Monday, 26 April 2010

A few Billy Birthday pics

Billy had a wonderful first birthday...three days of celebrations in fact!

Early on Friday morning, his mum and dad arranged all his presents in the sitting room, and Stella switched on the webcam so that I could see him come into the room and watch him open them.  It wasn't the same as actually being there of course, but at least I could see him!   So here are a few pics (you can actually see me on the laptop in the background in a couple of the pics ...totally mesmerised!)

And a couple taken later...out in the park on his new tricycle and having his picnic lunch

Checking out his birthday cards:

Time for birthday cake! exhausted little boy:


  1. Lovely pics, Ayak.

    So sorry you could not be there, but thank goodness for modern technology to let you take at least some part in the festivities.

    Hope things are picking up for Mr. Ayak.

  2. Oh I am so pleased you got to share in this, albeit at a distance and across the wires. He is a lovely little boy and let's hope before too long you will be able to give him a cuddle.


  3. Fly: Thanks. Mr A is still awaiting customers..due at the end of this fingers crossed!

    Bomb: Thankyou xx

    FF: I know I keep saying it but the webcam is a wonderful invention isn't it? Hopefully it won't be too long before Nanny in the Laptop can give him a cuddle

  4. He evidently had a good day. Even the weather played it's part. I'm sure you'd have loved to be there, but there will be other times. For a little one you can overdose on goodness too and you'll probably have more of him on a "normal day".

  5. Happy Birthday, Billy! many sweet kisses, on the rosie cheeks! Love you! :-)))

  6. Heiko...that's very was probably all a bit over-whelming for him...normal days and cuddles will be fine by me.

    LaMia: Thankyou...Nice to see you again xxx

  7. What lovely pictures and it was lovely that you could share in his birthday, albeit at a distance.

  8. How neat that you could watch via the web cam. Can you talk to them through it as well?

    Anyway, it looks like he had a wonderful time and I'm glad that you could take part in it, albeit from afar.

    Happy Birthday Billy!

  9. Jan: Thanks..yes it was lovely.

    Mr H: Yes we have sound as well so I can talk to him and Stella and hear them too...wonderful isn't it?
    Thanks xx

  10. Lovely pics Ayak. Thanks for the invite to read. He is gorgeous and looks like he had a great time with the cake.

    Webcams are wonderful for things you miss especially family birthdays when you just can't be there.

    Wish Billy a happy belated birthday from me.

  11. Hi Bren: and welcome! I don't know what I'd do without the webcam...I would miss so much of Billy's progress without it. I so look forward to his smiles and giggles every time he appears.

  12. They grow up so quick Ayak, you blink and they do something for the first time.


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