Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Communication problems

Late yesterday afternoon I lost my internet connection.  TTNet absolutely infuriate me.  They have a helpline which I've used many times, and if you press "9" when you get through you can speak to someone in English.  They attempt to speak English back...but it's not always easy for them to understand me or vice versa...but we struggle through and eventually...sometimes...we sort out the problem.  Often they say they will check my line and someone will call me back.  No-one ever calls back.  So at a later stage I go through the whole procedure again, until I actually get someone on the other end who can actually rectify the problem...or not as the case may be.  It's not easy!

Well this time it would seem that the helpline number was also unavailable.  I could have then called their head office landline but unfortunately my landline is outgoing local calls only.  And I was almost out of credit on my mobile phone.  So I searched for my English sim card which I use on my trips to England, and luckily there was enough credit on it for me to make a quick call to Mr Ayak.  He spent most of the morning ringing various people who said they would test the line.  He was also referred to Turk Telekom in Milas and spoke to someone there.  Early afternoon I was connected to the internet once more...5 minutes later a man from Turk Telekom rang me and asked if I had connection...I said yes thankyou.   Half an hour later I lost it again.   Fortunately Mr A rang me a little later and I explained what had happened.   He also said that he had just discovered that the hotel reception had lost their internet connection at the same time as I had yesterday.  They were also re-connected for half an hour then lost it again.

So...obviously this was a general problem....not just me. Mr Ayak phoned TTNet again. He asked them if this was a general widespread internet problem.  "Oh yes" they said "we will sort out the problem and you will be re-connected as soon as possible"

What I really do not understand is why TTNet took almost 24 hours, after many calls from Mr Ayak, to inform him that this was not just a problem with my connection.  Sometimes I just feel so exasperated at their incompetence.   And the worse thing is that no-on complains....except me of course!


  1. France Telecom were like this...but rude to boot.

  2. To be without a net connection would be the one true thing that would drive me back to the UK. If for some reason I could not have it, that would be the end of my expat adventure. Of course the odd day here and there is a nuisance but as long as it returns you are safe.

  3. Fly: I would rather TTNet were would make it easier to have a go at them. They may be bloody useless but they are so nice with it!

    FF: You know I'm almost inclined to agree with you. I can't imagine life without the internet these days.


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