't seem to have anything much to write about at the moment.  There are days like that with blogging...I don't know if anyone else feels the same?  Days when you cannot write a thing...and others when you can't stop writing!

I'm going to use this opportunity though to pass this award on to a blog I've only recently discovered A Nomadic View.  Nomad is an ex-pat living in Izmir.  He posts lots of interesting snippets...something different every day.  And even though I've only just got to "know" him, he has been very encouraging with his comments on my blog, for which I am very grateful.  His sense of humour also makes me smile...and that can only be a good thing!


  1. Hellloooo, who can now use a camera, well done to you ha!.

    Love the Gazebo, oh almonds, and grapes, I would never leave them alone, two of my fav foods, and there was I thinking grapes grew on Marks and Spencer's shelves.

    I am allowed to use the M word now, you will soon be there.

  2. My ex and I went to Izmire for the night when we were young. We met a turkish couple on the train and they invited us to stay for the night. It was the first and only time I bit into a chilli!

  3. Well done on the award and I totally agree with everything you say about tfitw's blog. Her take on France is spot on.

    As for blogging 'dry days' - it is funny how sometimes it is a real struggle to find inspiration and other days you can't wait to load that 'new post' page.

  4. Ann: Yes you'd have a wonderful time in my garden!

    This time next week I can stroll through M & yes it's fine to mention it!

    Jan: Sounds like you experienced typical Turkish hospitality. Oh yes the chillis..they blow your head off don't they?

    FF: Thanks. I wonder why we get dry mind is an absolute blank at the moment...ah well time to sit out in the sunshine I think!

  5. I know what u mean about blogging .. my mind a total blank at the moment. There is actually loads I want to put on but I cant am afraid someone somewhere may know me lol. Well done on the award, had a snoop at the blogs and also found some more on theirs wow some people write so well xx

  6. Oh, Ayak, don't worry about the 'conditions' the award is just to say how much I enjoy your blog -as others do as well, clearly!

  7.'s just a phase..I feel like this sometimes when nothing inspires me to write things down. I agree there are some wonderful blogs around aren't there? So many that there just aren't enough hours in the day to read as many as I'd like to.

    Fly: I was about to do it again when I realised that it was only last month that I'd given my nothing's changed. I do so appreciate awards and try to fulfil the tasks that accompany them. It's just really lovely to be appreciated.


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